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Oberheim Matrix 1000 firmware hacks

Add an option to select from 1 to 6 voices in unison mode. Current implementation is all six voices. Six unison DCOs firing in synchrony sounds terrible and is useless for monophonic phrasing. It's one of the reasons I sold my M6R.

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Matrix 1000 vs modern DSI

I have never tried a M1K, but a M6r, I was all over for a few years. I learned that thing inside and out, and could program from the front panel keypad very quickly. Does it sound like the monster OB VCO polys? Of course not. Does it sound better than the Prophet 08...

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Buying a Oberheim Matrix 1000/6r in 2019...

I think the Ctrlr M1000 panel runs on Mac: You might also consider the M6R. I got one a few months ago (when they were still in the ~$650 range, amazing how fast the prices have gone up recently) and absolutely love it. I tried out the Ctrlr interface at first, which worked well,...

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