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New rooms in Portugal
Old 26th November 2010
Neal, your questions actually reveal a need for more close-ups, less wide shots...
Interior shell wals are built of 5cmx10cm timber. On the back of this frame, we nailed two layers of 13mm gypsum board with one layer of deadsheet between them. This sandwich has really good isolation properties. On the back of these walls, we nailed a layer of something similar to A-1 (MATERIAL AISLANTE-AMORTIGUANTE | A1 | ACUSTICA INTEGRAL), facing outer shell wall. The cavity facing the room will be covered with the same material and then we'll cover it with a layer of deadsheet, facing the room.
As this is basically a Non-Environment design, we'll hang absorbent panels along all walls, except front wall, where screen will be mounted. The walls will have a 30cm frame in front of them where panels will be hanging. The rear wall will have a deeper system, about 1,2m deep.
Ceiling joists are 9cm x 22cm for the lower ceiling and 10cm x 20cm for the upper ceiling. They're made of glued laminated wood, spanned across 7,5m.
Both ceilings will receive 2 layers of gypsum/deadsheet/gypsum sandwich. We need that to increase the isolation, as the room next to this one is (will be) a recording studio.
You'll see significant progress in next two weeks.
Old 26th November 2010
Lives for gear
amishsixstringe's Avatar

Awesome! I think I understood the concept after looking really close in the existing photos. Looks really good. I'll be watching the progress!

Old 28th November 2010
I took this picture today, it's a view from the top of the outer shell ceiling frame:

New rooms in Portugal-foto0182.jpg
Old 28th November 2010
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amishsixstringe's Avatar

Man, that's cool. What are the dimensions of the lumber for that assembly? Also, what is the overall span of that outer shell ceiling?

It's coming along well!

Old 3rd December 2010

Here are some more pictures of today's situation:

The inner ceiling is done, the room is now closed from all sides. Walls and ceiling are in place and we'll be sealing them before moving on:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9942.jpg]

Between vertical studs, we nailed a layer of A1:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9943.jpg

A handy tool for cutting the A1:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9973.jpg

Joules is already beginning with basic cabling, by placing tubes inside the walls:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9949.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9953.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9950.jpg

This tube is for the mixing desk:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9956.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9957.jpg

Nailing two layers of plasterboard separated by one layer of deadsheet to form the ceiling. Then covered with A1, nailed loosely:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9960.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9961.jpg

We used 50 Kg of nails for it:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9963.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9964.jpg


New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9972.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9971.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9968.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9966.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9967.jpg

Next week, we'll be doing the machine room and the screen/loudspeaker wall. That's the plan, at least....
Old 3rd December 2010
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AcoosticZoo's Avatar
Originally Posted by Branko View Post
Here are some more pictures of today's situation:

The inner ceiling is done, the room is now closed from all sides. Walls and ceiling are in place and we'll be sealing them before moving on:

Attachment 206749

Between vertical studs, we nailed a layer of A1:

Attachment 206750

A handy tool for cutting the A1:

Attachment 206767

Joules is already beginning with basic cabling, by placing tubes inside the walls:

Attachment 206752Attachment 206753Attachment 206754

This tube is for the mixing desk:

Attachment 206755Attachment 206756

Nailing two layers of plasterboard separated by one layer of deadsheet to form the ceiling. Then covered with A1, nailed loosely:

Attachment 206757Attachment 206758

We used 50 Kg of nails for it:

Attachment 206759Attachment 206760


Attachment 206766

Attachment 206765

Attachment 206764

Attachment 206761

Attachment 206763

Next week, we'll be doing the machine room and the screen/loudspeaker wall. That's the plan, at least....
the links seem to be broken atm?
is anyone else experiecing this?

Josef Horhay
Mixing Engineer
Old 3rd December 2010
I reposted the pictures, should be fine now.
Old 6th December 2010
Gear Head
Tigra12's Avatar

How do you have closed the celling?, I have see no picture about that.
Old 6th December 2010
There's not much space up there to take pictures. Here's the explanation of what was done:

On top of ceiling beams (22cm x 10cm x 7m) we nailed:
1. one layer of plasterboard 13mm
2. one layer of deadsheet (5Kg/m2)
3. one layer of plasterboard 13mm

Nailed with galvanized steel nails, 7cm. Large head.

Then, we nailed a layer of A1 on top of this sandwich.

You can see on pictures that the crew is working between beams, but these are UPPER ceiling ones, which we left open for now. It will be very useful for all ventilation and electrical tubings that would have to go above the studio.
Old 6th December 2010
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andrebrito's Avatar

Hi, who did the design of the studio, may I ask ? Was Marcelo from AU? Newell ? :-)
Old 6th December 2010
Basic acoustic design and main studio monitor design is Philip Newell's. I did most of the dimensioning and layout, as well as the system design. Julius Newell is dealing with all those details that need to be sorted out as we move on. Julius is also designing the power distribution.
Old 6th December 2010
Some new pictures:

The loudspeaker wall structure is now clearly visible - it is built from 20cm x 5cm timber and nailed to the floor and ceiling beams, as well to the side walls structure:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9978.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9982.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9983.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9986.jpg

This is the mark for the loudspeaker enclosure bottom:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9980.jpg

Miguel and Fernando are building the Subwoofer #1 housing:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9981.jpg

Here's the drawing we're following:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9979.jpg

Joules was covering the machine room walls by simply bonding the plasterboard sheets to the walls. Very efficient, giving quick results:
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9974.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9975.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9976.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9977.jpg

A wide shot of the room today:
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_9984.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_9985.jpg
Old 18th December 2010
It's been a while since I posted some pictures. Here's some new stuff - I won't describe what's in these pictures, there's more on the Blog and some new pages

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0020.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0056.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0028.jpg
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0050.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0062.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0059.jpg
Old 29th December 2010
Hi all,

I was silent for more than a week, but we had a lot of progress in this period.
The platforms are almost complete, the ceiling is done, and we're placing absorbent baffles around the room:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0099.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0080.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0074.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0077.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0100.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0079.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0094.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0102.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0075.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0078.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0090.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0073.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0098.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0076.jpg

You can see more about bass traps by clicking HERE
Old 30th December 2010
Lives for gear

Looks great, Branko!
So, what are the elements in the platform surface "sandwich"?

Looking forward to opening day
Old 30th December 2010
Thanks, Joe!

Needless to say - if you're in Lisbon or somewhere near it you're more than welcome either on Opening Day or any other day! The mixing studio will be ready by Jan. 20th. When I say ready, I mean all the technical part of the job - acoustics, electrical, ventilation, audio and picture projection.
Dolby is pushing me to install a 35mm projector in order to qualify the studio for theatrical mixes, so I got us an old (but fully operational) Kinoton FP20, which will serve the purpose. In my current studio installation I do have a 35mm projector, but I remember using it on one project only during the whole 2010. Nobody is printing positive here anymore...

The platform is built on 10cm x 5cm frame, the lower deck is 60cm high, the upper deck is 1,2m high.
On top of the frame we laid one layer of cotton waste sheet (the one I'm calling A1 throughout the thread), which works as a shock absorber while, at the same time, killing reflections inside the cavity between the deck and the floor. This space is additionally filled with rolls of A1. This way, we get an extra trapping under the platform, as we left the front side open, to be covered by fabrics only.
On top of A1, there's one layer of plasterboard, then 5 Kg/m2 deadsheet, and, on top a layer of chipboard (19mm), all nailed to the frame. This "sandwich" is very solid and does not resonate.
On top of it, there will be a natural oak flooring. The rest of the room will be covered by carpet.
Old 30th December 2010
Lives for gear

Excellent, thanks for the info and the very kind invite!
Happy New Year!


Old 30th December 2010
OK, here are some new pics from today. We are stopping for 3 days until Monday, and these pictures show the current state of the things:

Side absorbent panels are all in position. We lost some time because we needed to trim the bottoms of the panels to allow for an additional layer of A1 on the floor under the panels

Platforms are ready to receive the finishing layer of flooring, in this case hardwood solid oak floor. Cavities under the platforms are filled with A1 rolls and closed with A1 on the front. This will make a very efficient bass trap extension.

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0118.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0119.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0120.jpg

Ventilation tubes are in position:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0127.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0126.jpg

Machine room ventilation tubes and wiring are progressing very well:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0124.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0125.jpg

We are cutting and dressing rear wall absorber panels. Some of them are 1,5m wide and 4m high! The rear bass trap depth is 1,2m.

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0121.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0122.jpg
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0123.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0128.jpg

That's all for this year!
Happy New Year to all.

Old 31st December 2010
Gear Nut
ruidostudios's Avatar

Hi Branko, congratulations from the neibourghood! (perhaps you gotta put another beer in the fridge for me, if I can I will go and see you to wish you the best in person).
One doubt: if your room is going to be a non-environment one, will it accomplish the RT60 specifications for the Dolby license? I don't know which reverb time is specified for a film mixing room.
I know a pair of Newell's designed studios in Spain and like them very much, so you are really in good hands.
I really hope you have success, as another enthusiast of recording and sound for film.
Happy New Year, I hope we all can survive the crisis next year, I`ll begin my small/medium commercial studio building in a month in so tough times...
Old 4th January 2011
Hi ruidostudios!

Your question is a good one, as it deals with one parameter that has changed a lot since original Dolby requirements were published. In fact, RT60 requirement has been altered several years ago, to follow the current practice of building less reverberant rooms and studios.
According to Dolby, a room like mine that has a volume of some 380m3, should measure a minimum RT60 slightly above 0.2 sec, which is quite dry for a room of that size.
That being said, we're, at this moment, slightly "overdamping" the room, so we can add some reflexion to meet the specs later.
Anyway, our ceiling is not built 100% to NE specs, the absorbers are much shallower than in full NE design. Let's say that, in this design, only front speakers will "feel" like being in a NE room.
Old 9th January 2011
Last week progress.

All traps are built, just a few trims here and there to fine tune them.

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0133.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0134.jpg

Joules and Eliana are building the ventilation system for dubbing theatre and another for machine room.

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0139.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0146.jpg
New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0148.jpg
Old 10th January 2011
Gear Head
Janus's Avatar

Wow Branko, great basstraps! Also the detail of materials used in your walls are astonishing!
One queston: are you also venting air out of the dubbing theatre and machineroom?
Great built! You must be very proud..
Old 13th January 2011
Janus, I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly, but I'll try to answer by describing the ventilation system.
Both rooms have separate ventilation circuits, each on with its own motor and ducts. The studio system has a silencer after the motor.
The system is designed to force the air into the room. That would keep the pressure inside the room slightly higher, which should prevent the dust from entering through doors. Another duct takes the air out of the room, but it is a free flow, with no motors, only a silencer.
Hope this answers your question.
Old 18th January 2011
Today, we began assembling the speaker enclosures and mounting them into loudspeaker wall.

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0152.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0154.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0155.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0158.jpg

The flooring for the platforms has arrived:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0165.jpg

...and we tested some fabrics for walls and ceiling finish:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0159.jpg
Old 18th January 2011
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CatInTheFurnace's Avatar

this is looking REALLY nice! Congrats on the build so far!!
Old 21st January 2011
Thanks, Cat in the Furnace! I wish you luck with your studio.

Here are some new pics, this time monitor wall and monitors.
Joules and Eliana are assembling our custom Reflexion Arts 234 monitors:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0167.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0168.jpg

TAD driver and the axisymmetric horn:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0170.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0171.jpg

JBL 15" LF driver

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0172.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0173.jpg

The finished monitor:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0174.jpg

We'll glue some A1 to the front panel, to minimize speaker - screen reflections.
Old 24th January 2011
This is very good Branko! I love to see the progress you're making! When do you predict it will be finished?!


Old 25th January 2011
Originally Posted by adassumpcao View Post
This is very good Branko! I love to see the progress you're making! When do you predict it will be finished?!


Thanks, Artur! We're finishing the dubbing theatre this week. It's been so intense these days, I don't have time to post new pictures, but I promise to do it over weekend.
At this moment, we're waiting for the screen to be delivered, as well as some amplifiers for the surrounds, and that will complete the monitoring chain. Today, we'll install the film and video projectors and finish the Machine Room patchbay wiring.
Old 30th January 2011
Gear Addict
Toni-P's Avatar
Hi Branko,

I will be in Lissabon from mid februari to mid march to record,mix and master a new R&B group from there.

Would you mind if we swing by and have a look?
Old 31st January 2011
Originally Posted by Toni-P View Post
Hi Branko,

I will be in Lissabon from mid februari to mid march to record,mix and master a new R&B group from there.

Would you mind if we swing by and have a look?
Feel free to visit us whenever you like!
PM me for the details.
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