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MDWEQ6 The Professional EQ Tool State of the Art Sound Quality in Digital Equalization Now Available in Pro Tools AAX DSP &...

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icecubeman 4 minutes ago
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aYWk80NvdpU TL;DW: Mackity is an emulation of the input stage of a vintage Mackie 1202! Mackie 1202...

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Bungle 4 minutes ago
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Today Focal has announced that it is shipping the new Focal Clear Mg Professional headphones ("Clear Magnesium...

The Press Desk
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mininoyz 10 minutes ago
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The updated Reveal+ plugin will feature an enhanced remastering tool, additional virtual environments, and virtual studios...

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The Press Desk 18 minutes ago
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Solid State Logic (SSL) introduce two new modular processors as part of revitalising their renowned, and often emulated, SSL...

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Skamm Goodiez 25 minutes ago
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Audeze & Embody Team Up to Deliver Unmatched Virtual Studio Mixing Experience on Headphones...

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Audeze 56 minutes ago
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Things Tilt is an easy to use tilt EQ plugin with mid/side mode. Turn the main knob to the right, and you get more highs and...

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Scragend 1 hour ago
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AnyDayLong DRUMS (Vol. 2) - MODERN POP ACOUSTIC SLAMMER DRUMS This drumkit embodies the natural punch of high quality...

any day long
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beligo 1 hour ago
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CAMBRIDGE, MA — Tuesday, April 6, 2021. MOTU is now shipping the UltraLite-mk5, a ground-up redesign of its award-winning...

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melodic dreamer 1 hour ago
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New affordable Focal monitors offer 5-inch and 6.5-inch drivers Montreal, Canada — March 25, 2021 — Today Focal has...

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FocalPro 1 hour ago
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Hello! I've spent lockdown working on a new range of audio plugins, and am really proud and excited to announce the launch of the...

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thatface 3 hours ago
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Hi, Oli, Damon and Dave (ODDSound / DMGAudio) here. We have a new thing for you which we hope you will find exciting! :D A...

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Rakaman121 3 hours ago
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Nembrini Audio announces availability of vintage Vox AC30 Top Boost Reverb-emulating Voice DC30 plug-in par...

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bgrotto 3 hours ago
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True-Stereo High-Definition Reverbs, EQs, Compressors and True-Peak Limiters from the Award Winning System 6000 as Native Daw...

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kdm 4 hours ago
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Product: Sienna Developer: Acustica Audio Price (MSRP): Early bird price €89 (€149) - Save 40% OFF - Valid through March...

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kindafishy 4 hours ago
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Saw this and didn't see a thread here for discussion. it's 24.99 per month for those that don't want to click through the link...

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MichaelDroste 4 hours ago
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New update includes long-awaited custom target and translation check features, along with multiple user interface and...

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TobyB 4 hours ago
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XILS-lab creates KaoX as virtual instrument inspired by legendary FM synthesizer bolstered by virtual analogue and chaotic...

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MichaelDroste 5 hours ago
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Dear Gear Addicts from space, ;) We are happy to announce the release of Blue Cat's PatchWork 2.5, a new version of our...

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ChocolateHawkins 6 hours ago
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I'd like to introduce my new software "Studio Connect". Studio Connect is a peer to peer end to end encrypted hi...

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Solar 6 hours ago
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£23 Features • Fast or same-sample attack times that never sound "clicky", even in zero latency...

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Surbitone 8 hours ago
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Hello all, Gain Stage recently released six Virtual Amps (recreations of very famous high gain tube heads) based on modern...

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cprompt 9 hours ago
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The all-round music creation suite for every stage of production March 4, 2021 - IK Multimedia releases Total Studio 3...

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easyrider 18 hours ago
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Hello to all, Being new, I take advantage of this space to introduce myself. I hope to be in the right place to do...

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dany226 1 day ago
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AnyDayLong DRUMS (Vol. 1) - VINTAGE SLAMMER Our little journey through time continues.... Entered destination of our time...

any day long
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plainofjars 1 day ago
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Hello! Just updated FIVER to v3.2 and TREQ to v5.1. Now, both have "mouse over" readout feature. So, you can see...

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Anthony Quinn 1 day ago
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yEh8UWgso3Y TL;DW: Verbity is my new best reverb, which uses feedforward reverb topology. Late nights...

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flechtwerk 1 day ago
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Mastering7 1 day ago
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Yes, an high gain guitar amplifier beside our current clean/slightly-overdriven offering. A component-level input-to-mic model...

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sneakymoon 1 day ago
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TubeMU is a vintage compressor that emulates the density and the RMS generated in this type of apparatus equipped with valves...

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denork 1 day ago
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Moog Sound Studio includes all the equipment, cables, accessories, and educational tools needed to enter the world of...

The Press Desk
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Scrypt 1 day ago
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Modartt releases PETROF 284 Mistral concert grand piano for Pianoteq. This physically modelled virtual instrument is...

The Press Desk
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Fleer 1 day ago
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Audeze LCD-X and XC Ever since the LCD-X and XC were introduced, we’ve continually refined them over the years,...

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leckel1996 1 day ago
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Hainbach's Morphing Rotor Effect Things Motor is a plugin effect that uses side-chaining to combine signals in new and...

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Soundperson 2 days ago
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DETROIT 1960s - VINTAGE BASS by AnyDayLong If you like the sound of the MOTOWN era, you will enjoy the sound of this Presicion...

any day long
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any day long 2 days ago
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Finally, after long time. Extremely proud of this and happy of coming out of a quite overloading...

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quintosardo 2 days ago
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We’re excited to launch this brand new update to our classic drum and percussion synthesizer VERMONA DRM1. The DRM1 is a...

The Press Desk
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sakamoto 2 days ago
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The VMC-76 is our modern take on a vintage classic - the venerable FET compressor! Instead of reinventing the wheel, our approach...

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hvaudio 2 days ago
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Our new product, the "FAT LO-FI 505" is out now! "Magical Room" is a new option to get this original and...

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magicalroom 2 days ago
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EnRage: A single multi-effects plugin to bring the most out of your sounds March 30, 2020, Mainz, Germany – BOOM...

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Loopy C 2 days ago
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Selected by Music Radar as one of the best Eurorack/modular releases at Winter NAMM 2020, this tube VCA took Animal Factory...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 2 days ago
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Not super brand new but I didn't find a thread for it. From the genius that made the very impressive (and also free) ChowTape,...

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LASTLAVGH 2 days ago
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One-of-a-kind electronics from a true sonic innovator "There's something really special about the sounds made from...

The Press Desk
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AdrienPerinot 3 days ago
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New amp sim from ML Sound Lab and Chris Baseford (mixer/producer/engineer for Nickelback, Rob Zombie, Tommy lee/Motley Crüe/...

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Lex Lux 3 days ago
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Three classic keyboards, multisampled: a Rhodes electric piano, a Wurlitzer electric piano, and a Clavinet (both with open...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 3 days ago
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rockout Ginger Audio has announced the release of GroundControl, a Virtual Audio Driver for OS X with control room monitoring...

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Mac_proxy3 3 days ago
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Waves Now Shipping “CLA Everything,” a Limited-Time Offer Including All Twelve Plugins Created with GRAMMY®...

The Press Desk
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smoke 3 days ago
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12 BIT BLUES PIANO FOR KONTAKT! Vintage concert piano recorded with an Akai S950 12-Bit Sampler! Wonderful sounding...

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PastToFuture 3 days ago
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The new Denise plugin is pretty groovy. Great problem solver / fixer. Managed to better-than-salvage some pretty...

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majoraxis 3 days ago
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TBProAudio has released DSEQ 3.0, a dynamic equalizer working in the frequency domain. DSEQ removes digital harshness on the fly...

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TBProAudio 3 days ago