TRANSIENT MACHINES (Impact and Crack) are two transient shaping focused plugins in VST(2&3) & AU formats across 32 and 64 bit operation for Windows and macOS hosts, but go much further than typical transient designers.

We’re also proud to announce an online demo of IMPACT that can be tried in your browser to instantly get a feel without downloading anything:

Impact is a complete multi-band drum processing channel strip whereas its little sister Crack is a compact, easy to use transient shaper and dynamics tool (and FREE). Both plugins are designed primarily to work on drums but also excel on synths, guitars, vocals or even whole mixes or other groups.

IMPACT is a new dynamic processor that gives you the ability to deeply reshape the transient signals in your productions using simple controls and an intuitive interface. With Impact, you have the ability to easily sharpen up the attack on your snares and claps, tighten the decay on boomy kick drums and toms, or just creatively sculpt the transient properties of your sound.

■ 1, 2 or 3 bands of ​Transient Shaping,​ each with A​ ttack​ and ​Sustain​ controls.
■ Up to 4 bands of routable​ EQ ​using​ ​zero-delay-feedback state variable filters.
■ Four different characters of ​Saturation​ to colour your sound including per-band.
■ A ​Dynamics ​section with selectable ​Thru​, ​Clipping,​ ​Limiting or special ​Maximizing dynamics processors.
■ Comprehensive routing options​ for using the effects in creative ways.
■ Resizable UI

CRACK is a compact, easy to use transient shaper and dynamics tool based on a single band of its big sister Impact. It features transient shaping, output dynamics and a dry/wet blend. Crack is a workhorse of a plugin. It’s great on just one drum or for quickly adjusting a loop. You can load multiple instances across your tracks without worrying about performance as it is easy on your CPU. Crack can also be blended with the dry signal using the Dry/Wet knob, so you can dial in the amount of the effect for each track.

■ A​ Transient Shape​r with ​Attack​ and ​Sustain​ controls.
■ A ​Dynamics section with selectable ​Thru​, ​Clipping,​ ​Limiting or special ​Maximizing dynamics processors.
■ A ​Dry/We​t mix control that adjusts blending of the effect.
■ Resizable UI

Impact is normally €49 but at the moment (until the 4th Dec) you can pick it up with 25% off alongside our other Black Friday deals at