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The Pendulum 6386 ($3,995) is an 11.5" deep 2RU unit that weighs 14 lb. Its rear panel is equipped with two F-XLR connectors paralleled with two 1/4" TRS jacks for Channel 1 and two inputs and two M-XLR connectors paralleled with two 1/4" TRS jacks for output. Input impedance is 10 kohms, transformer-balanced, and output impedance is 600 ohms, active-balanced. Each channel is equipped with a 1/4" TRS jack for inserting an outboard EQ into the side chain (for de-essing or frequency-dependent compression). Also on the rear panel is the power switch and an IEC power socket for a standard IEC power cord (included). The unit's attractive blue front panel is equipped with identical controls for both audio channels - the input attenuator adjusts the signal level to the input transformer; maximum position is nominal operating level; threshold control determines the amount of gain reduction applied to the source material; and the output control adjusts the signal output after gain reduction. Up to +20 dB of gain make up is available. The output controls on the unit I tested are 10 K linear taper. This gives better selectivity in the 0 to +12 dB range of gain makeup. The unit is optionally available with audio taper pots. The meter switch selects meter indication of input level, output level or gain reduction. The mode switch selects among the unit's three modes of operation. In the fast mode, which is my favorite, the attack and release times are 0.5 ms and 50 ms, respectively. The presets mode reverts to the setting selected by the presets switch. In the manual mode the attack and release times are continuously variable from 1 to 40 ms and 0.1 to 2 sec respectively. These times are adjusted by the attack and release controls.


Retro STA Original Tube 6386 or commonly available

we have yet to see that...and to the op there is no replacment type identicle to the 6386 type it would sound difrent work diffremt

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Wes Audio TIMBRE Vari-Mu Tube Compressor

...It’s all about compression so we’ve created “Timbre” – an all tube vari-mu compressor based on the 6386 tube, inspired by the old, famous and much desired Gates STA-Level compressor. The Timbre is easy to use, full of color and sweetness. It is a vintage-style compressor made from the highest quality of components. Augmenting the...

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Stam Audio Stamchild SA-670

Ouch.... What have you been using?

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