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Yes, an high gain guitar amplifier beside our current clean/slightly-overdriven offering. A component-level input-to-mic model...

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Matt Allison 49 minutes ago
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New UF8 expandable DAW controller stimulates accelerated creativity with intelligent production ergonomics and 360° control...

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stillcd 1 hour ago
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Ableton Live 11 is now available at and at local retailers worldwide. The latest version of Live includes...

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oboemaroni 1 hour ago
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Artists and fans have told us that sound quality is important to them. We agree, and that’s why today at Stream On we...

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random musican 2 hours ago
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Empirical Labs Inc. (ELI) is the maker of innovative, long-lasting pro audio equipment that’s also famous for analog...

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fazealigned 2 hours ago
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Sonimus is excited to announce the official release of SonEQ 2! If you’re an audio engineer, music producer or anyone who’s...

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superwack 2 hours ago
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audiothing 3 hours ago
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GARDENA, Calif.─ PMI Audio Group has announced the release of two new Trident Digital Edition plugins. Designed from the ground...

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Dave Polich 3 hours ago
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ELECTRIC VINTAGE delivers the iconic sound of one of the world’s most versatile electric guitars, captured from an...

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Dave Polich 3 hours ago
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The new Denise plugin is pretty groovy. Great problem solver / fixer. Managed to better-than-salvage some pretty...

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Gee 3 hours ago
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- Wait, wait, wait, another f****g 1176? - Uh, not exactly, I told you, it's 1178. - Don't you think we have enough already? -...

[email protected]
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Funkybot 4 hours ago
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Bring back The Nostalgic Vibes of Old/retro Days, and Take your listener To when all the ‘faults’ were a part Of the...

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Agzilla 4 hours ago
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TubeMU is a vintage compressor that emulates the density and the RMS generated in this type of apparatus equipped with valves...

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123steve 4 hours ago
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Collaborate in any DAW, anytime, anywhere Satellite Plugins 2.0 is an innovative new VST/AU/AAX plugin that allows...

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illegal4Hunna 6 hours ago
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GainMatch was rewritten aiming for better performance and includes a lot of improvements regarding UX. If you don't know about...

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Neptune45 7 hours ago
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LITTLE BRUSH KIT add-on It’s never been easier to get tempo-synced realistic brush grooves and perform live variations and...

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Boogaju 7 hours ago
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Ekorain generates ornaments and spurious notes that complement your melodies. The speed and occurrence of these EKOS can be...

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RobyM 7 hours ago
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Antelope Audio announces Zen Go Synergy Core as its first bus-powered, truly portable audio interface at NAMM® Believe...

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werners22 8 hours ago
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I don't know why it is not yet in this section - this synth sounds just GEORGEOUS, I don't think I heard any soft-synth with that...

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SteDal 9 hours ago
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Hello everyone! Analog Obsession & BPB releases Rare! And we made it really "Rare"! There are tons of...

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AnalogObsession 10 hours ago
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Schaack Audio Technologies releases AnalogQ Equalize like it's analog AnalogQ allows you to equalize your material the...

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wruce 12 hours ago
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ESSENTIAL PERCUSSION TRIO The Soniccouture Orchestral Chimes Collection is surely the most detailed sampling of these...

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Dave Polich 16 hours ago
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Wimberley, TX (February 2nd, 2021) – On the heels of updating their 5059 Satellite and 5060 Centerpiece summing mixers,...

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prof draper 18 hours ago
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February 6, 2021: Voxengo is happy to release TEOTE version 1.5, an automatic spectral balancer plugin for professional music...

Voxengo Aleksey
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Junkyard Sam 21 hours ago
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PastToFuture 1 day ago
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SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • January 27, 2021 Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware...

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The Autistic GTR 1 day ago
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New OS Adds MPE, Vintage Mode Sequential has just released a new OS for the Prophet-6 and the OB-6 that adds...

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Iceleben 1 day ago
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I'm a long time Salvation Audio user in my studio ( I own 14 modules) and I'm very proud that the first module based on my idea...

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carloff 1 day ago
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Sonic Zest presents Quantum Marimba You’re about to enter the marimba’s quantum realm. This is the sound of a concert...

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soladee 1 day ago
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Plugin Alliance announces availability of one-off dual-stage tube saturator plugin as BIG AL arrives from NEOLD “This...

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n4m 1 day ago
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The world’s smallest and first truly wireless microphone has been reborn. The Wireless GO II is an ultra-compact and...

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dickiefunk 1 day ago
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Hey guys! This is Leo from Wavebone Studio Furniture. Wavebone is a studio furniture brand based in Taipei, Taiwan. We...

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geaJay 1 day ago
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Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator, VCA, and sound source all within a compact form factor. The unique interactions...

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FeuOz 1 day ago
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BQ-A VST AU is now available for macOS Use the promo code "Intro" when purchasing to get a 60% discount

Red Rock Sound
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bilbomarks 1 day ago
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DDMF has taken over the distribution and further development of the fabulous EmptyRoomSystems plugins. Please give a very warm...

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moonark 1 day ago
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Illusionaire 1 day ago
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Trusted studio monitoring plugin now compatible with any DAW and All Headphones San Mateo, CA - Embody, the pioneer in...

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Spyart 2 days ago
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United Plugins announces availability of JMG Sound Orbitron as a multi-modulation tool that modulates and blends between...

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nichttuntun 2 days ago
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Hi to all. I want to introduce my pro audio application: Tantalum Audio - Live Multitrack. It's multi-track audio player...

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fusionman 2 days ago
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qJYkvCxnSg0 TL;DW: Channel9 is Channel8 with ultrasonic filtering, and new Teac and Mackie 'low end'...

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geaJay 2 days ago
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geaJay 2 days ago
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Hampshire, UK, 6th Jan 2021 - As the world of audio continues to evolve, audio tech company Audient does the same,...

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Rockshamrover 2 days ago
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Plugin Alliance launches Lindell Audio 50 Series with Brainworx-licensed TMT to transform DAWs into an analog mixing...

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guavadude 2 days ago
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WTMNMF 2 days ago
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Surprised it's been two whole days and it hasn't been mentioned here!:lol:

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zerocrossing 2 days ago
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Sweet Mixing Medicine: Softube and Weiss Engineering release EQ MP Linköping, Sweden, January 15th, 2021: The Weiss EQ...

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elambo 3 days ago
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Spitfire Audio advances ABBEY ROAD ONE: FILM SCORING SELECTIONS with focused selection library releases representing...

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elambo 3 days ago
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Sound Dust have released Loop Pool Percussion - a Kontakt performance instrument and loop library designed and built in...

Sound Dust
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kgdrum_nyc 3 days ago
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smuqSg9d2F4 TL;DW: Reverb is simplified and tuned MatrixVerb, adjusting everything for each optimum verb...

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slipper 3 days ago
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BELGIUM, February 10th, 2021. Leapwing is proud to announce their first signature plugin, developed with none other than...

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Hardtoe 3 days ago