Cubase 5 Automatic Audio Quantize Problem
Old 24th August 2011
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Cubase 5 Automatic Audio Quantize Problem

I try to Auto Quantize guitar part in cubase, but can't seem to understand how to do it automatically.
In Pro Tools I would open Elastic Audio on needed channel, Open Audio Quantize Dialog (1/16) and hit apply, some manual movements and voila.

In cubase, I open my guitar part in sample editor, calculate needed hit points, Going to AudioWarp, Musical mode on, Quantize as 1/16,
Create Warp Tabs from Hitpoints,
Quantize Audio

Even though I make quantize as 1/16, somehow it is being quantized as 1/4 deleting all the warptabs between the 1/4 beats (like 2/16, 3/16, 4/16, 6/16, 7/16, etc)... and also messing the guitar performance

Am I doing something wrong?
Old 25th August 2011
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Audiowarp and hitpoints are two different things. You should create hitpoints and slice them, after that cubase will create an event of the sliced audio. In the event you can quantize to your needs
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