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Old 29th January 2007
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Welcome to the premiere of the Gearslutz post-production forum!

It has taken a while because we had be sure the demand was big enough to warrant a new forum
but after the massive request thread we had to go along.

While there are several groups on the internet which deal with Post-production and Sounddesign,
I personally think a forum is much easier to read and to find info.

We still have to develop some guidelines for this forum but I think it's safe to say that questions about:
-Cinema Sound
-Sound design
-TV sound & commercials
-Sound in Games
-Radio commercials & Jingles

...belong in this forum!

I believe GS has always had a good and relaxed atmosphere and I hope we can continue along that way and expand the forum and enrich the internet with a new informative space about sound for picture.

Old 29th January 2007
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great idea! it was about time!
Old 29th January 2007
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Old 29th January 2007
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im HAPPY !!!
Old 29th January 2007
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Old 29th January 2007
Greetings all! I look forward to watching the forum progress.
Old 29th January 2007
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!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!

I was needing this !!!

Old 29th January 2007
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should be fun!
Old 29th January 2007
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Very cool, very cool indeed.
I look forward to its progress.
All the best to you and the new POST PRODUCTION forum!
Old 29th January 2007
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wow look a all the info already in there!!!
this is priceless

thanks Jules!

Old 29th January 2007
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Hey Geert jongen!

-dutch mode on- Tof om je hier als moderator aan te treffen. Alles goed? -dutch mode off-

Anyway, congrats on the forum, I'll be visiting a lot and hope I can add my share too.


Old 30th January 2007
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I am very, very happy there is a post forum. Thanks Guys
Old 30th January 2007
This is great....

Post is something I have always been interested in but have done very little of. I am looking forward to learning a few things from you all!!!
Old 30th January 2007
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Thanks Jules and all the mods! This is awesome!

Old 30th January 2007
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This forum is already looking good!
Old 30th January 2007
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Awesome, ! I'm really excited
Old 30th January 2007
500 series nutjob
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awsome cool
cool and awsome
Old 30th January 2007
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Great addition to gearslutz

There are plenty of slutty post production people around, its about time there was a forum! :D
Old 31st January 2007
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Looking at the forum so far: this is great. So much information out there to be disseminated when terms like bass management, dialnorm, divergence, etc. aren't met with blank stares(and ultimatley random posts)

Post it!


Old 1st February 2007
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Old 1st February 2007
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Old 1st February 2007
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Thumbs up

This is awesome.

I actually have been digging a great while through GS for threads regarding TV mixing, music, post, etc. and had troubles finding such threads.

Now it's all neatly packed up in this forum.

Great info & research tool for me.

Wise decision to start this forum!
Old 3rd February 2007
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I'm super happy about this--

is there someone here that's got a handle on the post world that can link to a comprehensive list of terminolgy that is post specific?
trade mags etc.?
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