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CMV 3 —The Beginning Georg Neumann founded his company 1928 in Berlin after having invented the Reisz-Microphonei In his young Neumann company he pursued the manufacture of a condenser micro- phone, which soon was referred to as the ”Neumann Bottle'K The shape of the amplifier begged for the association with the microphone's nicknamei It featured interchangeable heads, so different microphone capsules with cardioid, fig- ure-8 and omni directional patterns could be appliedi These M 7, M 8 and M 9 capsules acquired world-fame Especially the M7 capsule became a hallmark for Neumann Using more modern membrane material, it is still being produced today in Berlin as the K 49 Many reports, some of which made radio history, were made with this microphone, eg: the report on the 4 x 100 m women re- lay race at the Olympic Games 1936 in Berlin, with the Germans clearly leading, when suddenly they lost the baton; or the victory and world record of Jesse Owens in the 100 m racer Chamberlain spoke into this microphone when returning from Munich September 30, 1938, where he had tried to save the peace, and a few years later Berlin mayor Ernst Reuter addressed the ”Volker der Weltm schaut auf diese Stadt”, marking the beginning of the Berlin Blockade World history went on, documented with assistance of this Neumann microphone, produced from the end of the 1920's through the 1940's After the end of WW II some members of the Neumann staff returned to Berlin after having spent a couple of years working in ”exile" in a place close to the Bavarian border The old "Neumann Bottle” was still the highly respected and desired condenser microphone manufactured by Neumann The CMV 3 was at the beginning of a proud tradition, which Neumann consequently continuedi In the near future we intend to trace Neumann's further steps along its path to electro-acoustic excellencei Meanwhile, we hope this glimpse into our archives has peaked your interest and invite you to follow here the developments which built upon the success of Georg Neumann's initial product.


Ashley Simpson Vocal sound. anybody knows?

neumann cmv3 neve mic pre (not sure what model) la2a & pultec on the way in. mixing = 1176 blue stripe, pultec. possibly dbx 165 as well. jeff rothschild is a good guy

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Buying a U47

I think it's pretty clear the attached predate the end of WWII.....I have no idea what model number they are (there's a pair at ICP studios in Belgium, along with a load of other unbadged Neumanns from around the same date). The "bottle" style mic was from this period, I'm not sure when the "all in...

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Einstürzende vocal mics...

...vocal mics - the exotic looking one - could be the "Neumann Flasche" ("Flasche" is the german word for bottle), CMV3 / M7. There are ones with a Neumann and ones with a Telefunken label. The first pics show the M7 capsule with a "larger bottle". Here is a version with a slimmer body: the...

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