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Full Featured MIDI to CV Converter for eurorack synthesizers. The Midi 3 is our third generation Midi to CV converter packed with a robust list of features. It includes a complete set of mono and duophonic midi response modes, assignable CC and dedicated velocity outputs, a feature rich clock source with tap tempo, midi and external gate clock dividers, and multiple arpeggiator responses. This module is deep. A midi to cv module converts standard midi note messages into the analog control voltages used by modular and other analog synthesizers. This allows the synthesizer to be controlled by a midi keyboard, sequencer, or DAW. The two CV outputs on the Midi 3 can be used to control the pitch of an oscillator, cutoff frequency of a filter, or any other function that requires a control voltage signal. The set of Gate outputs on the Midi 3 can be used to trigger envelope generators or other modules expecting a gate or clock source. The Midi 3 Module has 3 Distinct Performance Modes: Monophonic - Monophonic mode works great when using a modular as a single voice synthesizer patch. Channel 2 Gate and CV outputs mirror the outputs of Channel 1. Monophonic mode has several keyboard responses to choose from. Last note priority, low note priority, and high note priority. Each response is available with and without gate retriggering. Duophonic - The Midi 3 module uses the two sets of Gate and CV outputs to allow two notes to be played simultaneously. The first midi note is sent to Channel 1 Gate and CV outputs and the second is sent to Channel 2 Gate and CV outputs. Duophonic mode has three keyboard response modes to choose from. Unused channel and new note priority, unused channel and low note priority, and split keyboard priority. Duophonic mode is perfect when working with a two voice modular synthesizer patch. Arpeggiator - The Midi 3 module includes a robust arpeggiator mode with multiple mono and duophonic responses to choose from. Available responses are monophonic response as played, double triggered monophonic response as played, random monophonic response, random monophonic with a random Channel 2 gate, and random duophonic response with dual random gates. The arpeggiator can be clocked using tap tempo, midi clock, or external gate. The Midi 3 Module has 3 Clock Modes: Internal Clock - The internal Midi 3 clock utilizes the tap tempo button to modify the rate of the internal clock. The internal clock is used to clock the arpeggiator and is also output to the CLOCK jack. External Midi Clock - The external midi clock responds to midi start/stop messages and midi tempo from an external midi clock source. The external midi clock is used to clock the arpeggiator and is also output to the CLOCK jack. In external midi clock mode, the tap tempo button cycles through five available clock divisions. External Gate Clock - The external gate clock responds to gate signals patched into the CLOCK jack. The external gate clock is used to clock the arpeggiator. In external gate clock mode, the tap tempo button cycles through six available clock divisions. Additional Features of the Midi 3: Assignable Midi Channel - The Midi 3 can be assigned to respond to all channels or any individual midi channel. Assignable Pitch Bend Range - The range of pitch bend can be set to +/- 2 notes, +/- 5th, +/- 1 octave, +/- 2 octaves. Control Change Output - CC response of 0-5v. Assignable Control Change Channel Assign - Assign the midi CC channel the Midi 3 responds to. Velocity Output - Velocity response of 0-5v based on active note. 60 mA +12V 15 mA -12V


Hooking up 5 synths to an MPC 60 - need help!

...out > patchbay MIDI 1 in patchbay MIDI 1 out > B MIDI in patchbay MIDI 2 out > C MIDI in patchbay MIDI 3 out > D MIDI in patchbay MIDI 4 out > E MIDI in The above would also work with the MAV and that's cheaper since you probably won't need merging/filtering.

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V-drums into Studio One

...2 MIDI OUT----->Axiom AIR 25 MIDI IN Axiom is connected to PC via USB I have routed the Axiom to Receive From MIDI 3 with all channels open, etc. I have created a new instrument and sent my instrument as Axiom Air 25- (as that the's instrument being played by the Yamaha) I know that I must...

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Guitar Synth picking up drums

...1 is the Roland Gr50, Midi in 2 is the Roland TD-3, Midi in 3 is the Roland JV2080 and Midi 3 out goes to the JV2080 Midi in. I have also connected Midi thru GR50 to Midi thru JV2080 which is probably useless. Not sure what the setting Auto demix by channel if multitrack...

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