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Bring some stereo goodness to everything you do with this high gain, big and sweet sounding pre with tube-like air! Phoenix Audio International (UK) is dedicated to the development of Class A discrete technology used within high build-quality equipment designed for both the professional and the home studio environment.The DRS-2 Mic-Pre/DI uses our well proven and loved Class A output stage (DSOP-2), but also has our latest breakthrough in transformerless Class A, Discrete Mic Input Technology which gives a "valve-like" sound. It also incorporates our high input impedance DI circuitry.The DRS-2 is the culmination of over 40 years experience designing Class A circuitry within the Audio Recording Industry.The DRS-2 was the first bespoke product to be launched by Phoenix Audio (UK) in the U.K. in November 1999, and has enjoyed an almost cult following ever since. The Class A output stage (TF1) was originally designed by David Rees, the designer of the famous Nevetm 2253 Limiter and 2254 Limiter/compressor (amongst many other designs), as a retrofit for Nevetm modules, and the TF1 has now been superseded by the DSOP2 output stage.The Class A, discrete, truly balanced, transformerless microphone input stage was designed to out-perform any transformer input for frequency response, yet has all the characteristics expected in a high quality Class A design, while the discrete, Class A, high input-impedance DI stage delivers a clearer, stronger and more defined and open sound that captures all the nuances and subtleties of your instrument.Phoenix Audio The DRS-2 Specifications Stereo 1U unit: With 240V/110V mains voltage input selector switch Class A Output specs. See our TF1 Specifications!! Outputs: XLR's and TSR 1/4" Jack on rear Phoenix Audios unique Class A, transformerless, True balanced Mic input stage. Microphone inputs: XLR's on Front and Rear Panels Individual Earth Lift: Push-button switches Gain Range (Mic input): -30 to -70 in 5dB steps With 10dB more available on the fader Gain reduction: -20dB pad push-button switch (Mic input) High Input Impedance DI: Mono 1/4" Jack on front panel Gain Meter: LED Metering Phantom Power: Switchable 48V phantom on Push-button Switches High Pass Filter: on Push-button Switch Phase Reverse: on Push-button Switch Frequency Response Mic Input Stage: -0.4dB @ 40Hz, -0.3dB @ 25kHz Frequency Response: DI Input Stage: -0.3dB @ 40Hz, - 0.5dB @ 25kHz Typical Headroom: +24dB on Mic-Pre stage DI Stage gain: Maximum of 20dB *


Metric Halo pres vs Phoenix DRS pres figure out is what gear I have now that I may be able to sell. I've got a Phoenix DRS-2 2-channel preamp. It's about a $2k piece of gear. REALLY nice. Would any of the above MH units have pres that are as good or better than the DRS pres (hence making is...

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...nuanced. In the past, I used strictly tube mics, but I may consider changing over. MK1D (V3) --> Phoenix DRS2 --> LA2A. Really tamed the transients and rolled off the top without sounding mushy and vague. I'm definitely going to check out Guosheng's other offerings when they're available, but the MK1D...

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What's the next step?

...a good next piece to improve the sound quality. Here's what I have: Interface/Converter: RME Fireface 800 Preamps/DI: BAE 1028 preamp x2 BAE 312A Phoenix Audio DRS-2 Great River ME-1NV Presonus ADL 600 A-Designs Reddi Compressor: BAE 10DC Monitoring: Event Opal Central Station (not using converter, just analog section) Mics: Audio Technica - 4060, 4040 2x, 4033 AKG - 414 B-ULS Shure - SM58, SM7 Audix - D6, i5 Electro-Voice N/D868 Sennheiser - 421 2x,...

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