Protools and Dolby e
Old 20th September 2012
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Protools and Dolby e

I want to try incorporate a domestic home theater system into my studio and then send the dolby e encoded audio out of the optical and decode through the amp. I want to try give my clients the most realistic interpretation of the mix as it should sound at home. Has anyone tried this? Should I rather look at taking out the Lt-Rt? Any suggestions please
Old 20th September 2012
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i think a home theater audio system canĀ“t decode dolby e, only AC3.
Old 20th September 2012
Dolby E is strictly for broadcast 5.1+2 workflow. The encode/decode devices are not cheap. Best thing is go with Dolby Digital (.ac3) files which can be generated by several software packages and decoded on every DVD/Bluray player. For better sound quality on DVD, look into a dts encoder. Less money than a pro Dolby encoder and will play on all DVD/Bluray players.
Old 22nd September 2012
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How about a Denon A7100 as a decoder?

I am considering a similar setup as part of a new film screening room / project studio control room.
Old 23rd September 2012
Originally Posted by bytehoven View Post
How about a Denon A7100 as a decoder?
Sure, but not for Dolby E.
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