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A P P L I C A T I O N The condenser microphones KM 53c and KM 54c belong to a family of high quality miniature microphones which were developed to meet the special requirements of modern recording techniques. Their main features are their small dimensions and exceptional quality. Both microphones are suitable for a vast number of applications in broadcasting, television, films and disc recording. K M 4 c The miniature microphone KM 54c is a pressure gradient transducer with acoustical phase shift. It is a directional microphone with cardioid response. Due to the small physical dimensions of the microphone capsule the directional properties are almost independent of frequency and a constant rear rejection ratio is maintained. The linear frequency response makes the microphone suitable for recording very close to the sound source Without fear of shrillness. Owing to its directional properties the KM 54c is capable of rejecting unwanted noises from the back of a studio and is therefore suitable for making high quality recordings under unfavourable acoustic conditions. Another application is in high fidelity public address systems. T E C H N I C A L D E T A I L S Both microphones consist of a head capsule and a complete preamplifier stage. The poutput transformer is astatically wound and, therefore, insensitive to hum fields. The ampli- fier output impedance is normally 200 ohms but it can be con- nected for 50 ohms if desired, resulting in a 6 db reduction in output voltage. Microphones connected for 50 ohms have a red dot beside the number plate. Both microphones have their diaphragms positioned in the cap- sule head in such a way as to give maximum sensitivity in the direction of the axis of the microphone; i.e. the micro- phones should be pointed towards the sound source. To avoid overloading the preamplifier at very high sound levels an attenuator type Z 29 can be set between the capsule head and the amplifier section of either microphone KM 53c or KM 54c. By switching suitable fixed capacitors in parallel with the microphone capsule a two—element attenuator is formed which becomes effective before the valve. The three switch positions of the attenuator insert Z 29 give attenuations of 0 db, 6 db, and 12 db for the microphone KM 53c and 0 db, 10 db and 18.db for the microphone KM 54c.


Price No Object Mic/Stereo Pair For Acoustic Guitar And Mandolin

You should try a pair of KM 54's this is my first choice for smooth jazz on ac guitars or very detailed flamenco ... other great choices , Josephson C 617's , Schoeps M 221 b pair of VM1 Brauner and last but not least a couple of Sony C 37 A I...

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Beesneez Microphones Lulu Tube KM54 Style Tube SDC

...capture. After much Research and Development, we now have manufactured the LuLu Tube Microphone. The benchmark for this mic was the Neumann KM54 Microphone. Like the LuLu Fet microphone, we wanted to capture realistic, un-hyped sound. We also wanted to add to this, the smooth and harmonically rich sound of tube based electronics. The LuLu Tube...

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Neumann KM 54 - original vs. re-skinned

This document says that the Gefell M94/M62 has a KK54 in it. BUT the M94 was modified later with a plastic resonator cap for a more pronounced HF lift. And, of course, the housing and grill construction is different, which should also have an effect.

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