Multing with a DB25 Patchbay?
Old 7th March 2013
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Multing with a DB25 Patchbay?

I know on a 1/4" patchbay to create a mult, I can wire up the lower back output of #1 to the top back input on #2 and so on.
With a db25 patchbay like the ones Switchcraft is building, I can buy a "mult connector" like this one:
Live Sound: Switchcraft Debuts New DB25 Patchbay Mult Connector - Pro Sound Web

How does the signal flow work?
Do I plug it in to the output?
How can it connect the outputs to the inputs(like my example above) if it's only plugged in to the outputs?
Where is the multed signal outputted? Only on the front?

What I basically need is mult a stereo signal to 4 or 8 different outs.

I hope I am not being too confusing, but it's making my head explode.
Thanks for yor help!
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