Free Mutable Instruments With SSP Update plus more

This latest update concentrates on updating the VST support and the SSP SDK to version v2.0, as well as making it easier to work with VST plugins.

It has also allowed for easier porting of the Mutable Instruments Rings & Clouds algorithms to the platform along with a new performance oriented mixer. All of these and more can be run simultaneously on the platform.

List of fixes and improvements:

The VST module has been removed from the module picker and it is no longer necessary to first insert a VST module and then load a VST plugin in the module. You can now simply insert VST plugins directly from the module picker.

VST presets using the VST module will automatically be updated when they are loaded, and fixed, so they continue working with no changes necessary, or minimal changes.

VST plugins save their state automatically inside SSP presets. This replaces the support for choosing VST plugin “programs” which is now obsolete.

The module picker module names are now sorted alphabetically and are listed from left to right. The module picker automatically adjusts based on how many VST plugins are found at startup.

Inputs and outputs of the VST plugins now show input and output channel names and the number of inputs and outputs automatically adjust based on how many channels the plugin has.

Fixed bug where inputs/outputs needed to be re-enabled when re-inserting the same type of module in a cell in the patching matrix.

Fixed a bug where the software would crash when playback in the recorder stops, while the user is one of the other screens.

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