How do I record percussive guitar like Ed Sheeran?
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How do I record percussive guitar like Ed Sheeran?

Hi guys,

was just wondering if anyone had any advice in terms of recording Ed Sheeran style looping in order to capture the sound properly (guitar percussion and all)? Ive been running my guitar directly into my soundcard then into logic and when I record, the sound quality is terrible....

Im running a focusrite saffire pro 4o into logic at the moment and directly plugging my guitar through the loop station into it.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
Old 5th August 2013
Try miking the guitar. acoustic gtr DIs usually sound awful in the studio.
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The only way you can record the acoustic through the looper (other than DI'ing which will sound rubbish) is to play through an amp and then mic it up.

Personally, I would mic up the acoustic guitar (without an amp) and then just layer up the tracks. That way you'll get the best guitar sound...
Old 5th August 2013
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I recently bought an acoustic guitar pickup on the advice of a major LA tech and it sounds fantastic! I can see using this and several mics while recording acoustic guitar....
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