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New Sound FX Library releases
Old 10th November 2019
Here for the gear

We've released a pack called ''Cute Cartoon Voices''


At Audio Alchemist we've released ''Cute Cartoon Voices''
Useful for a lot of types of projects.

You can check out specific details here:

Thanks ^^
Old 11th November 2019
Here for the gear

Glitch SFX Library

Glitch SFX Library - 21% disccount - only $13.19!

In this library, you will find electronic sounds that can be used on a variety of applications such as Sci-Fi projects, computer glitches, faulty equipment, robots and much more.
All of the files were designed from scratch – no pre-existing sounds were used – and they are sourced from actual computer errors, generating original sounds.
Old 12th November 2019
Here for the gear
antinode's Avatar

STREAM RIVER & WATERFALL vol2 is released from Anti-Node Design!!

Available in each set:
STREAM RIVER SET: 64 sound files from 31 locations
WATERFALL SET: 24 sound files from 12 locations
  • 43 locations from various perspectives.
  • Recorded @ 24bit 96kHz with ortf, spaced omni, XY and carefully edited.

In commemoration of this new release,
FOREST summer edition is on SALE now!!

Old 16th November 2019
Here for the gear

Hi fellow sound designers !

Discover our latest sound library, this " Mini Ambience Pack " is the result of a short field recording trip / road trip I made in October 2019 around the beautiful land/soundscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

24 pristine recordings, now available in two versions :

- Stereo - 48kHz / 24bits – FREE
- LCR + AB - 96kHz / 24bits – 11,00€


Every library on is now on sale until Black Friday !
Get a -30% discount using the code NOIR30 at checkout.
We also have free sounds for you !
Old 19th November 2019
Here for the gear
"Implosion" - An Explosive Building Demolition Sound Effects Library


Happy to announce this long term project of mine is finally out!

Implosion is a sound effects collection of buildings being destroyed with explosives. It features 10 unique building implosions recorded across the country. Each implosion is recorded with 4 to 14 channels of audio. To offer multiple perspectives, mics were placed as close as 50m (~150ft) and as far away as 600m (~2000ft) from the various explosive demolitions.

You can check out the details and audio demo here:

Old 19th November 2019
Gear Maniac
dmitri's Avatar
My dear friends! At last this happened! I open my sound effects store LARX Audio with the release of my first library
Karelia, Northern Europe. Vol.1 Forests and Meadows. Summer”.
I want to thank all from whom I learned and found inspiration - all of you!
And as usual - the launch discount! Get the library for $54 instead of $79 till midnight November 24 2109!
Please visit my website for details and sound examples and to buy the Library at

Trailer video:

This sound library presents 61 quad surround ambiences with more than 5 hours total duration, 21.5GB size, 24bit/96kHz, recorded with extremely quiet and sonically rich Nevaton MC-50 mic during a two-week recording trip in hot July of 2018 at the national park in Karelia, North-Western Russia. Spacious, transparent, immersive and absolutely free from technogenic and anthropogenic sounds. Still air and wind through grass or trees. Birds and insects from single and sparse at the cloudy morning to dense and busy at the hot sunny noon, a mosquito chorus at dawn and ear-piercing grasshoppers at sunset. Distant thunder rolls and disturbed Arctic Loon, huge old trees creaking scarily in the wind. A special feature is that each ambience is accompanied with the location photo taken at the time of recording, embedded into Soundminer metadata and also included separately.
Old 20th November 2019
Here for the gear
Luftrausch's Avatar
Back in Black!

From now to December:

Old 20th November 2019
new HISSandaROAR TORTURED STRINGS is now released
18GB of 24bit 192khz stringed instrument contortions

Old 21st November 2019
Here for the gear

Hey all,

Sound library sale post incoming.

Get 50% off - Sale starts today


Aotearoa New Zealand - 33 Files | 9.09GB | 372 Minutes | 192kHz
Magnetic Fields Vol.1 - 105 Files | 18.86GB | 128 Minutes | 192kHz
Magnetic Fields Vol.2 - 81 Files|6.78GB|104 Minutes|192kHz
RE201 Space Echo - 210 Files|12.87GB|284 Minutes|192kHz
Old 21st November 2019
Gear Head


Up to 40%OFF

Our Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale has started!
Offer ends: 27.11.19

New Sound FX Library releases-facebook_blackfriday2019_add.png
Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-facebook_blackfriday2019_add.png  
Old 25th November 2019
Here for the gear

Hi !

Every single librairies on are on sale for all black friday week, get - 30% with code NOIR30

And today only, on Monday the 25th , get -50% if you pack all our 6 librairies with code BUNDLE50 at checkout !

6 librairies, 1000+ files, 600+ sounds, 33+ GBs :
- Lamps
- Urban Passes-By
- 1970' Ford Mustang Mach 1 v8
- Metal Sweeteners
- Planes - TakeOffs & Landings
- Scottish Highlands

Also available on asoundeffect and sonniss
Old 25th November 2019
Here for the gear

Sounds Of Norway goes electric!

Hi peeps!

Wanted to tell you about my new release!

Electric Vehicle is a special library that showcases a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle). For this release I wanted to focus on the EV mode of this vehicle even though it has a measly 45km of electric battery range! But no worries! Now you can drive endlessly on battery-power with “Electric Vehicle” by Sounds of Norway!
  • Multichannel recordings onboard and of electric motor in engine bay.
  • Drive-by, Leave, Arrive, Emergency stop, wheel-cam etc.
  • 2 different asphalt surfaces + gravel road
  • Meticulously recorded interior and exterior including charge port, switches, electric seat adjuster, power windows, doors and much more!

Go check it out at A Sound Effect Dot Com for 10% off until 05.12.2019!

Old 28th November 2019
Here for the gear
Black Friday Sound Effects Deal 50%

Hi all!
We at Matching Sound Effects make and sell premium sound effects for Film, TV, and Games.

We're having a Black Friday Deal with a 50% discount on all products, starting now, and ending 3rd of December.
(It's a long Friday, we know.. )

Pop by if you like, and see of anything can be of interest:

Old 10th December 2019
Birds in Flight

In Birds in Flight, get a whooshing collection of North American birds with the common thread of flight. Hear flocks of White-throated swifts circling wildly and Chihuahuan Ravens beating the air to slay aloft. Hear long whapping Loon takeoffs and angry ducks buzzing the mics like fighter planes. Hear the slow soaring of Bald Eagles and the almost-silent whooshes of hunting owls. Hear the frenetic fluttering of branch top dancing and doppler flybys so close I'm lucky the wind draft didn't knock over the mics.

This library offers you an extensive collection of sounds from a unique wild sound source. This library grew out of thousands of hours of nature recordings. Tens of hours were recorded to capture each rare fluttering of these wild wings. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for listening.

Get the full details here:
Old 11th December 2019
Gear Head

TONSTURM Presents:

Our new soundpack,

We are running an early Bird discount until the 17.12.2019!

Get it here:

From haunting drones to bombastic deep hits, our largest soundpack is a love declaration to crafted metal performed in beautiful sounding environments.
Esoteric Metal enables you to create rich and powerful evolving metal textures, stingers and mighty deep impacts for your next sound design project.

We recorded Gongs, Cymbals, Metal Profiles, Sound Bowls, Chimes and Custom Combinations which we performed, played, hit and rubbed with a carefully chosen collection of mallets, diverse super-balls, bows, and custom devices.

The space where we capture our recordings is crucial to us, and therefore we took a lot of effort to come up with 4 different and spectacular sounding spaces to offer you maximum sonic diversity.
1. The recordings took place in an Orchestral Rehearsal Room, which has a nice and clear but also wooden warm reverb.
2. Further we recorded in a Huge Cathedral, which was a truly ethereal experience especially as we recorded during the night . It features a large clear reverb.
3. Third, we went to a Small Chapel, which had a very long and very dense reverb. Absolutely mind blowing.
4. Last but not least, we went to one of the best studios in the benelux country, to get a classic studio recording room sound.

We recorded with 3 different mic setups and positions:

1. For the first time we recorded in 7.0 Surround. 7 x sennheiser mkh8020 This setup was positioned quite distant to the sound source and will be a joy to use in wide cinema context.
2. LCR with 3(!)Sanken co-100k, to get you the most high frequency action. They were positioned at medium distance to the sound source.
3. 1 Schoeps MS (with XT body to extend the frequency range) positioned close to the sound source.

For your convenience, we already did a mixdown of all tracks to 5.0 channels, so you can directly use it in your 5.0 project without any hassle. For convenience we also provide you a stereo version of the entire soundpack, with all MS tracks decoded into XY, and Stereo Mixdowns of all multi-channels tracks.
Old 12th December 2019
New HISSandaROAR Ambience Library is now released: GEO
5.5Gb of 24/96kHz Geothermal recordings, focused primarily on
Mud pools, steam vents, Wairakei Geothermal Power Plant
and a spluttering almost vocal onsen hot pool pipe.
Early bird discount ends Dec 22

Old 17th December 2019

NEW SOUND LIBRARY – HOOT. I learned that owls sometimes mistake your furry blimp for a tasty rabbit. I had one dive down and scare me half to death. Lucky for the mics he changed his mind. Hear these haunting hoots in my new collection of owl ambiences from the forests of North America.

Get the full details here:
Old 18th December 2019
An end of year #HISSandaROAR video and a free mini 24bit 192kHz sound library
going out to our mail list tomorrow. Join HISSandaROAR mail list here:

Old 21st December 2019
Here for the gear

Hi All !

Just to let you know that I just posted a new free soundpack on
I'll do my best to update the free packs with cool sounds every 1 or 2 months.

Also from now on until the end of 2019, all sound librairies are discounted by 25% on

All the best during the holiday season and Happy New Year.

Old 31st December 2019
Here for the gear
antinode's Avatar
Cheers to 2020!!
For New Year in Japan, we have the custom to give a lucky bag called “FUKUBUKURO” which is stuffed full of dreams.

With gratitude, we are holding a


Thank you very much for supporting us over the year.
Your support gives us the best motivation to make great sound libraries at Anti-Node Design.
We will continue to put much effort into providing the best quality sound effects that we can.

I hope this year will be a good one for you all.
Hide Aoki

Old 2nd January 2020
Here for the gear
Leaves, Raking on Grass - Sound Pack

Our newest Sound Pack
Leaves, Raking on Grass
is now available in the Matching Sound Effects webshop, direct download for $29

- Recorded on location with real dry leaves on grass in very silent surroundings.
- 20 files // 26min 20 seconds // c:a 1032 unique sounds
- Recorded in AB-stereo
- 96KHz 24bit Wave Files
- Minimal processing

Listen/Read/Browse/Buy HERE
Attached Thumbnails
New Sound FX Library releases-leaves-raking-grass-wide_v3.jpg  

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Old 13th January 2020
Here for the gear

Organic transients - New sample library

Hello great people!

We just released a new sample library for our beloved Kontakt called "AR_K Facility Level 3" codename: "Organic transients"!

This is our new sample library with kicks, snares and percussions with organic and natural feel, yet punchy and extremely versatile for any producer, composer, dj and sound designer out there! ?<3

5 Instruments with Sound Engines each
3 RR samples with per Engine On\Off switch EQ and Compressor per Engine
6 Insert effects
2 Send (master) effects
10 custom made IRs for the Reverb
Light weight: 54,5 MB in total:
Organic Transients 1: 11,3 MB
Organic Transients 2: 12,3 MB
Organic Transients 3: 7 MB
Organic Transients 4: 8,4 MB
Organic Transients 5: 6,8 MB
Sample format: 48KHz, 24 bit, NCW, stereo
483 single samples
Requires Kontakt 5.6.5 or above (FULL VERSION)

Listen a short demo here:

We have 50% off as intro price here:…/ark-fac...3-kontakt-…/

The "AR_K Facility" is a collection of libraries, comprised of several volumes, each of which has a single or multiple Kontakt instruments. The entire series is centered on unusual percussion sounds with a lot of editing possibilities and several onboard effects.

Each Volume (called “Level n”) has a distinctive set of basic sounds that can be used for composing and producing purposes - like a drum machine - as well as for soundtrack composition and sound design in films, videogames and any other multimedia product.

The third volume (called “Level 3 - Organic Transients”) is a five instruments collection library with a lot of percussion sounds and several sound manipulation possibilities. The name “Organic transients” refers to the fact that all of the sounds are created with exhausted drumheads recorded with several sticks and mallets making a huge palette of kicks, snares and creative hits with an organic feel yet very “electronic”. The wide range of sonic manipulation controls allow for great flexibility and sound design freedom. With the 3 samples Round Robin switch it’s possible to give more lively feeling to a static track and
with the momentary switches for the every effect you can turn on and off specific effects temporarily while performing and/or recording.

With a grand total of 483 single samples there is a huge arsenal to freshen up every needs in a production environment, be it a composer’s, producer’s or sound editor’s \ sound designer’s work.

Feel free to ask any info you might need!

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Old 13th January 2020
Sika Deer

NEW SOUND LIBRARY – SIKA DEER. In Sika Deer, get a hellacious collection of elk-like bugling. Hear haunting calls floating in the distance and visceral screams so close they could cause nightmares.

This library offers you a small collection of sounds from a fascinating species. I didn't know deer made such haunting vocalizations and it was a joy to hear them for the first time. I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for listening.

Get the full details here:
Old 15th January 2020
Here for the gear

Hi Guys !

I just released a new sound library on

- Urban Air is a collection of long duration / ready to use / surround urban backgrounds.

This is our first surround ambience library, it has been recorded across different cities with various microphones setup ( LCR ORTF / QUAD / 5.0 ) and then carefully collected and edited into 5.0 surround tracks.

You’ll find various moods and sonic characteristics including : downtown, suburban, industrial, small towns, quiet, loud and annoying traffic beds, wet city, side streets, parks, wide city squares, diffuse and distant urban elements, clean air tones or dirty gritty city noise …

The duration of the tracks varies between 02m 30s for the shortest and more than 08 minutes with the vast majority lasting around 04-05 minutes, so long scenes shouldn’t be a problem. Also, some sounds include markers highlighting *(un)*interesting sounds and events.


This library is now on EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT on

Get - 20% now at checkout with code SURROUND20



Old 20th January 2020
Gear Maniac
TJP's Avatar


Starting with a basic category, that is nevertheless important to media creators: The Suburbs!

Great care has been taken to capture all the details, that we tend to overhear in our busy day-to-day. In this first Sound Pack you will hear things like dogs barking in the distance, birdsong in the parks and everything from a quiet street in a residential area to urban activities like football or tennis training. There will be some traffic noises present, but less that in urban areas. The portrayed suburban life is full with background activities like residents who mow their lawns on Saturday or blow away the leaves in autumn as well as children playing and screaming in the schoolyard.

Categories: Ambient Sounds, Birds, City Life, Environments, Leisure, Outdoor, Songbirds, Sound Effects, Sports, Suburban, Traffic

Tags: Ambience, Bird Song, City Parc, Dog Barking, Empty Streets, Everyday Life., Film Sound, Game Audio, General Ambience Series, Leave Blower, Residential Area, Schoolyards, SFX, Sound Effect, Sound Library, Sound Pack, Soundscape, Suburban, Traffic
Old 4 weeks ago
Here for the gear

Kenworth 900

Hello everyone,

Here is our currently available sound library of the Kenworth 900 truck we've released recently:

Kenworth 900 is a detailed sound library containing multi-channel recordings of the various parts the truck has to offer including truck driving tracks with both exterior and interior tracks and interior and exterior doors, hisses, gearshifts and plenty other details of the truck. Everything was recorded at 24 bits and 96 kHz with a Zaxcom Nomad 12 and AKG C451E/CK1, Schoeps CCM4 and the Sennheiser MKH 416.

The link:
Old 4 weeks ago
Gear Maniac
TJP's Avatar


In this release we go straight downtown and let you explore the modern & busy city life.

Urban City 01 features a great variety of modern urban city ambiences for soundscape design. The selected ambiences are a good and solid representation of busy modern city life. The sounds where recorded in various alleys, marketplaces, rooftops, busy street corners, city parks, squares, train stations, etc. You will hear typical down town traffic noises (cars, bikes, trucks, airplanes, boats, trains & trams), sirens, car honks & car slaps, bicycles passing, etc.. You will hear a lot of pedestrian activity as well as church bells, construction din, hum from ventilation systems and different types of Walla in the background.

Categories: Ambient Sounds, Birds, City Life, Environments, Leisure, Outdoor, Songbirds, Sound Effects, Sports, Suburban, Traffic

Tags: Alley, Ambience, Busy Street, Car Honks, Car Slaps, City, City Center, City Park, City Rumble, Down Town, Film Sound, Game Audio, General Ambience Series, Metropolitan Area., Pedestrians, Rooftop, Rush Hour, SFX, Sirens, Sound Effect, Sound Library, Sound Pack, Soundscape, Square, Street corner, Traffic, Trucks, Under Bridge, Urban

#Sound design #SFX #Sound effects #Fieldrecording #Postproduction #Gameaudio #Gamedev #Filmmaking #Sound library #Sound pack #Sound editing #Audiopost #Sound scape #Ambiance #Ambience #Wildtracks #Sound forfilm #Sound onset #Interactiveaudio #Sound #Systematicsound
Old 4 weeks ago
The Sounds of Sculpture

NEW SOUND LIBRARY – In The Sounds of Sculpture, get an artistic collection of metal casting sounds. Hear the sounds of trees, vines, and boulders that have been cast into metal. Hear how the sounds of the original object translate into its metal counterpart. Take a tree that was struck by lightning, cast it in iron, and hear how that vivid moment is frozen into the unique sound of a metal sculpture. The tree was a living thing. Does that mean it has a uniquely organic sound in its metallic form?

Hear rich pings of small aluminum casts and resonant booms of 2000 pound cast iron boulders. Hear bell-like tones of steel and clattering aluminum textures with real grit. Hear the hellacious screeches of bowed metal vines and the thunderous resonance of giant chain-link structures.

This library offers you an extensive collection of sounds from a unique metallic sound source. This library grew out of a collaboration with John Ruppert. I’m thankful to have had a chance to explore the sonic possibilities of his art.

Get the full details here:
Old 3 weeks ago
Gear Maniac
dmitri's Avatar
Dear friends! “Karelia, Northern Europe. Vol. 2. Lakes and Streams. Summer” sound library by LARX Audio is released!
As usual - the launch discount is 30% off! Get the library for $55 instead of $79 till February 09 23:59 PST! Please visit our website to see the detailed description and sound examples and buy the library at

Watch the trailer:

This volume is even larger than Vol.1: 71 quad surround ambiences, almost 6 hours total duration, recorded with extremely quiet and sonically reach Nevaton MC-50 mic. Deep, immersive and absolutely free from technogenic and anthropogenic sounds. Again, each ambience is accompanied with the location photo taken at the time of recording, embedded into Soundminer metadata.
Busy morning of birds and insect in a marsh, streams in forests and a beaver's dam, a rapid roaring river in a canyon. Mystically whispering and aggressively chattering winds through reed. A swallow feeding their nestlings in front of the microphone. Still evening over lakes with echoing voices of a Hobby falcon, Arctic Loon calls and splashy takeoff runs. Otherworldly silent night with Longhorn beetle larvae creaking communications in the trees at the shore, a bat at 30 kHz and a large beetle cruising around the mic like a helicopter with rumble down to infrasound.
Old 2 weeks ago
New HISSandaROAR sound library PIPE REZ is now released!

22GB of 24/192 resonant pipes x swords, octave set of orchestral tubular bells
& tuned aluminum pipes - shing & clank galore!

It must also be one of the worst kept sound design secrets that resonant pipes are invaluable source material
for sword sound FX design, so when a full octave set of Orchestral Tubular Bells became available we started
exploring their capabailities, along with a set of tuned alumium pipes.

Next we put together a collection of industrial pipes and captured a range of characterful complex metal impacts,
sword hits and scrapes, as well as chime and bell like sustaining tones (along with damped articulations)
that range from deep tolling bells through sweet harmonics to dissonance.

Early Bird Discount expires Feb 16th!

Making Of video:

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