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Courts have ruled that you can't take internet from sex offenders
Old 13th January 2010
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Courts have ruled that you can't take internet from sex offenders

(which i fervently disagree with, btw)

but there is no way you can make an argument that they can take the internet from a copyright infringer if this is how our courts are currently leaning.


U.S. Courts Split on Internet Bans | Threat Level |
Old 13th January 2010
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Interesting but not surprising.

First off, the US is far more libertarian than countries like Europe and Japan, where they have already ruled (and are ruling) you can take internet from a pirate. I expect US law will lag by at least 3-5 years behind the EU/Australia/Japan.

Also of note is it was a lifelong ban, which I think is incredibly disproportionate and implies he has no chance for remediation. True or false, that's not how the justice system works. If he is so dangerous he cannot be allowed to use the Internet, he should be in jail.

You're also not reading the whole article.

Last year, the same circuit court upheld a 20-year prison term and a 10-year internet ban on a man who distributed child pornography and lured “the direct exploitation of minors.” “This is the lengthiest ban we have upheld,” the appeals court wrote.

Celebrated hacker Kevin Mitnick was barred from the internet for three years following his 2000 release from prison.
So they have already ruled you can take Internet from both sex offenders and hackers. Just not in this case under these circumstances for this duration.
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