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Based on the EMT "Gold Plate" Analog 2-ch Reverb. This reverb can give your digital tracks more depth, more space and more soul. Don't let the easy to use interface fool you, this is a deep sounding reverb plugin that can stand up to any vintage hardware unit. Adjust the big Time knob to increase the length of the Reverb effect. Then you can dial in the tone of the Reverb effect by adjusting the Color knob. Finally, use the Mix and Level knobs to dial in your dry-to-wet mix and over all balance. Features - Time : Increases the time of the Reverb effect. - Mix : Dry/Wet Mix of the plug-in. - Color : Changes the tone of the reverb effect to be darker or brighter. - Level : Controls the output level of the plug-in.


ValhallaPlate. $50. Available Now.

...would be better suited for getting closer to a Lexicon plate sound. The Lexicon plate algorithms are in the "digital plate" camp, in that they sound awesome without being a strict emulation of a physical steel plate. Smooth Plate in VintageVerb is my favorite algorithm of all the algorithms I have worked on, apart from...

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Soundtoys Releases "Little Plate" Reverb Plug-In

...I've just played with it and it's dark, dense and blends perfectly with some material. I have couple of other digital plate simulations available, which I like, but this one is really fantastic IMO.. mainly because it achieves that desired dark, dense sound flavor by its own without other necessary effects pre and post...

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Slate Introduces Liquid Sonics LUSTROUS PLATES

I'm really happy with all the features and models we've got in Lustrous Plates, so I don't foresee a split into regular vs pro versions on this one. The focus here is providing a good spread on the venerable 140 style of plate model. It's amazing how much variety can be found in that classic design....

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