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From RØDE Selecting the right space for podcasting / Vlogging. hrxtDjtKH4c Choosing a mic for podcasting /...

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Jules 2nd April 2020
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I'm editing a podcast and the guest was drinking water without muting his mic. How do I remove it? Everybody is on the same...

Hxd Ped
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Mia_ 1 day ago
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Hey everyone. My buddy Joe West and myself have a new podcast called From The West Barn that we record here in Nashville, TN. ...

shack jonz
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AfterViewer 3 days ago
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Hi. I'm very new to this level of audio equipment, things such as preamps and dynamic mics, but I wanted an upgrade to my audio...

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Robinson2511 4 days ago
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Forgive the neophyte ... I've got a Jupiter XM I want to output directly into an iPhone (lightning) or an iPad Pro (USB-C)...

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TessellationRow 1 week ago
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Hey folks, I was wondering if you could help me out. I have just ordered an IK Multimedia IRig Stream to stream live gigs...

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mmcginnni 1 week ago
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My girlfriend has a Rodecaster Pro. She is zooming with a friend. They're both using mics, his a usb mic to his laptop. Hers...

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jackchandelier 1 week ago
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Is there a definitive book or guide to podcasting technology for engineers who are just entering that part of the field? Most...

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AudioRestorer 1 week ago
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Which one(s) are you Slutz using for vlogging, streaming, Instagram and/or YouTube videos and I need some recommendations under...

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DirkP 1 week ago
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Hello everybody sorry to bother you Im just wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to do a step by step on how to...

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Glenn83 1 week ago
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I’m looking to produce something that this site is doing where they convert the video / audio into podcasts but which mic are...

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JCBigler 2 weeks ago
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Can anyone here recommend a compact vlogging camera with built in mic and flip screen ? i have a daughter about to cost me an arm...

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JJChance 2 weeks ago
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I'm not a fan of Facebook, but was thinking of setting up a new account because I'm getting more into making videos for YouTube...

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soundofmai 2 weeks ago
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I've launched a Youtube channel. Just posted my second video in my Sax in the Park series. Check it out. This was a 3 camera...

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JCBigler 3 weeks ago
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Hey I'm new to podcasting. And my friend is recommending that I get a Rode Caster Pro ( I know he's leading in the right...

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DirkP 3 weeks ago
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ToeDipr 3 weeks ago
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What would be the best camera to buy now for shooting video for company promo films and music video production ? Budget:...

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NathanBarley 4 weeks ago
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Dear fellow gearslutz, Because of the current health situation I'm having stream my recital and one of my pieces is a...

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JayTee4303 4 weeks ago
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Hello, I am a new here and new to audio equipment. I have a Berhinger MDX1600 and a DBX266x. I am wanting to patch them together....

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DirkP 13th September 2020
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Hey Everyone, I'm looking to buy a pair of Lavalier Mics for vlogging including interviewing guests from time to time. Do any...

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RnegadeSoundplay 12th September 2020
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Hey guys, I having a bit of a nightmare trying to get an SM7b to sound good in my mix for a radio show. Its gone through...

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DistortingJack 10th September 2020
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I have the Shure KSM32 For voiceovers for production making radio tv spots. And i want to upgrade it. Someone told me for tlm103...

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pencilextremist 9th September 2020
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Playback devices, if relevant (not necessary for the mac): I have a Topping DX3 pro amp/dac for HD600 headphones, I have another...

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StarlessNights 9th September 2020
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Hi All, I am developing a real time audio and video service. Want to start streaming development of the service on the service...

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meamin 30th August 2020
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anyone know of any good mixing/producing etc podcasts to keep me entertained during my mind numbing job?

L Audio
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Brent Hahn 29th August 2020
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During lockdown my office has been using Teams to communicate and it's really blown me away how good the audio latency is in...

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Retouch 23rd August 2020
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When recording voiceover, how do you deal with edits and background ambient noise. For example, if I have someone speaking and...

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TVPostSound 22nd August 2020
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Hello, I landed myself a job interview as a sound engineer for a radio/podcast sort of thing on monday. I only have experience...

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Brent Hahn 21st August 2020
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I realize that the Lightning Cable for the iphone 7 has a DAC in it. If I'm using an external mic or a mixer (with adapters) to...

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rabbit88 19th August 2020
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Hi Slutz, I'm testing a Facebook LiveStream setup. Im running an SureSM58 into an audiomixer. The mix is sounding great and fed...

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Schmeckitup 17th August 2020
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Using a Sennheiser AVX wireless lav system The enclosed audio seems to have interference mid way through. Recently the Lav...

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HRPOWER 17th August 2020
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Hey guys, probably not the best title of a thread... I work with a production team on a song and we are in a different...

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GYMusic 17th August 2020
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Hi Folks, which gear would you choose to record following set up: - mobile recording of a conversation of two while...

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tomteontour 15th August 2020

Hi, I am 65, just retired and will do online English teaching to keep busy. I have a new ZED60 desk running a Sennheiser 416...

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DAVID ENGLISH 12th August 2020
Avatar for Reskiy

Hi, I recently got an Allen & Heath ZEDi-8 USB Mixer as an upgrade from my 6-year old 1st Gen Scarlett 2i2 interface since I...

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Reskiy 11th August 2020
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Hello, I teach online and record videos for my students. I'm looking for a channel strip to de-ess, compress, expand, and...

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Phil Cibley 6th August 2020
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Hi, all. So I'm both a musician and I also do voiceover narration. I've recently switched from using my singing mic (a...

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DirkP 6th August 2020
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I've started making educational content- I use a Deity S-Mic 2s for my voice, and a Peluso or an AT 4033 for my instrument...

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DirkP 5th August 2020
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Had a situation the other day where the presenter at a radio station had a major winner on the phone & the web content person...

Karl Engel
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DirkP 5th August 2020
Avatar for TrianaSound

I'd love to hear thoughts about the recording set-up shown in the attached photo of Michelle Obama's inaugural podcasts (not...

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Brent Hahn 4th August 2020
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Hey guys, i got a semi-good treated big room with a shure sm7b and a mg10xuf. I got a deep voice (in my opinion), but i made you...

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BBusby 31st July 2020
Avatar for Mayhem13

Hey folks......recently added a vocal/drum/amp room next to my Now larger control room and need a simple video solution for users...

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Mayhem13 28th July 2020
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Hi there, I want to do a live stream for a festival but I don't want the audio coming from my phone microphone, I do however...

Deleted 10089a2
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Pollo 16th July 2020
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Hi, From what I've read, the iPhone 11's sampling rate is locked in at 44.1kHz when recording video. Is this true? Also is that...

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charlienyc 15th July 2020
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I recently acquired a MOTU M2 which I'm using with macOS Catalina. When using the MOTU drivers, there are two extra...

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DirkP 15th July 2020
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There are few at-home shows that are worth listening to, audio-wise. Here is one of the best I have...

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loujudson 13th July 2020
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I'm in the process of building a dual purpose rig, with its primary role being a mobile livestreaming rig, and secondary purpose...

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JayTee4303 10th July 2020
Avatar for james01

I claimed my artist profile and got verified, now how do I begin editing it? Where is the login? Do I use my regular account? The...

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Raaphorst 8th July 2020
Avatar for neomatrixgod

I'm running into an issue with my set up. I am trying to use my XLR Mic as my mic for Zoom, recording video in OBS, Twitch, etc....

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Raaphorst 8th July 2020
Avatar for Opher47

So former musician here... I am setting up my home studio to track a podcast/do youtube live stuff as well as mess around with my...

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Raaphorst 8th July 2020
Avatar for jspartz

I am new to live streaming but have been doing live sound for years. Anyway, I did a test run on FB live last night and the end...

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Yogagirl 2nd July 2020


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