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where has the skill gone (using samples)
Old 2nd February 2010
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where has the skill gone (using samples)

i need some help guys i just teamed up with a friend of mine and we built a really good studio together the price dont really matter we spent about 10 grand (just letting you know i aint playing man) any way i have been making music for about 15 years now and am always progressing but what he does is buy vengance samples and uses the leads to make tunes then uses vengance samples for the the drums i figure you can guess the rest for your self

what would you say too him or would you just let it lie, i mean i dont wanna be harsh but a ten year old can do this am i right or am i wrong tell me people

ok i use samples somtimes but what i do is far different than this i search a vast libary of tunes over a period of time and remember maybe take some notes about the timing and so on when i find what i like i may store it in my sample lib and and process the sample in my own specific way most times you cant even tell its a sample

please discuss this question i beleive my friend should learn what do you think
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