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Soundiron releases Hopkin Instrumentarium: Miago Trod

Hopkin Instrumentarium: Miago Trod is a giant resonating lamellophone created by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. This library further expands the sonic palette of the series with an instrument that has never been seen or heard before. It has a mysterious bassy and metallic timbre, ideal for your next project that needs something truly unique.

You'll also find a wide assortment of playable tuned and untuned articulations, sound-design textures, pads, drones that take the concept beyond its source material and into the realm of pure imagination. Along with mallet & hammer strikes, taps, knocks, scrapes, slides and bounces. It's made for the Kontakt Player 6.1 or higher.

You can purchase Miago Trod on sale now for only $29.00 (MSRP $39.00) Hurry, Sale Ends Sept 29th!

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