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The world\'s favorite mic pre/EQ, hand-wired in England and produced to the original 1970-issue specifications with matching components for uncompromising sound quality


Which Pre-Amp for my Vocal Chain ?

...i have to buy a Manley vox box ( lamp) or a Great River NP-2V ( transistor), or a neve 1073 CH ( transistor) + Rack and supply or eventually the Neve Portico II or perhaps the Tube Tech MP1-A. After the Pre-amp my sound will enter in my Mytek 8x192 and after will...

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Making a change from BAE 1073 to Neve 1073?

I had ams neves for many years. Sold them after I got the bae’s. I find the bae’s sound rounder and more natural to me.

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a budget 1073 clone/help me to choose

...sound the same these days. There was this demo recently, where the GAP sounded almost identical to an AMS Neve 1073 CH. So,I can see no point to pay extra $2000. And, there's no Great River in my list.

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