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500 series Preamp 100% discrete 500 Series mic preamp


Chandler TG2 500 vs. AMS Neve 1073lb

...decision soon about buying a 500 series mic pre. I have narrowed down to Chandler TG2 500 and AMS Neve 1073lb. Please note I already have a BAE 1073 MPF.. I've just heard that the Neve lb is more open in the top end. the Chandler 500.. well.. I'm an Abbey road/Dark side of...

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Aurora Audio new products

Hi 1. Sounds better 2. Has a fader that turns to infinity rather than +5 to -20 3. Has a 4 selection high pass filter 4. Has three LED level indicators 5. Has 10Mohm impedance DI and killer 6... It will be less expensive despite the above Does the above convince you? jkthtyrt

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Warm Audio WA73-EQ vs Heritage Elite HA73EQ

...done extensive tests with many vastly different preamps, and I’ve never heard any variety of Neve (1073, 1066, 1073LB, Vintech, Aurora, Avedis, BAE) that has even remotely reminded me of a smiley face. As one example, would you say that an Aurora GT sounds noticeably more “smiley faced” than the ISA Two in this test? Because...

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