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New Products "Coming Soon" Posting Guidelines.
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New Products "Coming Soon" Posting Guidelines.

Posting Guidelines
(evolving, please refer here frequently for updates!)
  • Please post all your new product pre-announcements/sneak peeks/coming soon threads in this sub-forum.*

  • Please provide an estimate of the official availability of the product in your announcement.

  • Please inform us at The Gearslutz Press Desk via [email protected] once your product is officially available so that we can move the "Coming Soon" thread to the main NPA and update it to "Now Available".

  • Also, please inform us at The Gearslutz Press Desk via [email protected] if for some reason the product isn't going to be completed/brought to market, so that we can close the thread.

  • *If a product will definitely be available in a short period of time (up to 2 weeks), then it's OK to post this in the main New Product Alert subforum - it does not need for it to go in this "Coming Soon" section.

  • If for some reason your product has drastically changed spec since its original announcement, please contact us at The Gearslutz Press Desk via [email protected] to discuss the option of starting a new announcement so that readers don't get misinformed from the old information.

  • Sample, Loop, & Preset Libraries still go in the Sample, Loop, & Preset Libraries subforum, regardless of their "coming Soon" status!

Crowdfunding Projects
  • We do allow "crowdfunding" projects to be posted in this forum only. These must be audio/music gear related only - you may not ask for the community to fund your album, studio build, music video or your medical expenses etc!

  • The fact that a product is being crowd-funded must be clearly stated in the thread title! Example: Justin Bieber vocal emulator plugin (KICKSTARTER).

  • We reserve the right to remove anything we deem not appropriate/relevant to Gearslutz.

  • Please note, we do not vet projects in advance. cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong with a crowd funded project you invest in. Please do your own due diligence before contributing any money to a project!

  • In the unfortunate circumstance that any products that you've invested in do “fail” (i.e., not brought to market for whatever reason) we’d like to hear about it - i.e., if you contribute money to a project and they disappear and do not successfully introduce the product please let us know so we can keep a file. Obviously we can’t help recover any investments, it will be for informational purposes only, but we would like to know. (Please let us know if you obtain a refund of your investment or not!)

For all other queries please contact The Gearslutz Press Desk via [email protected]
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