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The music business reference thread
Old 19th May 2011
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At very least, this should be in the music business area.
Old 19th May 2011
Originally Posted by deepthoughts View Post
At very least, this should be in the music business area.
Mark, it's intended to be a reference for the anti-piracy side in these discussions, so that we don't have to keep typing the same thing over and over and over again.......
Old 19th May 2011
Originally Posted by Neenja View Post
FYI: This is actually off topic as this is the piracy forum. I don't see anyone approving any special treatment for you, but give it a shot.
Neenie, you're free to make up your own "Piracy apologist's reference thread" or "Anti-industry reference thread" or whatever you want to call it.

Then we could just type references back and forth instead of saying the same things over and over.........
Old 26th May 2011

Here is a link to a fairly comprehensive list of music business terms and definitions, courtesy of the venerable Bob Ohlsson.

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Old 9th June 2011
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Originally Posted by John Eppstein View Post
This thread is intended as a reference to how the traditional music industry actually operates, the economics of recording, touring, and performance, etc.
If you want this to be a "reference" thread you should make sure that you are describing the record industry as it operates today instead of 20 years ago. Most of your information seems fairly idealistic and outdated. Especially your thoughts on touring (a driver's salary? )

You need to look at how most working bands are actually making money today and supporting their lives. AND you really need to educate yourself as to some of the absurd ****e deals record companies are offering now (360 deals where they take 85% of tour revenue ).
Old 5th October 2011
Old 10th October 2011
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The music industry is a vast and varied place. Over the years it has changed significantly a number of times.Once you review these facts about the music business you will have to come to your own conclusion about its future trajectory.
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