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Questions for those who produced dance/trance in the late 90's....

List of gear mainly used: TR-909, Tr-626, 707, novation drum station Alesis MMT-8 Juno-60, DX-100, Juno 2, POLY 800mk2,nord later Stereo Speakers / pioneer amp Sony DAT Mackie 1604 Alesis and Lexicon Effects In the 90's we felt like we were doing something new and fresh. Detroit techno and chicago house was something new & innovative. The music today is...

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Crafting drum sounds

...drum sound with hardware rather than using a vst or sample kits. I was thinking of picking up a Novation Drum Station and a Lexicon MX200 or 300 to run it through (I'll probably get a bunch of other uses with the MX as well). I figure the two pieces of gear will be...

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Behringer RD-909 Rhythm Designer

...TR-09, TR-8 and TR-8S are not at all bad for the 909 thing, I think. Perhaps even an older Novation Drum Station paired with a suitable sequencer might do the trick for you. I apologise for getting carried away a bit with this longish posting! I'm currently working on creating some new drum synthesis models...

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