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I started a thread the other day featuring a great video on EQing...

matt thomas
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ratstar 1 week ago
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How to EQ


Does anyone know of any other great videos of how to eq? Here is a great lesson on how to EQ (or at least one of the ways to...

matt thomas
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zacbarnes26 20th January 2021
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Hi ,and let me state first of all that i have no clue as to where the appropriate place for the following question on...

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omega75 11th December 2020
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Hey everyone, I'm really struggling to grasp the concept of dB and all its different aplications. I've read some "dB...

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stardustmedia 23rd April 2015
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To start a new thread simply click on the 'new thread' button (you need to register as a member to see this button and to make...

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Jules 17th January 2013
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1) No being harsh / making fun of newbies :tut: and kip the sarcasm please! This is an area for basic questions that might have...

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Jules 1st February 2011
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Hi all - first time posted after lurking for some time. I have a question I have seen touched upon in other threads but not fully...

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JLast 1 minute ago
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Wouldn't RMS be more useful? Can I make the DAW show an RMS waveform? (REAPER)

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avare 1 hour ago
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Hi I have an sm58 and a Behringer UCA222 audio interface (basic modal) I know I can not plug my mic into it because the signal...

tomato ketchup
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Scragend 1 hour ago
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I'm trying to get the best out of my recording/mixing sessions. Both vocal wise and for time efficiency. 1. What would be a...

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mattiasnyc 1 hour ago
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Hello, Firstpost here, i wanted to know if y'all could describe the characteristics of Yung Bleu's vocals in technical terms...

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chogath 3 hours ago
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I'm trying to figure out this short synth solo which appears in Sufjan Steven's Vesuvius -...

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nightoul 3 hours ago
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What my current template looks like. I'm just trying to increase workflow and make sure I'm sending/bussing things right. I...

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King_Leo 4 hours ago
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Good morning. I recently bought a Scarlett solo 2nd gen. I wanted to know what the setting for the gain knob and monitor knob....

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JLast 5 hours ago
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I recently got a Cranborne Audio R8 and 2 Camden 500 (guitar and bass for now). I am mainly demo and do in home live...

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jmr777 5 hours ago
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Hi here's my track, my room is 9x10 I put as much blankets as i could and i taped some cut up pieces of an auralex bass trap to...

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illegal4Hunna 6 hours ago
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Hi guys, I’ve wanted to start collecting bits of essential hardware gear for quite some time. I’ve always just invested in...

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bgood 10 hours ago
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I'm starting to use my MX5050 BQII 4 channel exclusively for drum tracking. Would love to have an inexpensive solution for...

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BT64 10 hours ago
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I'm bringing my home studio into the 2000's; I am not sure what sort of Audio Interface/USB Mixer/Control Surface I should...

Dj jagged
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BT64 10 hours ago
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I just picked up a 40 channel Yamaha M3000 for $200 in outback Australia. Got it back to my garage and she fires up and works...

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astrobell 10 hours ago
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Hello I was wondering if anyone had to deal with licensing the Incredible Bongo Band's Apache breakbeat for a vinyl &...

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Rusu 11 hours ago
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Anyone know where to get these, or does anyone have a used set they're wanting to sell? The page doesn't seem...

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Petimar 14 hours ago
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So I have audio both from my guitar and my daw coming through the XR18 to my studio monitors, but no sound from the computer...

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Johnnypaddles 17 hours ago
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Super Noob Audio Engineering question here, just want to be sure... I need a TS-TS cable. I have plenty of plugs but forgot I...

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ShadowsOfLife 17 hours ago
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I've noticed most, if not all questions involving this online are concerned with changing the pitch of a song without changing...

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qazqaz 18 hours ago
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I have a mixing question about limiters. I have been gifted a Pro Tools mix template that was passed down from a few mixers. The...

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qazqaz 19 hours ago
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Hello everyone, I have been a lurker for a few years and I recently moved to a new house and got some new gear. I am worried...

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qazqaz 20 hours ago
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Out of the built in Logic plug-ins, how can I get a really good, professional vocal sound? Here:...

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chessparov2.0 20 hours ago
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I'm trying to achieve that clear yet not sterile sound of those late 80's and early 90's Hard Rock recordings and i'm asking for...

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qazqaz 22 hours ago
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I replaced the tubes in my TL AUDIO 5001 Quad Mic Pre (MkI) about 1.5 years ago, and it was working fine. A few months ago, I was...

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alexdoo 1 day ago
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Lately, I've been recording bass and it's looked a bit lopsided in Logic. Take a look and listen and let me know what you think....

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joeq 1 day ago
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Does anyone have any experience recording vocals? I am a complete beginner when it comes to recording. I have been trying to...

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ccg 1 day ago
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dwellander 1 day ago
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I've got two doubled guitar tracks panned left and right. They were recorded through different chains, and are at different...

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Bushman 2 days ago
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0:45 not my cup of tea this song, but got interested in using a similar synth to the one 0:45 (not the DONK one, put a donk on...

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boingpoumtchak 2 days ago
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Hi, I'm completely new to sound recording and I'm trying to set up a very basic home studio. The set up includes a...

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Bushman 2 days ago
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TLDR: I think I need to wire unbalanced 1/4" from mixer to either a 1/8" trs or trrs laptop socket. Am I...

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Korcraft 2 days ago
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I was just a elementary school kid when this was popular, but, forgive my ignorance, how did they make the music? "Get Into...

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DJTOPCAT 2 days ago
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As the heading says, looking for hardward units that can give the that sharp & fat sound that you heard on for instance...

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ambiguous signal 2 days ago
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Hello, new one here! freshflowe I'm about to do my first film shoot and although I've practiced a bit at uni I'm still have a...

stereo knife
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Piprdrey 2 days ago
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Hey guys, i record videos while playing games. My rig is a 12 core amd + 1080 ti and i'm using a TLM103 + Yamaha MG10XUF as a...

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SyneRyder 3 days ago
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Hi there, I'm using a Scarlett 2i2 and there seem to be random "crackles" and "pops" - the only way to...

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fooddude 3 days ago
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Hi everybody, I am currently mixing some recordings we did with my gypsy jazz trio, and I really need some advices. I'm quite...

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jdutheil 3 days ago
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Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction. I'm currently working on a 'Beginners...

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Chuck Moe 3 days ago
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I was messing around last night and recorded an electric rhythm guitar part against a drum loop. I then muted the guitar track...

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deejayen 3 days ago
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Hello guys, I'm new, but excited to learn. I'm Dabbling into mixing. But most of all I'm a music Enthusiast. I have a great...

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ambiguous signal 3 days ago
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So I've noticed something in Logic. When panning to the right, the furthest possible panning unit (?) is +63. However, to the...

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Jagman18 3 days ago
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Hi there! After years of recording ITB, I am tired of plugins and want to upgrade my recording chain to the highest possible...

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Korcraft 3 days ago
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Hey everyone, I am working in Logic Pro X. I had a project that was originally set to 44.1kHz, 16 bit with audio files recorded...

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Korcraft 3 days ago
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So i'm trying to collect all the different mixing methodologies. I got those from watching countless tutorials. This clearly...

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s wave 3 days ago
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Hi all, I'm sure I'll be lambasted for asking this, but I'm trying to figure out why I can't get an honest sound out of my mics...

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ardis 3 days ago
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Hello everyone, I'm kind of stuck on what I should do at the moment and could really use some expert advice. I currently have...

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Rick Dalton 3 days ago
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I thought the paragraph I pasted below was interesting, curious how many people prefer dynamics and in which...

Garage Rodeo
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JSchlomo 4 days ago
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i want to send my home recordings to a studio but not sure how to go about it. i use cakewalk daw but the studio either uses pro...

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onshott1 4 days ago
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Hello, I have a Reloop RP-8000 which has a built in pre-amp. I was sending the signal from RCA to two TRS connectors to a...

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Korcraft 4 days ago
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Hello, I bought a mixpre-6 II a few days ago. I'm not professional and I bought mixpre-6 II just because I heard online that the...

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hanazawarui3 4 days ago