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New Sound FX Library releases
Old 29th April 2020
Very happy to release a new HISSandaROAR metal library: SD044 SCAFFOLDING
5.5Gb of 24/96kHz industrial metal scaffolding - individual prop moves, assembly, disassembly
as well as characterful sounds from working with a lightweight photo backdrop frame
Great for practical sound FX editing as well as metal, impact, debris & more abstract purposes.

NOTE: use Coupon Code 'SCAFF' for 33% early bird discount (expires May 10th)

Checkout the MAKING OF video:

Old 6th May 2020
Here for the gear
Power Station Library

Hey guys, I've always been one to check gearslutz for glorious useful information but never actually posted in a thread, so not sure if I'm just replying to Tim's scaffolding post or starting my own!

Anyway, my friend Luke Gentry and I have just put out our 4th library under the name Colossal. This time it's a coal-fueled power station we shot last year in England. It's a great library and we're really proud to make it available.

Hope this comes in handy for you!

Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-3-500x667.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-6-500x314.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-8-500x321.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-10-500x667.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-12-500x667.jpg  

New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-13.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-14.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-16.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-17.jpg   New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-18.jpg  

New Sound FX Library releases-col04-power-station-photo-19.jpg  

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Old 11th May 2020
Here for the gear
submergedtapes's Avatar
New Library - Polystyrene Destruction

Hey All,

Decided to fill some lockdown time with making a new library!
Took various tools and my hands to loads of polystyrene and smashed/tore/sawed it to bits and this is the result.

Very therapeutic, highly recommended!

Out now on A Sound Effect and 50% off for the first week, kept the price pretty low as it's only a little library, good for foley/gore stuff and hopefully for sound design too as there's lots of high frequency content in there. Included a few designed sounds too.

Would love to see someone with more time and better mics than me take this idea and do a much bigger/more comprehensive library. Maybe I'll do it myself when I have the inclination.

Here's the link if you're interested, thanks!
Old 19th May 2020
Pacific Northwest: Wind

NEW SOUND LIBRARY – Pacific Northwest: Wind. Take a forest recently burned by wildfire and add 50 mph winds. You get perfect conditions for eerie creaks and squeaks that sound like the trees are talking!

Get the full details here:
Old 20th May 2020
Here for the gear

Siemens velar rus library

The Siemens Valero is a high-speed train that is an engineering marvel and a staple of modern high-grade national and transcontinental rail transport, with various versions zipping across the UK, the EU, Russia, and the far reaches of Asia including China. This is a train capable of 290 kilometres per hour (180 mph), it is the high-speed joiner of distant cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. For our recording project, we captured it across a comprehensive range of its speeds. Sennheiser Ambeo microphones were used throughout.

Recordings were made inside carriages, inside a compartment, down gangways, across the ever-dramatic space connecting railcar vestibules, and also less glorified but vital locations, e.g., the loo. All relevant background sounds are there, including door movements, passenger chatter, objects in motion, and the sounds of the restaurant car. For the characteristic sounds of a great ‘iron horse’, inside and out, this is it. Flysound… Putting the ‘track’ into soundtrack!

Link to library

Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-flysound_libraries_final-29-20200118.png  
Old 21st May 2020
Here for the gear

Now Available - Ice Hockey

An ice hockey game is an exciting, dynamic and powerful sonic experience. From the thunderous crack of a puck hitting the boards at full speed to the gentle scrape of a stick on the ice, this library contains a complete range of the game’s on ice sounds, all captured with natural reverb in an indoor arena.

Included are a range of performances of skate, stick, puck, and whistle sounds, as well as rink door opens and closes, and various board, glass, and ice impacts.

For further details, and a complete sound list, please check out the page on A Sound Effect -
Old 26th May 2020
Here for the gear
antinode's Avatar
We just released PAPER & DRAWING FX sound library!!

using unique paper quantities such as JAPANESE “Washi” PAPERS, CARDBOARDS, and BOOKS.
Paper & book-based motion features JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY, WRITING, and many.
And paper-based drawing effect features ODD TEXTURE EFFECT which can be processed as various sound effects.

*expiry: 6/13/2020

Old 2nd June 2020
Here for the gear

BMW 760i

The car is a beast and we recorded it in all its beastliness, at varying speeds from its soft metal purr to its ferocious roar, on the test track, inside and out, with all the very best equipment. From many angles, we used the following microphones: Interior – Neumann U 87 and Sennheiser Ambeo; Engine – Schoeps CMC6 MK4, Neumann KM 184; Exhaust pipes – Electro Voice ND 868, DPA fastening; Outside points – Sennheiser MKHs 70 & 416, and also again the Neumann U 87. If your project needs the sound of a great car, recorded in a great way, get it here.

Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-flysound_libraries_final-07-1.jpg  
Old 4th June 2020
Here for the gear

New SFX Library - Fight - Hand Combat Collection

Im excited to announce a new sound library - Fight - a complete collection of hand combat elements including body fall, bone breaks, punches, kicks and gore. For use in trailer, TV, film and video games.

You can pick it up on a-sound-effect here:

Find it on our homepage here:

Hope you enjoy!
Old 4th June 2020
Here for the gear
hi people! does anyone know of a library with electric cars and busses or something that would be useful in cutting fx to a video about electric mass transit?
Old 9th June 2020
Pacific Northwest: Quiet Nature 2

In Pacific Northwest: Quiet Nature 2, get a collection of ambiences with sparse flora and fauna from the Eastern Cascades, Washington. Hear playful croaks of a ravens perched in snow-capped canopies. Hear the counterpoint of nature's cellos as Great Horned owls sing haunting duets. Hear the hungry knocking of woodpeckers pecking to find their dinner and the majestic sparseness of winter forests empty of all but a few species of wildlife.

This library offers you an extensive collection of ambiences with sparse flora and fauna of winter in a coniferous forest. I hope you enjoy the sparse wildlife of this winter wonderland.

Get the full details here:
Old 23rd June 2020

In Ribbit, get an croaking collection of North American frog ambiences. Hear lonesome Pacific tree frogs croaking on dark nights in the forest and cute bouncing ball calls of Western-screech owls. Hear single sharp ribbits and frenetically dense choruses of hundreds of croaks.

This library offers you an extensive collection of sounds from noisy amphibians. I hope you enjoy these sounds. Thanks for listening.

Get the full details here:
Old 2nd July 2020
Gear Maniac
TJP's Avatar

Now with 20% Intro-Discount!

Universal Modern Cloth Foley Performances | 490 Sounds | 70 Files | 7 Variations per file

In this library you will find meticulously recorded and precisely edited universal foley performances of various cloth pieces and accessories that will help any sound designer without access to a Foley Artist. Whether it is just for polishing up existing performances with great sounding sweeteners, to create interesting inventory sounds, or when it comes to finding the right sounds for animation tagging. The Library consists of 70 field with a total number of 490 sounds. Each recording consists of 7 carefully selected variations to give you the flexibility and editing power you need in your work to create a vivid and engaging experience. Various items of clothing made of various textiles, backpacks, bags, velcro fasteners and zippers are included. But accessories such as wallets, belts, jewelry, keys, drinking bottles and a smartphone should not be missing here. All sounds are clean, noise-free and recorded in high quality with ultrasonic microphones in 192kHz and 32 bit float to ensure maximum quality and flexibility in the area of ​​Audio Editing and Creative Sound Design.

Categories: Foley, Cloth Modern, Fabric, Accessories, Motion, Combat, Inventory, User Interface.

Tags: Backpack, Bag Synthetic, Belt Leather, Bottel Handling, Click Ties, Cloth Modern, Cloth Rustle, Foley, Hit Impact Punch Fabric, Jacket Fleece, Jacket Jeans, Jacket Leather, Jacket Synthetic, Jewellery Handling, Keys Handling, Production Element, SFX, Shirt Cotton, Shirt Synthetic, Smartphone Handling, Sound Effect, Swish, Umbrella Handling, Velcro Straps, Wallet Handling, Whoosh Fabirc, Zip Ties.

#Sounddesign #SFX #Soundeffects #Foley #Cloth #Postproduction #Gameaudio #Gamedev #Filmmaking #Soundlibrary #Soundpack #Soundediting #Audiopost #Productionelement #Soundforfilm #Soundonset #Interactiveaudio #Sound #Systematicsound
Old 2nd July 2020
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by TJP View Post

Now with 20% Intro-Discount!

Universal Modern Cloth Foley Performances | 490 Sounds | 70 Files | 7 Variations per file
These sound really good. I'd absolutely love to also have them in a Kontakt instrument (hint, hint).
Old 7th July 2020
African Grey Parrot

In African Grey Parrot, get a musical collection of parrot vocalizations from Myrtle the parrot. Hear short squeaks so adorable I couldn't help but smile and powerful clicks that sound like alien languages. Hear visceral screeches that could cause nightmares and playful whistles so musical you'd think she had a tune stuck in her head.

This library offers you a collection of sounds from a fascinating species. I didn't know one parrot could make such a wide variety of vocalizations and it was a joy to hear them for the first time as I got to know Myrtle over several sessions. I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for listening.

Get the full details here:
Old 14th July 2020

SHED IMPACTS is a new HISSandaROAR mini Sound FX Library
recorded by disturbing the peace & quiet of COVID19 lockdown.

While working on prep for a greenhouse I noticed big clods of heavy clay
sounded amazing slamming into an old bunker wood shed...
Next step: surround it with microphones & exhaust myself firing dirt at it!
For this 2GB library I ended up recording three different sheds,
with EXT MKH8040 pair and INT MKH8020 pair and MKH8050.
Along with complex metal impacts and debris, there are also very solid
earth thuds useful for body falls, large scale foot stomps etc...

Note: early bird discount expires July 26th

Check out the MAKING OF video:

Old 20th July 2020
Here for the gear

Brand new pack ''Magic Weapons Sounds''


We've created a SFX pack regarding magic weapons sounds

You can check specific details here:

Old 22nd July 2020
Gear Maniac
TJP's Avatar

I'm super excited to announce, that all Systematic Sound Libraries have the newly developed Universal Category System standard implemented with product updates v1.1.
The UCS is an efford to find a standard of categorizing sound effects. This will give the user the power to find things faster and work with more precision, thus getting better results in less time.
It is a big chance to establish an unified language for sound metadata and file naming convention that should be adopted by as many SFX vendors as possible. That's why I wanted to support this effort as an Early Adopter and implement this standard into my products as fast as possible.
There will be an in depth user tutorial on my site later this week, but for now feel free to check out the product details:
Old 11th August 2020
HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale Has Started!

We are celebrating Ten Trips Around The Sun
Accordingly, every one of our 68 libraries are now discounted by 50%
No coupons or discount codes required.

SALE ends Sept 1 (plus a strange new library release next week!)
COMPLETE 68 is also discounted - delivered via HD or Download

Old 12th August 2020
Here for the gear
antinode's Avatar
SUMMER SALE!! at Anti-Node Design

All libraries are 40% off during the sale.

Also, PROJECTILE SWISH special offer is still active!
It means If you purchase PROJECTILE SWISH with other libraries, an additional 10% discount will be automatically applied at checkout!

*Sale ends:8/31/2020
Go to STORE:

Old 13th August 2020
Here for the gear

Hzandbits Sound Effects just released Aiports & Planes - a collection of 48 recordings from busy airports and plane interiors.

Airport & Planes was recorded between 2015-2018, in airports from Rome to Qatar, and in a variety of large capacity commercial passenger craft.
It presents modern air travel from the passenger perspective, covering everything from airport shopping areas and security checks, to
taxiing, takeoff, cruising and landing - with and without passenger walla, rummaging with luggage compartments and seat belt buckles.

It was all recorded stealth style, but nevertheless delivers lots of different perspectives and variation. Room tones from airplane interiors
come in different timbres (read: flavors of background noise), ranging from the tonally dry and flat, to rumbling and wheezing.

Some of these interiors are free of passengers talking, so can work well as neutral room tones.

Check it out: Airports & Planes

Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-airports_planes.jpg  
Old 17th August 2020
We are thrilled to release a library that made me question my sanity!

SD045 SLIME VOCALS is a 6GB 24bit 192kHz creature vocal library

As it is released during our 10th birthday sale it also gets a 50% discount

Check out the Making Of - maybe my strangest vid yet!

Old 25th August 2020
Bat Echolocation

In Bat Echolocation, get a collection of unheard sounds from North American bats. Hear powerful clicks that sound like alien languages and musical pings that ring for ages. Hear laser-like chirps and the feeding buzz of bats on the hunt. Hear a batnado as millions of Mexican free-tailed bats exit their cave and swarm with starling-like murmurations.

This library offers you a collection of sounds not normally heard by human hears. With a little pitch shifting, this ultrasonic world is at your fingertips. I find unheard sounds fascinating, I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for listening.

24-hour sale. Get the full info here:
Old 27th August 2020
Quick Reminder:

The HISSandaROAR 10th Birthday Sale Ends Soon!
Get 50% off every library until September 1st!

Also announcing our ROAD MAP to 2030
A brief outline:
- New HISSandaROAR library format: UNIT Sound FX Libraries
- Free updates for all libraries
- Implementing the Universal Category System
- Updated EULA and MULA
- Sound Libraries as Subscriptions
- HISSandaROAR COMPLETE one click download
- EDU - Return of the Interns!
- Establishing the HISSandaROAR BRAINS TRUST
- Supporting Diversity via the HISSandaROAR Artist Residency

Also announcing UNIT Sound FX Libraries
A new category of Sound Libraries for HISSandaROAR,
essentially expanding the idea of affordable single sounds
with eight new sound libraries released and now available
with 50% off until September 1st.

Old 28th August 2020
Here for the gear

Hi folks - I just released 4 new libraries - all sounds are UCS-compatible:

is 4 hours / 7.74Gb of rain on many surfaces. 113 separate files - recorded in 24bit/96kHz.

Just like with my wind recordings, I have recorded rain where it hits something that makes a distinctive sound, something with a bit of character, rhythm or feeling.

You will find rain on man-made materials, as well as vegetation, and even a couple of rain recordings from Sri Lanka and Tokyo. These have been released previously in their own libraries, but I thought they were both interesting and generic enough to do some good here as well.

Out now at - Rain

Sri Lanka Ambiances II,
a new set of field recordings from this island nation in the Indian Ocean. This time, you get sounds from the mountain town of Ella and the ancient capital of Kandy. Plenty of South East Asia vibe, with traffic, birds, insects and of course people.

You hear the train slowly snaking it's way through the mountains to Ella, occasionally blowing it's whistle. There is also a recording of religious recitals through squawking horn speakers, reverberating between the mountains.
Or the office clerk working a mechanical typewriter in central Kandy.

Out now at - Sri Lanka Ambiances II

Tuk-Tuk Ride,
features onboard recordings of a Piaggio APE 50 3-wheel scooter doing taxi-duty on the island of Sri Lanka.

The 71 clips are categorized according
to whether the vehicle is accelerating, decelerating, cruising, etc.

Out now at - Tuk-Tuk Ride

Sri Lanka Bundle,
is all 3 Sri Lanka-themed sound libraries at a reduced price.

Out now:

Enjoy the new sounds!
Old 1st September 2020
Free Sounds Collection – September 2020


This small collection offers some of my favorite animal sounds from recent sound design libraries. Enjoy whooshing bird flybys, curious Grizzly bear sniffs, haunting Sika deer bugles, playful turkey gobbles, visceral parrot screeches, and ultrasonic bat clicks. Thanks for listening.

Get the full details here:
Old 8th September 2020
Tuning Forks

In Tuning Forks, get a collection of microtonal metal sounds created by plunging tuning forks into water. Hear laser-like chirps with wild harmonics shifting. Hear microtonal beating and tonal kerplunks. Hear extended clattering from underwater impacts and bass drones with deep ominous character.

This library offers you the collection of surprising laser-like sounds from a quotidian sound source. Thanks for listening.

24-hour release sale. Get the full info here:
Old 11th September 2020
Here for the gear

Hzandbits Everything Bundle

Hzandbits Sound Effects just released the Everything Bundle - every individual Hzandbits sound library in one bundle.
That's currently 35 titles clocking in at around 2000 files and some 60GB+ of content. All in 24bits/96kHz.

Sound categories include weather, ambiances, materials, textures, machinery and more.

All files come with embedded metadata, and are compliant with the Universal Category System - the emerging standard for naming sound files, as developed by leading Hollywood audio professionals.

Current value of the Everything Bundle is just over USD 1000$.
You get it all for USD 399$, so that's a good 60% off.

Check it out & listen to the sounds:

About Hzandbits:
Hzandbits Sound Effects is an independent maker of sound effects for digital creatives everywhere, with sounds featured in "The Cave" - 2020 Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature, as well as many other productions spanning cinema, games, radio and theater.
Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-everythingbundleslider2020.jpg  
Old 12th September 2020
Here for the gear
antinode's Avatar

Maturi mini library is available at!!
Please subscribe to our mailing list if you wish!
Vist our site for details
MATURI mini library is now available as a special offer | Blog AND
Old 4 weeks ago
Gear Head

TONSTURM 25 Switches, Buttons And Levers

Our new SFX sound pack,

We are running an early Bird discount until the 29.09.2020!

Over 12GB of sounds, recorded in 96kHz 24bit.

Get it here:

You need them every day: Switches, Buttons And Levers.
From vintage switches to modern buttons, from huge rusty levers to small rotary knobs, we got out to record a wide range of them so you are settled for every scenario.

We scouted for devices that had the most interesting sound character to them. We visited a prop warehouse and picked all the devices that appealed sonically to us.
We also went to a train museum to deliver you heavy and massive sounding levers and switches and inbetweens.
Sounds you will love using in your sound design.

To give you a wide range of flavors every sound was recorded with three different microphones. Changing from set to set.
The setups included the following microphones: Sanken CO-100k, Trance Amulett Piezo, Schoeps MS set with the extended body, Schoeps Cemit, and the Sennheiser MKH 8050.

When possible, we recorded at different distances, or with different mic patterns, so each sound is provided in different styles and transient proportion.

As a quick go to option we included a mixdown version for each file - combining the best qualities of each microphone.
Last but not least a photo of each recorded device is added to the artwork of each sound file so it will show up in your Soundminer search.

Get it here
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