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From RØDE Selecting the right space for podcasting / Vlogging. hrxtDjtKH4c Choosing a mic for podcasting /...

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Jules 2nd April 2020
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Hello All! I hope I can figure out my issue as I have been struggling with my mic output for some time. I have a Behringer...

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BossWes 3 hours ago
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I’ve started streaming my band on Facebook. Question: I’m looking for a single room mic that could pick up the whole band....

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derekirving 3 hours ago
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Hi guys, I’m after a new Audio Interface for my RE20 and FetHead. I previously owned the Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2x2, and...

Mike Rofone
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cheu78 9 hours ago
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Hello All! I am planning to try and shoot a video with my iphone 6s set up on a tripod at my home and am running into trouble...

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Anthony4Audio 2 days ago
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Is it possible to record a dj set together with the video immediately from the mixer into the camera (sony rx100 m7) because this...

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JayTee4303 4 days ago
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I'm trying to live stream a band using my iPhone and a mixer (tascam model24). I have the instruments --->Model...

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DirkP 4 days ago
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I'm running into an issue with my set up. I am trying to use my XLR Mic as my mic for Zoom, recording video in OBS, Twitch, etc....

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profesorbriceno 5 days ago
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inkymarx 6 days ago
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I'm in the process of building a dual purpose rig, with its primary role being a mobile livestreaming rig, and secondary purpose...

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JayTee4303 1 week ago
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Hey guys, Im looking for a software like Skype but with the option to not only share my screen but also share my audio out...

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JayTee4303 1 week ago
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Hi all, I teach mathematics online. I currently use a Jabra headset for this. It does a passable job but the sound quality...

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boehj 1 week ago
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Mixing a performance that will be streamed live on both facebook live and igtv. Any info or experience on output level and...

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NikkiRees 1 week ago
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I am starting to help out a friend with podcasts. Just curious on what everyone is doing/using..? Anyone using Vocal rider?...

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pieradezorci 1 week ago
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Does anybody know how to stream to multiple services (Instagram plus Facebook for example) simultaneously? I know services that...

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pieradezorci 1 week ago
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I am new to live streaming but have been doing live sound for years. Anyway, I did a test run on FB live last night and the end...

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pieradezorci 1 week ago
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Hii I'm working as IT security engineer and I'm doing a lot of tech support / remote assistance / web conferences and also...

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[email protected] 1 week ago
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Hello fine folk. I want to record some videos, primarily tutorials. For the purpose of this question/thread I use Ableton...

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tonable 1 week ago
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Hi guys.. Recording a new podcast, aiming for high profile and to hit the ground running terms of quality and format so have...

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cheu78 1 week ago
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As per title: Best procedure? A mirrorless camera via OBS is fine, but the trio is now aiming for at least 4 cameras and...

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azlan121 1 week ago
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I'm trying to create short videos to share on Instagram showing my DAW and audio. I've downloaded and tried about 5 or 6...

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LPXRH 2 weeks ago
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I've trialled a couple of these programs for online podcasting with multiple remote contributors using USB mics but looking for a...

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Mathildaups 2 weeks ago
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Hey guys. Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum for discussing voiceovers and such, but here goes. I have been looking...

Gideon K
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Gideon K 2 weeks ago
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Greetings. There a good audio editor for podcasts that handles clip launching to mix in with my voice in real time, allows...

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JES 2 weeks ago
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If you have to deliver and teach students about audio with video conference tools, it is helpful to understand how the platform...

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ChrisNunchuck 2 weeks ago
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Hi, i try to create a little radio play with some of my friends. nothing to spectacular but i would like to do it as good as...

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Wayne 2 weeks ago
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I have a friend who is a famous opera singer and is wanting a very high quality microphone for recording her performances (often...

waldie wave
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bradh 3 weeks ago
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Podcast series I'm developing will have guests interviewed over Facetime, Zoom, possibly even regular telephony! For streaming...

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MixToTape 3 weeks ago
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I'm looking to mic options for streaming and conference calls in a small space (400sqft studio apartment) with high potential for...

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brsoo 3 weeks ago
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Hey everyone, I hope I'm in the right forum, I considered putting this in music for film but that doesn't really fit either....

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uOpt 3 weeks ago
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I'm terribly sorry if this has already been asked and answered. If anyone could push me in the right direction I'd certainly...

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JayTee4303 3 weeks ago
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Hi I really recently decided to bite a bit of more pro-audio stuff and decided to get some more fancy gear. I actually always...

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Bushman 4 weeks ago
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Good morning one and all, I’am on the hunt for a new microphone, where it adds a warm tone and bass to my voice for live...

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SiloHD 4 weeks ago
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Hey all, I had a quick search but nothing came up. When mixing music I rely pretty heavily on reference recordings to keep me...

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MixingWizard 4 weeks ago
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Hi folks. An old friend just sent me this pic and asked if I could identify this microphone, and I can't. But I thought "I...

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kerryg 4 weeks ago
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Hey all, Started recording a podcast several weeks ago. I'm doing the video with an iPhone, and recording audio separately...

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ArmorHill 4 weeks ago
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Hi guys, this is my first post in a forum ever. Yeah I don't know what to do, this is my last shot. I'm doing all of this for...

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TVPostSound 24th April 2020
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Hey guys I did a quick test run today using my Apollo 8p with facebook live. I managed to get sound which is good. Seems like...

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gopalmetro 20th April 2020
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Please vote on best c414 to use for podcast. Male voice, deep to average tone. Running through a Focusrite into Logic....

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leopoldodilenge 17th April 2020
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Hi, I am trying to get together gear for a podcast. It will be AV, three cameras and a Zoom H6 so it can look a bit fancier...

Pod person
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Diogo C 16th April 2020
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Hey GSers, I'm a singer-songwriter, and obviously many of us are in isolation right now. I'm trying to figure out the best way...

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neve1064 15th April 2020
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Gear Club Podcast #69: Gearslutz Joins the Club with Jules Standen Jules Standen is a producer, engineer, and founder of...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 14th April 2020
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Edited: switcher was the program chosen.

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neve1064 13th April 2020
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I couldn't find what I needed anywhere on the interwebs so I'll ask ya'll. When we stream to YouTube we get an almost skipping...

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forrestaudio 10th April 2020
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Soundwhale streamlines remote collaboration for musicians Remote collaboration for musicians, songwriters, and producers...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 9th April 2020
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Trying to stream to facebook live, but having issues with the sound. Basically what I want to do is have the ipad pointed at my...

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Jason Valentine 9th April 2020
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Just tried to show some logic stuff over a University learning system called blackboard collaborate but they could not hear Logic...

Carl Freeland
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Carl Freeland 9th April 2020
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So- I've been looking for a reliable 2in-2out usb interface to use with my Laptop and acquired a ssl2+ usb audio interface. so...

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Kobifarhi 9th April 2020
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My piano lesson are now virtual. I was wondering what the best thing for me to use with google duo would be. I need a tiny...

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Pali 9th April 2020
Avatar for petsematary

Hey, I'm spending my quaranting trying to learn about EQ, like really learn. Been toying with notch EQ today, experimenting with...

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leitmo 9th April 2020
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Digigram’s IQYOA X/LINK-LE Codec Offers Musicians Professional-Quality Audio While Broadcasting at Home Digigram’s...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 7th April 2020


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