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"For the first time in nearly 20 years, AMS Neve is launching an all-new analog console. "For years, studios have been asking for a new analog Neve," explains managing director Mark Crabtree, "and we've been listening very carefully." The result is the 88R, a new design offering the latest low-noise components with an impressive feature set that combines the best attributes of Neve's popular V-Series music desks with advanced Encore automation and the multiformat surround mixing flexibility of Neve's DFC (Digital Film Console). Available in frame sizes from 48 to 96 channels (larger custom boards will be available), the 88R is an in-line design with 48 multitrack outs and six main outputs. Eight auxes are mono/stereo configurable in any combination, and auxes can be routed from the multitrack buses for more - lots more - aux sends for mix sessions, when multitrack sends are not in use. Monitoring/panning for 5.1 is standard, as is an expanded automation system that includes moving faders on main and small faders. A high-res TFT display is built into the console to show automation and status data, an S-VGA output will drive an external display, and a trackball and QWERTY keyboard provide the automation data input interface. An automation upgrade means that more events are automatable, including A/B input switching and crossfade panning, and in/out control of aux sends, inserts and EQ. The 18dB/octave HP/LP filters are unchanged from the V Series, though they can now be used in either the channel or monitor paths. EQ can be pre/post-dynamics and retains that V sound, but with more cut/boost on all four bands (ñ20 dB). The Q range on the mid-bands is extended, and the HF band goes out to 18 kHz. The low-mid EQ goes 100 Hz lower, and the LF band extends 100 Hz higher for more overlap between bands. The compressor/limiter/gating in each channel module is now more versatile. Soft knee operation is standard, as is a wider range and +10 dB more sensitivity in the gating action. Compressors can be linked, and EQ can be inserted into the gate sidechain. Options allow users to tailor the console to individual needs. Choices include a classic Neve compressor across the stereo outputs, a 5.1 compressor and either standard mic/line or dual-line I/O modules. The mic/line module has an upgraded mic preamp; the dual-line is aimed at facilities that do more mixing than tracking. Additionally, the extra line inputs dovetail with Neve's new remote-controlled mic amp rack, which routes line-level signal to the control room; this way, the engineer has fingertip control of gain, phase, phantom power and pad. Three remote mic amp modules are available: the standard mic amp (same as the stock 88R preamps), Neve's classic 1081 preamp, or the microphone amplifier that was designed for George Martin's Montserrat console in the 1970s." (source: MixOnline)



Here is my bx_console test and comparison Here I compared the bx_console vs. 88R vs. API_Vision The tracks is a typical Swedish rock/pop track that I produced and recorded. The plugins is on all tracks and the drum bus. You can see on the pictures my routing and some other plugins on the main mix bus. "bx_console" __________________ UA 88RS __________________ UA...

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion

That's it ! Lime is about to be released ! one VXS console and one 88R or 88RS console (I think...) ! • View topic - Lime To your wallets, ladies and gents !

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Any love for the Neve 8801 channel strip?

...currently using and I think the 8801 falls between these extremes of clean and coloured. I really became alerted to the 88R sound after using the UAD 88RS channel strip plugin, the compressor and EQ on that little plugin are actually really excellent so I imagine the actual hardware strip is going to be out...

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