Finally ready to go, MasterLimiter is a Mastering Brickwall Limiter with extra-powerful, unique features and extra-simple use.

Its core is its Brickwall Limiter, with dynamic control of the time constants (from strong and loud to smooth and natural). An internal detecting algorithm manages the time constants depending on the shape of the envelope and the frequency content, always moving between two limits set by the user (fast and slow release). Fast on peaks, natural on tails and lows.

A look-ahead control, combined with a release-hold feature (wait x milliseconds before starting to release after the peak has passed), greatly enhance limiter's behaviour.

A variable knee offers additional control on the character of the limiter.

MasterLimiter adds some powerful optional tools to pre-condition the signal before hitting the limiter.

Ultra-smooth: a network of inter-acting compressors manages the overall dynamics in a transparent way, to present an even signal to the limiter. It can be pushed harder.

Pre-flatten: an automatic spectrum balancer dynamically controls the frequency content to compensate for unbalancing.

De-harsh: a series of filters work together to tame harsh components like Ss, cymbals, mixing artefacts. Great on sibilants, cymbals, piercing transients.

MS-focus is quite unique: it is a dynamic expander for the Mid-Side ratio of the signal. Can be extremely subtle but still add focus to the stereo image, while keeping the original width. Often much more effective than a static MS control.

Metering: a LUFS meter adds on top of peak, RMS, gain reduction and action meters. Check your levels before releasing for online distribution.

Don't want to deal with all of this? Just load the default, process your song and go.

Here in action, with some explaination through my special Sicilian-English (won't change in the near future). I hope it will still be useful.

Song: "Crazy Over You" by Francesco Galletti.

MSRP: 39.99$

Released tomorrow 28 Nov 2020 as VST/AU/AAX for Windows and Mac OSX systems.

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