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What film/s do you think have the best sound effects so far and why ?
Old 9th August 2002
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What film/s do you think have the best sound effects so far and why ?

Hope this is the right forum.

What (singular, or your own top ten list of) films on dvd, or not yet, do you currently regard as having the best sound effects created (or the most brilliant combo of both sound effects and sound) so far AND WHY ?
Old 9th August 2002
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vsl666's Avatar

Talking filumbs

nice question

my personal faves are

blues brothers (for obvious reasons)
the alley cats (horns)
have you seen that film PI ? that had one of the best soundtrack aphex twin with a headache and pissed off ..most EXCELLENT
i hate gladiator soundtrack .. all those stupid strings ..
another compete fav is JOHN CARPENTERS .. DARK STAR..
he must have a chroma or sumthing going on there ..
FORBIDDEN PLANET was good ...lazers and electronic sounds in the 50's !
as u can tell i like movies that bleep
quintin tarintino always has completley awsome soundtracks on all his films ...mrs browne ..very funky


pale rider clint .. ..moriwatsis name ... the mexican thing with the bells
and whistle.. a classic indeed
some like it hot ?
star wars 4 the pant shifting space ships and hitting pilon wires for lazers ..clever

spinal tap ? talk about mudflaps ?grggt

o and paris texis .. rye couder *cheering*

and then last but not least THE BLUES BROTHERS (just in case u forgot)
Old 9th August 2002
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sonic dogg's Avatar
,,,,lord of the rings...for sound effects....why? because they could.

highlander...for musical sound effect....why? duhh!!

how about...a perfect world.....remember that one?

or maybe ...duets......................................................peace
Old 9th August 2002
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e-cue's Avatar

In no particular order:

*Star Wars : The score in the background makes you wanna pee your pants. What kid wasn't making these sounds effects after they saw it? "Ptummme" "Beummmmm" "Be-yammmmm"

*The Matrix : The digital sound effect when a Smith takes over someone's body is spine tingling.

*U Turn : ALL the sound designing of this film was made of organic sounds (a cat meow slowed down, etc) Very creative...

*Saving Private Ryan : The war sounds on this film make you forget you are in your living room.

* Eyes Wide Shut : The graineyness of this movie was a big risk, that paid off

*Tron : Cheesey Moog up the ying-yang

* Blade Runner : So this is want LA is supposed to be like 17 years from now... Try closing your eyes while watching this film, and you can still follow the plot

* Jurasic Park : Scene where the cup of water starts to flicker is worth the price of admission

* Close Encounters : Communicating with another lifeform via Moog?! Sign me up!!!

* Aliens : So many great sound designed/foley scenes... The android with it's head off talking... when the hg gieger Alien tougue clamped down (sound like breaking a stalk of celery)... hold me, I'm scared....
Old 9th August 2002
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C.Lambrechts's Avatar

The latest Star Wars and the Matrix.

Why ?? .... because ..... it impressed me.

the other 8 would change every 5 minutes .... so many good ones out there.
Old 9th August 2002
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Diginerd's Avatar

Have to agree with E Cue on most of his list. Star Wars & The Matrix being up the top for sure... I have one to add though:-

Das Boot (I think it was called "The Boat" in The USA). The DVD version TOTALLY rocks in surround sound. You need to watch it in German with English subititles to get the full effect. You can hear the destroyers circling overhead, the crump of the depthcharges and the creaking of the hull. Total immersion..
Old 9th August 2002
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Diginerd's Avatar

Damn what a bad pun.. I didn't mean it!! Honest!
Old 9th August 2002
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best film soundtrack: High Art

I really enjoyed the film High Art, and I doubt I would have enjoyed it without the soundtrack. Also, I doubt I would enjoy the soundtrack on its own. The film and the music share a very strong mood.

Fistful of Dollars may be the Clint movie damian mentioned. Ennio Morricone did the soundtrack (i think), and he is one of the greats.

Old 9th August 2002
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vsl666's Avatar

Smile thats the chap

Ennio Morricone yes thats the chap ! classic

no one seen PI ?

tut grggt
Old 10th August 2002
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Another vote for The Lord of the Rings.
Old 12th August 2002
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mdvirtual's Avatar

Just saw 'Signs' - excellent sound design work. Wide, expansive soundfields that make excellent use of surround, and elements that blur the line between SFX and music in very interesting ways.

IMHO a film worth seeing on the big screen.
Old 22nd August 2002
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i just recently checked out this site because i was doing some research on the cranesong hedd 192..... thanks!

thought i'd give my two cents worth....since my sound fx editing career has allowed me to buy gear all these years!

the exorcist - (check out the quiet scene / loud scene pattern throughout the film.....) by the time reagan goes to the hospital, the audience is already on edge and ready to puke! genius

seven - more than half the reason i was shaking after i saw this film for the first time in the theatre is because of the fx/music and mixing......tour de force, pulls no punches!

traffic - terrific score, and creative mixing, sparse, and intense,

saving private ryan - (war films have never sounded as violent as this one, note that there is no music throughout the whole beach landing section).

the conversation - francis coppola and walter murch.....yes please
apocalypse now

raging bull - not only sound editing at its best, but filmmaking too!

blade runner
the empire strikes back
anything by david lynch
the english patient
wings of desire

2001 a space oddessy - creative use of silence....

cheers and happy listening!
Old 31st July 2008
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"La Ciénaga" and "La Niña Santa", both from Lucrécia Martel. There´s no music on these films (except for the credits of "La Niña Santa"). It´s all up to sound effects. There are a million reaosns why: the integration of the sound effects and the whole ensemble of the movie, hiperrealistc aproach of sound effects, one certai theremin (the strange russian instrument), clever use of off-srceen sound and, that´s really awesome, something a litlle bit a like field depth for dialogue in "La Niña Santa".

Can´t wait to watch Martel´s next "La muler sin cabeza", that has from what I've a heard one litlle flirt with genre, horror. How that will translate in sound leaves me very curious about.

Just two recent ones. The list is as matter of fact ery long.
Old 31st July 2008
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#1 all time - House of Flying Daggers

then (in no particular order)
Ghostbusters (proton packs, "dogs", marshmallow footsteps, that siren!)
The Matrix
The Cell
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Kill Bill Vols 1 and 2
Finding Nemo
No Country for Old Men
Lord Of The Rings
Old 31st July 2008
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I don't think you can go wrong with Das Boot. By the end of that movie you're convinced you're in the sub with those guys. The creaks and drips of the sub, just make you feel cold and helpless. More recently I was really impressed with There Will Be Blood.
Old 31st July 2008
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OldSkool's Avatar

Thumbs up

Blade Runner...yeah. My favorite movie anyway, so I'm biased, but the floating atmospheres by Vangelis just contribute so well to the sense of distant, cool, noir chic that permeates so many of the scenes. And there is emotion in there too, a sense of something majestic, deep sadness and fear. You can find many different bootlegs that are more complete than the official release, well worth looking for.
Old 31st July 2008
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I think "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert "
Had realy great sounddesign. the atmo tracks where one of the most radical i´ve ever heard. impressed me a lot!

V for Vendetta had some realy cool scenes with great sounddesign as well.

In Lord of the Rings everything was so softened. I sometimes get borred by the sounds
of these huge movies. But I liked parts of the new hulk movie a lot!
Old 5th August 2008
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I have to add Iron Man to this. All the flying and mechanical sounds rocked.
Old 5th August 2008
Dodge Ball.

I almost horked my soda when the wrench hit the characters.

when sound design is cool... ok.. its good.
but when sound design does what its supposed to do... then its GREAT.

Old 6th August 2008
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urlmonro's Avatar

SUNSHINE from Danny Boyle has some of the most amazing FX of the last decade. The mix was astonishingly good. The first half of this film is near flawless (the plot then turns into a big fat cliche).

See it in a good theater type setting if possible. Audio speaking this was some "next level" type sh#t, as far as sound for the sci-fi genre. I was blown away.
Old 8th August 2008
I really liked Miami Vice. When I first saw the film, I had sort of low expectations, but the film really hit a spot for me. It was honest, obviously playing into a predetermined theme, but not too hyped up and really enjoyed the more realistic balance that they went with the gunfights versus typical "effect" mode.

Heat was another one of those films that I liked the gunfights in.

...not to say that gunfire is the only thing important.

I've been saving a lot of Simon and Simon on the DVR lately, although not a movie, I just love that 80's TV sound and that oh so smooth music. The Thrasher brothers... "we're more than brothers, we're the best of friends" or something like that. - awesome.
Old 8th August 2008
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by-tor's Avatar
Of all time is hard for me too say. But in recent times.

Cloverfield for awesome LFE abuse.

Wall E. I mean, Ben BURT!

Iron Man. Really, just super well done.
Old 8th August 2008
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GYMusic's Avatar
So many movies... so many FX.

One scene that sticks in my mind over the years is from Apollo 13... the crew are in real trouble... a cassette player is floating around in the capsule... batteries are getting weak and the song is slowing down. Brilliant!
Old 8th August 2008
Arrow I go back to the ol'skool...

Evil deaD - Sam Raimi

The final moments are utterly the most visionary after the Cocteau short

By the way in a similar thread I posted: Tetsuo by SHINYA TSUKAMOTO
Old 8th August 2008
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Kyle S's Avatar


Those rifles echoing through the streets of LA in the bank scene are crazy. Really sounds like they are LOUD. Lots of good sounds/music in that movie. Brian Eno had his hand in it. So did Moby and a few others.
Old 8th August 2008
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I was thinking about this recently after watching a Spanish film 'House of Sand'. Aside from the film being an excellent and very affecting piece of cinema, I was really, really impressed with the sound design on this. It's funny that a subtle, slow-moving, elegant drama would beat out all the action "whiz bang" films and stand out as one of best sounding surround discs I've experienced in recent memory.

The soundtrack is almost entirely composed of wind, rustling sand and environmental sounds that are completely eneveloping and perfectly integrated into the movie. I felt like it really did "put you right there". Worth checking out. Like I said, I was quite impressed with the film as well. It appears to be a 'chick flick' on the surface, but it really is much more than that. Just make sure you're not in the mood for a popcorn flick before putting this into the DVD player.
Old 8th August 2008
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Rob King's Avatar
I have to say the Bourne Identity films are amazing. The way they mix the fight sequences to be so clean yet so impactful is awesome. You really feel it as a viewer. Those guys really kill it on those films...

Of course all the Lord of the Rings films, Star Wars films, and Pixar Films are top notch as well.
Old 8th August 2008
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Old 8th August 2008
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mosteveh's Avatar

I thought No Country had phenomenal sound. It made me feel the hot dry air.

I'd also agree with the Borne movies. snap crackle and pop.

Band Of Brothers always makes my top list. I never thought mortars sounded so interesting.

Add Children of Men for suspenseful fire fights and ambiance.
Old 11th August 2008
I just watched DARK NIGHT on Friday.. Loved the sound design, and completely hated the sound mix.

When the movie finished my ears physically hurt. The desire to cover my ears took me completely out of my suspended disbelief and pulled be back into the theatre. thus destroying the adventure for me....
It felt like a wall of low end for the duration of the movie. This, to me, is a prime example of MORE and LOUDER is not the answer. The effectiveness of the movie was heavily damaged by the constant and relentless pummeling of the audience ears. I was not alone in this as well, my friend, another sound designer, was with me and felt the same way. Plus I listened to comments from the audience around me, same thing.....

I loved, no, I adored, the concept of the sound design and how it interplayed with the music, the feeling of the ambience and the little cool moments (i could have done with a bit less pitch effect on the voice, but unto itself, not horrible).... but, I absolutely hated the execution.


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