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How to EQ


Does anyone know of any other great videos of how to eq? Here is a great lesson on how to EQ (or at least one of the ways to...

matt thomas
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Etch-A-Sketch 3 weeks ago
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I started a thread the other day featuring a great video on EQing...

matt thomas
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Wayne 4 weeks ago
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Hi ,and let me state first of all that i have no clue as to where the appropriate place for the following question on...

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Tascam238 9th September 2019
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Hey everyone, I'm really struggling to grasp the concept of dB and all its different aplications. I've read some "dB...

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stardustmedia 23rd April 2015
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To start a new thread simply click on the 'new thread' button (you need to register as a member to see this button and to make...

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Jules 17th January 2013
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1) No being harsh / making fun of newbies :tut: and kip the sarcasm please! This is an area for basic questions that might have...

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Jules 1st February 2011
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Hello dear friends I need desparately your help Lng story short I went to a studio ,we made recordings and finaly we...

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kapsiras 1 hour ago
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I recently found a Behringer ADA8000 lying around at work and was able to take it home. It gave me a hard time to set up at first...

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Scumbaguk 2 hours ago
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Hi all Help! I am into rob, rap and afrobeat Pop music. Time to upgrade my home studio. I have the option of buy second of...

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THINKAIR 4 hours ago
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When you do sidechain compression, do any of you guys ever think about using different pumping amounts for low and high...

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DomiBabi 10 hours ago
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Hello, i wanted to ask what the idea battery powered live set up and workflow would be for a group ( singer, 2 Guitars,bass and...

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joeq 11 hours ago
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Hello!! First post here. I just purchased an SM7b for main vocal recording in our studio. I’ve heard and read great...

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kc8302 12 hours ago
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(I posted this in the forum "Newbie Audio Engineering + Production Question Zone" but I just got invited in this forum...

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joeq 12 hours ago
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Hi everyone, Most of the time I can find answer on any question by just googling it, but this one is tough, so I would really...

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CJ Mastering 12 hours ago
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Hi everyone, i've always started a mix like that: 1.All the faders down to -inf and start bringing them up one by one...

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joeq 13 hours ago
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Hi all, i hope this is the correct area to post, apologies if not. i have just got down my supernova 2 from my mums attic...

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shadowmask 17 hours ago
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Hello everyone, For quite a while I've been mystified with how Serban has crazy wide sounding bass on some of his mixes. A few...

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JanetB 18 hours ago
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Hi, it always seems to be impossible for me to edit my acoustic guitar or vocal recording in a song where this is in focus of...

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kwaem 20 hours ago
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Hi guys. I think the topic says it all. I have multiple .wav's I want to play with using my midi keyboard. I prefer a free VST,...

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gminorcoles 20 hours ago
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I have a question about multi-channel bass mixing. I don't mean double-tracked in the sense of multiple performances; instead...

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CJ Mastering 21 hours ago
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I am using massive x in logic pro x. there is no automation. every time i play it back the midi notes play at a random volume...

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CJ Mastering 21 hours ago
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Hey, I’ve tried looking around and reading some forums but I am still quite confused.. I have a couple of mic preamps but...

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astralpen 22 hours ago
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Hey guys i have a focusrite scarlett 18i8 and just started buying outboard hardware for conpression and eq out of the box post...

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BT64 1 day ago
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Hi! I´m only used to recording myself rapping, so the dynamic range there is, shall we say, limited. But today I recorded...

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yolo123123123 1 day ago
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Hey guys, i know that in the Paz meter, in RMS mode, the orange bars on the side are reading peak signals from the L and R and...

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Ssublett 1 day ago
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Apologies if this post is in the wrong place or relevant to equipment that is too old! The cdj 1000 (mk3) provides information...

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quarkrad 2 days ago
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I inserted ES2 and disabled everything so that there is only a sign wave. A4 on the keyboard seems to produce the desired 528Hz...

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ty604 2 days ago
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hi folks - just finished a song using real instruments in garageband and now realise that its too slow. short of re-recording the...

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joeq 2 days ago
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Hi fellow slutz!! I'll jump right in. If I have multiple tracks sending to the same reverb send and need to make separate wet...

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Wayne 2 days ago
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Can anyone share some thoughts as to how the reverb on this snare might be done? Is that a gated plate?

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Wayne 2 days ago
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Hey there! I'm going to ask some stuff which may seem incredibly rudimentary to you all, and I'm gonna use a lot of words to do...

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standingwave 2 days ago
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basically I am studying audio engineering at university and I have a signal flow exam coming up.I was wondering if there's any...

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sense_12 2 days ago
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I have a Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK desk. Because it doesn't have inserts, I'm sending aux 1 & 2 to a dbx 266xl...

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jsaipe 2 days ago
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Hello!:) I'm new here and I'm desperate for help! I've been using Logic Pro X for a while now but one thing I still trying...

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Val Diaz 2 days ago
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I love this vocal sound. It sounds so up close with some subtle compression. Can anyone tell me how to recreate a vocal like this...

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kwaem 2 days ago
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Dear slutz May I ask if I was to connect a stand-alone a/d converter to hardware recording device via spidif. Surely the signal...

luke da ruff cut
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casparlee 3 days ago
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I struggle with this. How do you determine which tempo to set before you start composing? And when recording audio only do...

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hello people 3 days ago
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For Christmas, I want to get my boyfriend the Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio...

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Quetz 3 days ago
Avatar for axemanchris

I’ve found myself having to rewire a bunch of things in my studio anyways. My main interface is the Steinberg MR816. It...

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axemanchris 3 days ago
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i'm new to using midi instruments so i'm lost with this. i've noticed that when notes sustain, there's a sort of modulation at...

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eor 3 days ago
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Hi, I'm currently mixing my band's demo and I'm having hard time mixing guitars. I think they sound weird, esepcially in palm...

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wrgkmc 3 days ago
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How did the records from the 70s and 80s pitch correct Vocals or did the musicians just actually finally hit a good pass?

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wrgkmc 3 days ago
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Hello all, I'm dabbling into hi-fi equipment and was wondering if I could have some guidance. I currently have V-Moda M100's...

Xerry Berry
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Xerry Berry 3 days ago
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Is it just me or does Logic Pro X have amazing sounding stock instruments compared to Ableton. I demoed Logic Pro X yesterday...

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Trensharo 3 days ago
Avatar for camomiletea

I just ordered another compressor. This one is a stereo compressor and has an unblanaced trs input and output per channel. I want...

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camomiletea 3 days ago
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Hello, could sure use some clarity on this. I just received 2 JBL active monitors. (these are my Christmas present!) The...

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explorer 4 days ago
Avatar for walidantar

hello, if usually or most often a mix doesn't exceed 16-track to 24-tracks including 8-tracks connected at the inputs like...

replies: 4 views: 387
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walidantar 4 days ago
Avatar for erike123

Why does hardware/analog sound like 3D and plugins/digital like 2D?

replies: 213 views: 6,827
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psycho_monkey 4 days ago
Avatar for deuce42

Hi guys Does anyone know of or can recommend a Youtube or similar style amateur tutorial for beginners to learn how to create...

replies: 0 views: 230
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deuce42 4 days ago
Avatar for ZenEagle

I’ve never owned an Elektron machine, though just now picked up an MPC live and am just curious what the difference is between...

replies: 0 views: 256
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ZenEagle 4 days ago
Avatar for All Fired Up

Howdy. I have a recording of my first band from when I was 13 years old in 1966 that my dad recorded on an Airline reel to reel...

All Fired Up
replies: 2 views: 270
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All Fired Up 4 days ago
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Hey guys I've got a MODX and it's been my intro into synthesisers (quite an intro) but one thing that bugs me on a daily basis...

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Gtechture 4 days ago
Avatar for unknown44

Ive recently upgraded my mic (mainly for rap vocals) from a mxl 3000 to a sterling audio st69 which comes with a power supply.....

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Avatar for Monode
Monode 4 days ago
Avatar for BoomWomb

Hello All, I want to try to sing to studio monitors. I've read about different ways to try to do this with minimal bleed. What...

replies: 3 views: 295
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BoomWomb 4 days ago
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Hey guys, First post, so sorry it's a bit long... Been looking to get a new set of headphones for a while now and I...

replies: 3 views: 230
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kevd 4 days ago
Avatar for lumpcalhoon

Take a listen please..does it sound to smacked? Are the highs too much? I normally send our mixes out to master but I'm trying to...

replies: 3 views: 277
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lumpcalhoon 4 days ago


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