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New commercial build in Denver
Old 30th May 2019
Lives for gear
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Yikes, that's some bad luck!

Love the cast
Old 10th June 2019
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Thanks guys-

Obviously it would be impossible to say that breaking the ankle was a *good* thing, but it got me spending a lot of time improving my guitar chops (still not very good, but good enough to record some stuff and edit it) and my vocal chops as well as working up a lot of sketches for songs. Cody and I have now finished a lot of those songs, and have them placed, prod fees paid and some really cool things in the pipeline. Also we brought in two more people more or less full time to help with the build, Nick and Ernest.

So I ended up doing a lot of detailed drawings of the framing with exact measurements and the guys built to them. This is the first of 7 'inside out' walls going up. 4 layers of 5/8 drywall, one layer of GG and the framing here means this segment comes in at about 1400lbs. This one is for control room 2, both control rooms are 16'4" x 13' x 10' 6", with 'inside out' walls and ceilings.

The insulation for the airgap was stapled onto the wall before it went up

Lot's of this going on, it looks like we're headed for about 20-21 5 gal buckets of GG. That's nick there-

Here's Cody posing with the GG and Nick there in the background, this is the wall for CR 1 they are working on here.

We had a great inspector for the first inspection, then we had a younger, new guy show up and while trying to prove how thorough he is he demanded that we inspect every layer of drywall! Pain in the ass. But at least we had enough to do each day to call for an inspection the next day and so on.

Here are some pics from the security cams. Here you can see all 4 walls (these were all built before standing up the rear wall) are up and the first course of drywall is up. Those are 9.5" I-joists up on top and then 4 layers of drywall will go on top of those. The whole studio and the wall that divides the studio and salon will use about 800 sheets of 5/8 drywall. Crazy to think that's about 60,000 lbs.

I had them set up the OSB as a rim joist here because the i joists don't leave a lot to go into.

This is the complete framing detail that everything was built from. I missed about 80% of the framing with the ankle, but was glad to get back in there for the end, framing is my favorite part of a project.

Old 20th June 2019
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Moving onwards-

The guys soldiered on, here you can see control room two has all it's drywall. This is a complete "inside out" room with 4 layers of 5/8" with green glue and the ceiling has 4 layers on top of the inner joists. This way the 9 1/2 joist height can be filled with fluffy, and then the clouds below will make ~2' of insulation on the ceilings.

Here you can see the inside of one of the control rooms (both are identical) looking towards the back, big corner traps framed out in the wall wall and ceiling wall corners. You can also see the joists on top (and then here is 4 layers of 5/8 on top of the joists)-

Framing for the big room, the long side their against the outside of the building is an inside out wall, and so was the one to the left (east). It's a real pain in the butt with all the inspections. We build one, do one layer of rock, call for an inspection, then the next layer of rock, call for an inspection, then build the next wall, one layer of rock then call for an inspection and so on. Luckily we're able to do the north wall of booth one at the same time as the south wall of the big room, and the both east walls of booth one and the big room.

Here is the big room looking at the south wall.

And here is looking back towards the hallway.

You can see the inner joists going up in both. Here is the front booth, we're going to keep this window and add glass on the inner framing. 3 layers of 5/8 in this room. The front wall is already up there and the east wall is on the floor with 3 layers, ready to be raised.

Old 20th June 2019
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Spectacular, man! This is gonna be a glorious space, I'm loving seeing it come together. I hope recovery is coming along as swiftly and smoothly as possible!
Old 21st June 2019
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Originally Posted by Progger View Post
Spectacular, man! This is gonna be a glorious space, I'm loving seeing it come together. I hope recovery is coming along as swiftly and smoothly as possible!
Thanks man. That last post was about two months ago now, I'm back on the job now most days....It's kicking my ass and I appreciate the encouragement. I'm going to get the posts caught up to real time here soon.

Last edited by RyanC; 21st June 2019 at 08:34 AM..
Old 3rd July 2019
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So next we got the wall that divides the studio and the salon all framed out, and then drywalled the studio side.

You can see we also filled the webbing of the I-joists out to flush with the edges of the flanges. Once we put this drywall up on the studio side, we completely filled the stud cavities with 5 layers of 5/8 drywall to make a high mass single leaf. This way the 2nd leaf comes from the freestanding rooms. This was a lot of work, but fortunately we had a ton of scraps.

Solving the puzzle-

And a shot with Ernest putting on the final layer on the salon side. This is 7 layers of 5/8 that divide the studio from the salon-

With that done we could put up booth 2, this is the west 'inside out' wall going up. This is 4 layers of 5/8 plus framing so about 1300 lbs.

Once the wall jacks run out of stud to crank up on, they take them out and use some other studs with cross pieces screwed to them to walk it back up. I was helping at the end of this so didn't get any more footage of it going into place.

Before doing that we had already framed up the other 3 walls. Cody and Ernest making sure the header, jack and king studs are all right-

And then put them all together-

Main entrance hallway-

Then set the joists on top, spaced between the buildings joists-

And 4 layers of 5/8, all seams and corners lapped and 2 layers of GG inside.

Old 6th July 2019
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Great pictures. Keep up the good work. It's going to be spectacular.
Old 7th August 2019
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Ok so the last month has been a bit of an adventure-

Our GC lost his license (will fill in more details when we get the CO ) But we never got a stop work order so progress marches on.

First we finished installing all the cavity insulation. This is an absurd amount of insulation, where the building roof is highest over the inner rooms, there is as much as R180. My inspector wanted it stuffed for fire, and I don't mind at all to absorb whatever sound is up there. Also it stays amazingly cool on hot days in there now-

We also started building baffle boxes for fresh air, these are setup to be double the cross sectional area of the ducts on either side after 2" duct liner is installed. There are 4 like this for the control rooms-

Then drill holes for the ducts to go through the walls-

This is a pain because there is a 3/4" OSB rim joist, and 3 layers of drywall. The hole saw wants to catch and it hurts with it twists. We finally got smart and put a 2' piece of metal conduit over the handle to get more leverage.

And then use some timberlocks to bolt these up going through all the drywall and into the studs. These have to be strong because there will be 4 layers of OSB/Drywall in total. With 6 timberlocks on it 2 of us can do pull-ups on there so that will do.

We also finished out all the drywall, except the cieling of booth 2, which is awaiting an inspection after the first layer before we can do the other 3. At this point I thought my 1st GC could work things out with the city, but that ultimately fell through. A little bit over 800 sheets of 5/8" in total. That's about 60,000 lbs of drywall and 25600 sf!

We also built out frames and soffits for bass traps

And got some paint, and some of the inside out insulation in-

Because the entire cavity above the inner framing is completely filled with insulation, I did a quick isolation test with a drumset and decided to cover the middle of the room, and the farthest parts from the other rooms with MLV. This will then have a small frame below which would give me the option to cover with drywall later if isolation isn't enough. But I think it will be from the test, and this way the big room can use that 2-3 feet of insulation above as a giant bass trap. I could go on about this, but I'm 99% sure this will work for us and have the option to close it up later if not.

Here is some 2lb stuff starting, this is a pain in the ass hanging it on the ceiling.

Here is what it looks like all done. We used the drywall hoist and found that if you attach it to a 2x4 first it helps a lot. That said, this job sucks and I'm not sure I would do it Everything in studio building is so damn heavy.

Speaking of heavy we also got all 6 doors hung. Oof. 4 of them are Isodoor LF's that are just shy of 400lbs, and 2 Isodoor Vs at a feathery 260lbs

Getting pretty close to being caught up to real time here, it's actually very encouraging looking over these pics and seeing how much we have gotten done. We're all getting to the point where we want to be done with this project...
Old 14th September 2019
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Moving on, new GC and all good there again.

Ernest and I got 95% of the framing for the salon done-

Also the baffles get the full 4 layers of drywall and or OSB, and you can see the 2" ductliner going in here-

A different one with all the layers on the top and bottom, ready for liner-

The one for the big room is like building a complicated speaker boxes, looks like a transmission line. It has 2 duct plenum layers, the face one has a cross sectional area of 25"x4" and the inner section is 8"x8".

With all the insides lined, these are ready for 4 more layers of 5/8 drywall with green glue.

Tons of caulking goes on the face before the first layer-

I also built this, which is the computer cabinet. It will have a server, 4 workstations (with HDBaseT KVM extenders and long optical TB cables to the rooms), some network switches, wifi and a minisplit AC in it.

Also got the trap framing all done for the middle booth, which will also double as a production/writing suite...soooo much insulation in here.

And we started work on a back patio-

A lot of work still to do, but it's great to see it really coming together.
Old 2 weeks ago
Lives for gear
Moving onward, we got the back patio done-

I got all these pavers off of craigslist for $200 and still have a bunch left over. They look great all cleaned up-

All the soffits are getting filled with insulation and covered with dacron. Sooooooo much insulation. Everyone is sick of installing it, myself included.

In the front booth. Over 100 bags of r38 and the same again of r13, plus another 30 bags of ultratouch.

and then cover it all up with dacron after all the linesets and ducts passed inspection

Then we got all 4 of the big poly's cleaned up, these are 7' 6" square-

And then mounted where they go-

Then the whole hallway and ceilings, bathrooms and remaining exposed drywall all get painted-

Also got this thin luan shallaced and put up in the control rooms. This will be above the clouds and serve an acoustic purpose that I'll get into when I can start tuning the rooms. We also got our first taste of the fabric track. Cool stuff but it's going to require some planning to make the most of it. Luckily everything up there will be hidden behind the clouds.

Here are the clouds hung temporarily with ratchet straps, only up about 6'6" on the bottom. They will be 8' 6" on the bottom when they are fully installed with turnbuckles.

Looks cool from below even still wrapped in seran, it's amazing to finally hang this stuff, it's been over a year since we built it-

And now we are getting the fabric track up and staring to install everything that won't touch the ground before we do the floor-

Starting to really get exciting.
Old 2 weeks ago
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Man what an epic build! Kudos. Would love to pop in when your done. :0)
Old 2 weeks ago
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Originally Posted by Funny Cat View Post
Man what an epic build! Kudos. Would love to pop in when your done. :0)
Of course man. You can stop by while we're still building it if you want. I'm right by Lakeside so not too far from you. PM me.
Old 2 weeks ago
Here for the gear

Those illuminated gobos are beautiful. Great idea with the built in illumination.
One newbie question: won’t the wooden parts create lots of early reflections?
Old 2 weeks ago
Lives for gear
Originally Posted by px256 View Post
Those illuminated gobos are beautiful. Great idea with the built in illumination.
One newbie question: won’t the wooden parts create lots of early reflections?

All the clouds/panels/gobos that have the slats will be positioned so they are reflecting away from the listening position or so the speaker directivity will minimize the amount of sound from the speakers that's hitting the slats. The 4x8 wood panels are above the clouds there- the purpose of that is going to require a bit of a lengthy explanation that I'll get into when I can post measurements.

But also the widest slats are 8" so reflecting only ~1.7kHz and above. Worse case scenario if there does end up being some ERs from them, those frequencies can be treated easily.

My main speakers have very controlled directivity from the Schroeder freq all the way up as well so there is much less sound going to the sides and off axis in general compared to typical direct radiating types.

In the control rooms the purpose is to have pleasing reflections for talking and self noises, the capability to make sure that HF decay times aren't too short, but still have very minimal ERs.
Old 2 weeks ago
Here for the gear

Cool, thanks for the explanation.
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