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The MDP-1 is a modern two channel vacuum tube Mic/DI preamp designed to be the ultimate way to get your mic or source directly to tape or hard disk. Unlike vintage or hybrid designs, the MDP-1 uses a pure tube, class A high voltage circuit topology with a transformerless output stage to deliver an open, intimate sound with a level of detail that meets the requirements of the most demanding recording applications. Our short signal path design excels in audio performance, delivering extremely wide bandwidth, low noise, and high headroom. A key component of the sound of a tube mic preamp is the input transformer. It's here that we let your select how you would like the preamp to sound. The MDP-1 can be ordered with your choice of two low turns-ratio transformers depending on your requirements: a Jensen 13K7A for a full, open sound with plenty of sparkle in the high end and a deep low end - perfect for recording all sources, especially instrumental music; or a custom-wound transformer for a more 'focused' sound, with extra presence and clarity in the midrange - ideal for a vocal sound that easily distinguishes itself in a mix. The MDP-1 also has all the things you'd expect in a full-featured mic preamp; phantom power, phase reverse, -20dB input pad, a lo cut filter with 10 frequencies and large, illuminated VU meters. The DI signal path is completely transformerless, with a selection of three input load impedances: 10M for piezoelectric acoustic instrument pickups, 1M for magnetic pickups, and 100k with a 20dB pad for line level sources such as keyboards or other -10dBV equipment.


A Designs MP-2A vs. Pendulum MDP-1

A Designs MP-2A vs. Pendulum Audio MDP-1... both pretty much the identical price. MP-2A's got a nice transformer output, but no variable gain. MDP-1's got variable gain, and transformerless tube output. I'm leaning towards the MDP-1 due to the gain control, the ability to switch the meters to gain, output, or off... the ability...

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Alabama Shakes "Hold On" Video - "Live" studio recording. Any info? ProTools. Below are some details answering your questions about the signal chains: Vocals: Vocal Recording chain: 441-> Pendulum MDP1 preamp Vocal Mixing Chain: Oxford EQ HPF-->RCA BA6A--> API 5500 EQ-->Decapitator Drum Mixing Germanium Comps on Kick and Snare (Riot127 now owns these comps) UBK-1 Compressor Plugin on Drum Bus !!!! I attached the session setup...

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Pendulum MDP-1: What tubes do you use?

Greg from Pendulum favors Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC5 and Electro Harmonics 6922 and I have never been unhappy with that choice. I had John Klett service one of my MDP-1s recently and he replaced the Rubys with long smooth plate ECC803S tubes. Still deciding what I think about them.

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