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An Epic Synth from a Master of Synthesis Tom Oberheim's name is legendary in the world of synthesis, and the Oberheim SEM Pro synthesizer expander module is proof of his analog prowess. This 100% analog synth gives you two oscillators, two envelope generators, one LFO, and one filter for powerful true-analog sound design. The SEM Pro features the Oberheim MIDI to CV design that allows you to not only control this synth with MIDI, but will also convert that incoming MIDI signal into a CV signal! The SEM Pro gives you 21 CV patch points for true modular synth madness. You can also patch the CV outputs to your other CV compatible gear for even more fun! With a five octave range, analog portamento, and aftertouch response, the SEM Pro is one seriously playable synth. The Oberheim SEM Pro combines the best of traditional analog synthesis with the needs of today's musicians. The SEM Pro accommodates virtually any MIDI controller, and even has a transpose function to make sure your controller can cover the full range of this synth. You can even control the VCOs, filter, and VCA with velocity, control data, or aftertouch! And if all this sound design potential still isn't enough for you, the SEM Pro's dual audio inputs allow you to route external signals through the synth for unlimited modulation capabilities. Synth aficionados have been eager for a next-generation Oberheim synth, and the SEM Pro does not disappoint in the least. By combining the best of the analog synths from decades ago, with the music technology of today, Tom Oberheim has an instant classic on his hands with the SEM Pro synthesizer expander module. Oberheim SEM Pro Synthesizer Expander Module Features at a Glance: True analog synthesis from Oberheim - a sound that has helped shape modern music MIDI to CV module opens up new possibilities in the studio as well as live Rugged, durable design gives you the confidence to make the SEM Pro part of your live rig External audio inputs make the SEM Pro a powerful processing tool Personally autographed by Tom Oberheim


Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...floor. Electrical system is custom built and completely isolated from all other circuits in building. Desk has little Phatty & SEM Pro on it. Prophet 08, iPad+IO Dock, Big, Blue Doepfer and SM57 for sampling percussion into Fairlight CMI app. Cheap Ass Strat. Theremin. Pile of analogue synths - Prophet 5, MS-20 Mini, TB-303, MFB 503...

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Any Oberheim Two-Voice Pros in the wild yet? what you are looking for then you cannot beat the original Oberheim SEM/TVS/FVS/EVS machines. I had a Tom Oberheim SEM Pro and compared it with one of the SEMs in my Four Voice and the newer Tom Oberheim just didn't sound as good. It was mostly apparent on the higher notes, the SEM...

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Is there a new Oberheim in the works?

...built it himself in his garage. If Tom retires from this business for good, i see no reason why a 19'' SEM Pro wouldnt be the best way to keep his legacy and enable the younger generation of musicians to appreciate and use his designs.

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