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Dear Slutz, After a couple months of planning I have finally started to build my studio, For those who are interested I am...

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inlinenl 28th May 2008
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PedroAida/Detached Sound Recording Studio/Construction - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting here's a little photo timeline of...

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bassistmarty 21st May 2008
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I finally thought it was time to share some photos of what I've been doing for the last 3 years. The studio before consisted of a...

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TornadoTed 14th May 2008
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Hey guys, So this is our layout so far including the dimensions. Please feel free to let me know what you think. We...

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Noize919 12th May 2008
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Hello guys here is a layout a friend of mine draw for me. I will be rebuilding a old place i have here at home i dont remember...

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kikin 6th May 2008
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Hi, People who are interested can see my studio report here:Rockstar Recordings = Construction site - Fotoreport.. It is in...

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Atari 25th April 2008
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Yes... it's my little pee in pants studio's progress... Wood is good. The new additions start with the before & after pics...

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Factory101 20th April 2008
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My tiny tracking room! It's only 11x13ft. <br /><a...

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severe 15th April 2008
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Hi Guys, I had to move, give up the house I lived in with my now Ex-GF and lost with it the small but fine rooms for my little...

Michael Maeurer
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Michael Maeurer 15th April 2008
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Hello everybody! I am searching for a room to rent at that moment.I am planning to build a mastering suite in there.I really...

Lars Stroke
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Ethan Winer 10th April 2008
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ok, so a little over 2 years ago i embarked on this project... phase 1 is now almost done and i wanted to share it with all of...

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gainstages 9th April 2008
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Hey Slutzer's... Just a little biddy thang...but it's where I'm at... PEA STUDIOS Love this place... ambaboing

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amba 5th April 2008
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Hi - My brother in law is building out his studio so I thought I'd make a diary of progress. I'll be adding much more detail in...

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cww2 1st April 2008
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Hi all, First of all, I've been reading here for a long time without posting, and would like to say thanks to everyone for giving...

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valthesoundman 24th March 2008
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So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My new house isn't under construction as of yet and I need a better working area to be recording in...

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Mystic 18th March 2008
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I got a 5m2 space for music making. I'm just finishing the walls, next I'm going to do the ceiling. I put some photos on my...

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5thString 14th March 2008
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Hi everybody I was reading this forum for a long time and have to say its really a great forum here . Its obviously that some...

bass man
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Avatar for 8th March 2008
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Don't have any before/after pics atm, but I'd get to it if it's any interesting to share. The sound with diffusors is amazing,...

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megamat 2nd March 2008
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Was just lookin for sum feed back on the way I set my studio up... Let me know if its all wrong...

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SoundProofStudio 29th February 2008
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Maybe a dumb question and an obivious one, but I would like to make sure . I bought this studio. and the previous studio owner...

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deda 12th February 2008
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Fasten your Seatbelts...

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pan 9th February 2008
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boingI am about to get started buidling this project studio for our use at the office. Here is the room as it now exists. It has...

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Heartfelt 4th February 2008
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My first post on here :D Just getting started with constructing my basement studio and I need some advice. The ceiling is gonna...

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Rossome 4th February 2008
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Nevermind, it won't let me delete this thread under edit. Can a mod please delete this? I'm gonna post it over in bass traps...

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iamthetruth 4th February 2008
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<a href=""><img src=""...

Osten Powers
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Osten Powers 2nd February 2008
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How's it going guys, I'm getting ready to raise my floor with 2x4s and I was wondering, if it was a good idea to get U Boats from...

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AnAverageJoe 1st February 2008
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Small budget (School) Rehearsal room and studio Pair of Genelec 8030's already in house Isolation (Floor and Walls) and...

James Roper-Kum
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Ethan Winer 31st January 2008
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hi folks! i'm a few days behind, but here is my studio renovation thread!!!! all of the pictures can be found at out myspace...

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daeve 24th January 2008
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Don't know what happened to the blog section of this site, but all my previous postsseem to have been taken out. Well, if you...

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inlinenl 14th January 2008
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jayfrigo 14th January 2008
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Hello ! Actually i try to treat my studioroom because i have lots of standing waves, ringing and the typical reverb for an...

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Ethan Winer 10th January 2008
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my control room is essentially a rectangle with one corner cut at a 45degree angle. Is this better or worse than straight...

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truthnlife13 8th January 2008
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Hi GSers, Hope you are all well. I originally posted a thread in the "Acoustic Music & Location recording". And...

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TimbaBeat 2nd January 2008
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Hi there, It's really great to see a construction and acoustics forum up on here at last. Good call kfhkh I thought I’d...

Dave Slevin
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JWL 31st December 2007
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Here are the pics of my studio... I really need to update it with recent pics, this was a few years ago. Carvel Studios...

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Riad 30th December 2007
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Hello I am new here, and i would like to share my experience in building my studio, of coarse i am not yet ready from the works...

Deep Deep Blue
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Deep Deep Blue 30th December 2007
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Wow, I was away from the forum for a few months but had suggested a build diary page just like the Home Theater forum I frequent...

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foolsfortune 24th December 2007
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Women's Audio Mission: Studio supports WAM Please offer help in any way you can..hittt

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Factory101 24th December 2007
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Maybe in a few months I'll move this to the Moan Zone, but for now I'm happy as a fish: Last week demolishing and soil leveling...

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Factory101 18th December 2007
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Hi All, I'm in the process of converting my garage into a high-quality control-room/mix/project studio and have a question about...

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DanGo 15th December 2007
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Hi guys, Ready for another studio building thread? Jamesguitarshields and I thought all you gear-voyeurs might be interested...

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GravityRobert 14th November 2007
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In the spirt of Steve's studio build thread I thought I would create a related thread showing the process of building Steve's new...

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Mike O 21st September 2007
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Well today was the day. The studio was lookin' tired so we ripped her apart. Here's basically what it looked...

James Lugo
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h-man 1st May 2007
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Well, the home mix room/ odub room has been performing nicely. My production partner Chris and I have seen the need demonstrated...

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Robearto4 8th February 2007
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Hello All. I have undertaken the creation of a mini sound studio based on the John L. Sayers Studio in a Container...

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StrykeBack 23rd October 2006
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Hi fellow slutz! Not sure if this is the right section for this, but it was a "high end" deal for me as far as...

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musictech 12th October 2006
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If interested check out: Thanks JG

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ramjet 2nd October 2006


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