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Output Signal Virtual Software Instrument at a Glance:

  • Tweakers and Preset mavens rejoice
  • Dive into massive content
  • Access to every form of pulse making
  • Fast, intuitive interface
Tweakers and Preset mavens rejoice In the design of SIGNAL, Output focused on the pulse in the effort to create a virtual instrument that's less about oscillators and more about making music. They left no stone unturned, and the result is a completely funtastic instrument with a vast treasure chest of creative options. So if you want to tweak, it's all here for you. But if you just want awesome results in a hurry, SIGNAL works great for that, too. Dive into massive content Output endowed SIGNAL with a massive amount of content, including over 40GB of multi-dynamic and round-robin sources. The engine combines four separate rhythms, all locked to your DAW, and each one controlled individually. Now, these can be different rhythms playing together, or you can combine them into one ginormous monster pulse. Combine warm, fat synthy sounds and gorgeous organic instruments to create something completely new - and totally scintillating. Access to every form of pulse making Lift the bonnet, and you'll see that Output SIGNAL combines every form of pulse making you can think of: arpeggiators, LFOs, step sequencers, and a unique looping engine designed specifically for SIGNAL - appropriately dubbed "Looper." All of SIGNAL's patches (Pulse Instruments, as Output refers to them) are organized by tag in the preset menu, so you can quickly find exactly what you're after without spending hours cycling through sounds. Fast, intuitive interface In SIGNAL, every Pulse Instrument has its own unique set of central sliders. SIGNAL has four big knobs, and each is built for its particular Pulse Instrument. Adjust the sliders to add your own sonic enhancement and continuous movement, assign it to a physical control for onstage use, or even use Output's custom Lemur or Touch OSC templates and tweak away on your iPad. SIGNAL's sliders are no mere FX sends, they're macros that control multiple parameters simultaneously. For instance, touch a slider, and you can morph rhythms, sweep multiple filters, and control endless effects combinations.


Nord Lead 4 Transformer Hum

Are these hums just the unit itself making a noise or are they in the output audio signal too?

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An idea for a synth "sustainer"...

Yup :) And other things. I'd like to put in a square wave and get that "noisy" signal that they currently use as input, for example. This is somewhat related to that Google AI thing that allows you to "imprint" one output audio signal on another, except this is working on a wave-period basis.

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Stupid Idea?

...can see if that sounds better. It will. Try what I tried just running a signal from the signal plugin in a 192 session in Pro Tools. Then do effects on it with some plugins. I recommend the free plugin fromage, I used several free plugins on a 192 kHz...

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