Panning/volume problems
Old 11th December 2012
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Panning/volume problems

I'm not sure if this problem has been here since the beginning of my mixing days or if its recent.. But I seem to have a volume issue when panning. I mixed a song that has outer vocals on the left and right 100 percent... And these vocals have less impact than the center leads.. On mine system.. I mixed the leads louder and the left and right vocals lower.. And it's obvious on my system... But on my iPhone, with headphones, the outer vocals are louder.. And on my friends mixing system they seem louder and seem to over power the leads..

Idk anything about pan law, so I don't know what to do. I'm in pt9 native.

Sorry if the thoughts in this post weren't complete.. I'm at a friends house and am trying to type and talk at the same time. I can post samples when I'm home.. But it won't matter without being able to hear it on my system.

Any help is greatly appreciative.
Old 11th December 2012
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I'm fairly sure my monitors are calibrated close to perfection.. No insane amount of work went into calibration.. But they are as close to even as possible.. But I don't see how that could affect left/right vs center
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