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OUT NOW: Save 40% on our brand new VERONA VINTAGE TUBE CONSOLE. A plugin with very unique and strong vintage character...

London Acoustics
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London Acoustics 6 minutes ago
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hey there! 👋🏽 Here is the free app for audio sample search 🔎 over the internet sources. The idea of Samplescope is...

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putte 15 minutes ago
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Plugin Alliance launches Lindell Audio 50 Series with Brainworx-licensed TMT to transform DAWs into an analog mixing...

The Press Desk
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doughnuts 20 minutes ago
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Expressive E Presents a Fresh Concept for Software Synthesizers Based on Acoustic Resonance: Noisy. Designed for easy...

The Press Desk
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geaJay 1 hour ago
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Baby Audio have released Spaced Out, a lush wet-FX generator built for sending your sounds and vocals into weightless,...

The Press Desk
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FeuOz 1 hour ago
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Hampshire, UK, 6th Jan 2021 - As the world of audio continues to evolve, audio tech company Audient does the same,...

The Press Desk
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Alex_HS 1 hour ago
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Thousands of possibilities in just one plugin. SonEQ 2 is an innovative modular equalizer that offers users the chance to...

The Press Desk
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geaJay 1 hour ago
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Free compressor with perfect curves Clean compressor with punchy...

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David Ray 2 hours ago
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Plugin Uses Sound Intensity to Automatically Control Panning LEIRIA, PORTUGAL - Sound Particles, the software company...

The Press Desk
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dwuw 2 hours ago
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The new version of GainMatch adds new functions and implements many user...

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letimix 3 hours ago
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Schaack Audio Technologies releases AnalogQ Equalize like it's analog AnalogQ allows you to equalize your material the...

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wruce 5 hours ago
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Are you tired of hanging your headphones on a stand and experiencing a headband compression? Well, I was. The TrueStand from...

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VenVile 6 hours ago
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Professional, Studio-Grade Digital Speaker Solution Enables User to Capture and Mix Both IRs and New DSRs for Ultra...

The Press Desk
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RedBaaron 7 hours ago
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The idea behind the Hornet is simple: give people an affordable, portable preamp/DI that can go toe to toe with any of the...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 9 hours ago
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Legendary 2500 Series Dual Core VCO Module for Eurorack This is the Behringer 2500 series OSCILLATOR MODULE 1004. An...

The Press Desk
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Akailama 9 hours ago
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Hello producers, Eplex7 DSP releases Vintage vacuum tube VD76 plugin...

Eplex7 DSP
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paulo72 9 hours ago
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PuebloAudio 10 hours ago
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Knoxville, TN, December 7, 2020 — Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing...

The Press Desk
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Tobias Enstrom 16 hours ago
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nuttyt 16 hours ago
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The AQ550 faithfully captures the punch, low-frequency transparency, and ultra-tight imaging of iconic American EQs of the late...

Red Rock Sound
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Red Rock Sound 16 hours ago
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TBProAudio updates gEQ12, a stereo/MS graphic EQ with fully resizeable and scalable...

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TBProAudio 18 hours ago
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MA 1 – The first automatic monitor alignment from Neumann; jointly developed with Fraunhofer IIS German studio...

The Press Desk
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P. Ness 19 hours ago
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San Francisco, CA—Jan 12, 2021—Fast on the heels of the reintroduction of its legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer,...

The Press Desk
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Musician 20 hours ago
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Steven Slate just released free plugin. cooge MEET FRESH AIR Add the smoothest high end you’ve ever heard without even a...

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Scratchy Pots 22 hours ago
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Here is a new 500 series compressor from...

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dogma 1 day ago
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IK Multimedia announces UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop. Developed in collaboration with Italian boutique synth-maker...

The Press Desk
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Rocket88 1 day ago
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"Flatline is the last clipper you'll ever need - bringing you the sound of pushing premium, world-class converters at a...

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31090291 1 day ago
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We are happy to announce FLUiD PiTCH, a MIDI FX plugin with Scale Locked Pitch Bending System(SLPB), MPE Upscale Technology and...

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LASTLAVGH 1 day ago
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The ideal solution for professional podcasting and live streaming Santa Fe Springs, CA – January 2021… TASCAM is...

The Press Desk
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lydfar 1 day ago
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Hi everyone! Some of you may remember my old company NF Audio which did primarily custom monitor controllers for many many...

Franklin Audio
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Franklin Audio 1 day ago
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From the irresistible retro flutters of Mellotron V to the nostalgic digital grit of Emulator II V, these virtual...

The Press Desk
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David Carlyon 1 day ago
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Sonic Zest presents Bowed Marimba We've been back in the studio to create a beautiful recording of a marimba being played with...

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soladee 1 day ago
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Dressed in a devilish red, iFi’s new top-of-the-range transportable DAC/headphone amp sports a powerful engine under...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1 day ago
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. ...still looking for a really convincing guitar amp tone for your ITB productions? Tired of lifeless digital emulations of...

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Bartob 1 day ago
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Sound Magic introduces Electric Guitar J featuring Fender Jaguar guitar, powered by the latest Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling...

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shane1980 1 day ago
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Heritage Audio announces availability of BritStrip console channel strip with Successor-like compressor MADRID, SPAIN:...

The Press Desk
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warhead 1 day ago
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The ideal choice for vocal / instrument performance and recording Santa Fe Springs, CA – January 2021… TASCAM...

The Press Desk
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lydfar 1 day ago
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Interesting. I wonder about the sound quality. It's not obvious when you look at the page and you could think that they are...

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andym. 2 days ago
Avatar for AnalogObsession

Hi all! Before new year, last updates are ready! About next updates and plugins... In 2021, i will update my all plugins...

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123steve 2 days ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

MeldaProduction makes drum replacement advances with advanced, aptly-monikered MDrumReplacer plug-in par...

The Press Desk
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kirkwoodwest 2 days ago
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Wimberley, TX (January 13th, 2021) – Today, Rupert Neve Designs announces an update to its lineup of summing products:...

The Press Desk
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bmdaugherty 2 days ago
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VirtualPG 2 days ago
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Korneff Audio - Amplified Instrument Processor A monster of a channel strip you’ll use everywhere. The Amplified...

replies: 208 views: 23,867
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kgdrum_nyc 2 days ago
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Products: Gainstation - Gainstation Boost Developer: Acustica Audio Gainstation - Price (MSRP): Introductory pricing - €74.50...

replies: 297 views: 40,849
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dblock 2 days ago
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Introducing the latest free MicroFreak Firmware update, V3. It was designed in collaboration with Noise Engineering to push...

The Press Desk
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djwaxxy 2 days ago
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Our new product, the "70s FUNKY DISCO DRUMS" is out now! "Magical Room" is a new option to get this...

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thenoodle 2 days ago
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Past, meet future: re-introducing Vinyl. Vinyl was the very first plug-in iZotope ever created. In fact, our founder,...

The Press Desk
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geaJay 2 days ago
Avatar for cohler

Version 2.11 of Cohler Classical is out now! If you already have a previous version installed just update using Options =>...

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cohler 2 days ago
Avatar for vvjmjack

Hey guys! This is Leo from Wavebone Studio Furniture. Wavebone is a studio furniture brand based in Taipei, Taiwan. We...

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KJandKT 3 days ago
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Crave DSP have released version 2 of the Crave EQ, equalizer plugin for mixing and...

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nichttuntun 3 days ago


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