Nuendo Incorrectly Drawing Waveform
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Nuendo Incorrectly Drawing Waveform

I figure the bulk of Nuendo users would be in Post rather than music computers...

I've read of this problem before, but have never experienced it until lately. I'm having two issue and wondering if any Nuendo users have experienced this and what might the cause be.

Currently on Nuendo 5.5.5 64bit. Windows 7. Current system running quite stable for over a year.

First is just an annoyance. Nuendo won't draw the waveform until recording stops. For the record, I have "Create audio images during the record" checked. I'd say out of 10 times, once or twice it won't render the image in real time.

The second issue is slightly more of a problem. Sometimes the waveform image doesn't match up with the audio. This last time it was about 15 seconds off. Bouncing the file solves the problem. This issue has happened several times in the last week. Never before.

To my knowledge, I've done nothing new to the (offline) computer at all. Nothing installed, nothing updated, nothing...

Anyhow, just curious if you've seen this before. Thanks.
Old 21st December 2012
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Sometimes the waveform image doesn't match up with the audio. This last time it was about 15 seconds off.
I've had that once or twice after importing Avid AAFs. Saving the project, quitting and restarting Nuendo fixed it.

Only seemed to happen with the AAFs from this one editor. And not consistently. Other Avid and FCP OMF/AAF files were fine.
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Thanks for the response.

I haven't had problems with imports; just content recorded within Nuendo. I've often wondered if it's possible it could be some conflict with the video card?

Now that I think of it, the last couple times I tried closing Nuendo and shutting down the computer, I had an error something to the effect saying that the video engine may have crashed. I thought it was probably because Nuendo hadn't completely finished shutting down before I started the computer shutdown process.

Maybe I'll try a reinstall.
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I had seen this waveform offset thing back in Nuendo 3 days, but haven't heard anyone complaining about it during N4 and N5.... As for the video engine crash, that happened to me from time to time, but not in the past 6 months or so. Try the reinstall, and also try running Nuendo with Administrative privilieges.
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The first thing I will consider is: Are you selecting another program in the background during recording and than going back to Nuendo?
It might do it. Happened to me more than once or twice.

The missing wave drawing during record happening a lot, its a pain, not aware of a solution.
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