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Posting Guidelines (evolving, please refer here frequently for updates!) Please post all your new product...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 8th May 2015
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"Flywheel is our take on emulating the distinctive sound of reel- to-reel audio tape recording systems. Instead of...

Durk Diggler
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screentan 3 hours ago
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b15fliptop 3 hours ago
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I'm so glad Ted Fletcher is doing so well, and still building great gear! Check this out (notice the grin of a Cheshire...

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ashmundo 4 hours ago
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0DAmvyw-MFM More info at AES tomorrow

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shakermaker3 10 hours ago
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Hi everybody, I have been working on a midi controller that would address several issues that I did not like on existing...
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KaOsphere 19 hours ago
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blaugruen7 1 day ago
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SUBPAC 1 day ago
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joshuanaconda 3 days ago
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May have seen some new Aphex posters around the world, they’re meant to tease a new hardware synth Richard and Novation will be...

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miscend 1 week ago
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Some pictures show on their swedish site. I guess the name shows that it is a altec tube compressor clone. No price yet...

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toledo3 1 week ago
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October, 14. Save the date. October, 14. Save the date. October, 14. Save the date. 1IHq-8wnVVU

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Lotuz2019 1 week ago
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no genre 1 week ago
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NUGEN Audio Paragon Coming soon - October 21st 2020

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Neptune45 1 week ago
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Two bus compressor products: G4000 and G4000 PRO G4000 bus compressior G4000 PRO bus compression Only G4000 bus compressor...

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yousing 1 week ago
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Joyst announces the JV-1 thumb joystick MIDI controller (Kickstarter) Joyst set an October 6th date for the Kickstarter...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 weeks ago
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Sarrova 2 weeks ago
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Hello Everyone, I'm please to announce the the Kickstarter for High Score will be launched very soon. High Score is a...

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RnegadeSoundplay 2 weeks ago
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Majella Audio launched their new IMPLEXUS Synthesizer via a Kickstarter campaign. The IMPLEXUS is a "no...

Majella Audio
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graphicnomad 2 weeks ago
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insider9 2 weeks ago
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Via Facebook:

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Idontcare 2 weeks ago
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Hello fellow musicians! Dan McKinney, the man behind Whole Sounds, well known for its 1954 Baldwin Parlor Grand, just...

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kj.metissage 3 weeks ago
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Stam Audio Mono V76 Preamp Stam Audio Dual V72 Preamp Stam Audio Mono V72 500 Series Preamp

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Kevin R. 3 weeks ago
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Aston Element revealed as second round of voting opens As round two of Project Element opens for voting at 6pm today...

The Press Desk
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RightOnRome 3 weeks ago
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Hello guys, I'm Alex from Shivaudyo, a newer company that produces high end studio monitors. In the last two years we have...

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Alexander_Music 3 weeks ago
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MeldaProduction announces MSpectralDynamics LE MeldaProduction is proud to announce the availability of long-awaited...

The Press Desk
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GBP 3 weeks ago
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From the makers of Soyuz Microphones comes The Tula Mic Made for today's content creators and work from home...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 4 weeks ago
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XForce - Cinematic Impact Library contains more than 2500 UCS compliant, high-quality impact sounds like STINGERS, BASS DIVES,...

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ArticulateSounds 4 weeks ago
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Arturia announces Polybrute 6-voice analog synthesizer PolyBrute is more than a synthesizer - it's a 6-voice analog...

The Press Desk
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fuzulu 15th September 2020
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Noise Machine announces ultra portable MIDI Controller Noise Machine is an upcoming Kickstarter campaign set to launch in...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 11th September 2020
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Audeze announces Penrose wireless headset The Penrose Combines Audeze’s Award-Winning Planar Magnetic Driver Technology with...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 11th September 2020
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Hello everyone, I am about to make some replicas of the RCA 44-A ribbon microphone; Everything is made by hand or machined...

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TiggerSunday 11th September 2020
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The XSONIC AIRSTEP is the perfect companion for hands free performance control of any combination of analog, virtual or digital...

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sysexguy 10th September 2020
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Kodakell 7th September 2020
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What a tease... Still in beta testing apparently. Seen in this video:...

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userb420 5th September 2020
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Toontrack announces SDX/EZX by Eddie Kramer and EZbass expansion Today, Toontrack announced new drum expansions for...

The Press Desk
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skythemusic 3rd September 2020
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Cytomic's next plugin "The Scream" is a very detailed model of an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer pedal. It models every...

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denstrow 30th August 2020
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So, I didn't see a topic about this, which is understandable as Buchardt isn't a well-known brand in the studio monitor business,...

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the_mixer 20th August 2020
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Probably the best eq out there?? Look forward to try it... MAAT thEQorange

Giuseppe Zaccaria
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tacertotambem 16th August 2020
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Just received this in my e-mail: Golden Age Premier...

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miqer 14th August 2020
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Hello Guys, I am happy to introduce to the forum the Stam Audio SA-76ADG. Three...

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Ragan 14th August 2020
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An nice touch to the colour series which should be available to the masses shortly. I just wanted to get the word out NOW as I...

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mabzmuzik 13th August 2020
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Can anyone guess?

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REGGAE 10th August 2020
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What do you guys think ? Guitar amp ?

Chris Martins
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Chris Martins 6th August 2020
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Torso Electronics announces T-1 expressive sequencer T-1 is an expressive sequencer which introduces new and fluent...

The Press Desk
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heckahecka 16th July 2020
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Wondering this could be, maybe a 500 series summing module.

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DogCake 16th July 2020
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Hello producers, Can you GUESS 2 genres for this upcoming plug-in instrument from Eplex7 DSP? It can be YOURS soon! Write...

Eplex7 DSP
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Eplex7 DSP 14th July 2020
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Hi everyone! Alex Sterling here from Precision Sound Studios. I’m starting an exciting new venture with Crossley Acoustics....

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VenVile 13th July 2020
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Coming up:

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Fleer 12th July 2020
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michael cleary 10th July 2020
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Hello. New to the Gearslutz forum. I am a Design Engineer by trade (as probably no one of you know). Recently (well actually...

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Pashkuli 10th July 2020


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