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BOUTIQUE STUDIO EFFECTS Boutique sound quality meets ease of use 2 exquisite EQs and open, transparent compressor Produced in cooperation with Softube HARDWARE SOUND IN SOFTWARE The PREMIUM TUBE SERIES evokes the high-end sound of sought-after outboard gear, hauled into the present day and into your computer. Exclusively modelled by Softube, PASSIVE EQ, VARI COMP and ENHANCED EQ capture the rich, musical sound of tube-powered hardware. This specially-priced bundle contains all three effects – get the secret weapons of the top studio engineers completely within the box. And, for the first time, as native plug-ins. THREE WAYS TO GREAT SOUND The PREMIUM TUBE SERIES bundle consists of three exceptional effects. Together, they form a professional effects suite for production, mixing and mastering. • PASSIVE EQ: Rich and highly musical, this EQ is an all-purpose weapon for every stage of your production – from shaping individual tracks to final mastering. Find out more • VARI COMP: A highly flexible compressor with a natural, transparent sound. Just as comfortable working on subgroups as on stereo sum. Find out more • ENHANCED EQ: Unique yet simple to use, this EQ fattens and enhances the low end, and adds definition and clarity on the midrange. Find out more ABOUT SOFTUBE The PREMIUM TUBE SERIES was produced in collaboration with Softube. These "Swedish rock 'n' roll scientists" specialize in incredibly accurate software emulations of professional audio hardware. As well as working with Native Instruments, they make a wide range of their own products. Their reputation in the industry is exceptional. AT A GLANCE Product type KOMPLETE Effect For use with Any host / DAW as a plug-in Effect category Studio mixing suite with 2 professional EQs and boutique studio compressor Total install size (3 effects) Mac 297 MB, PC 116 MB


Native Instruments Premium Tube Series

A quik videos on the Vari comp and the Passive Eq from NI Premium Tube series plugins made by Softube 1) Vari comp compression on master bus ( use of the Dry know and the HP knob) 2) Passive EQ in M/S mod to master the stéréo and clean areas .. Hope you guyz enjoy ,...

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50% NI Sale - Ok, which NI compressors are actually good?

...I think that Vari Comp complements The Glue really well. Note that this particular compressor (along with the other Premium Tube Series plugins) hit your CPU really hard so you probably won't have enough CPU to use them for tracking unless you have a really fast computer :) VC 2A: Definitely my favourite native...

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NI 50% off sale - Help me decide?

...lot of good stuff to choose from. Too much, in fact. But what I do use a lot are the Premium Tube Series, especially VariComp & Passive EQ, which are the result of a collaboration with Softube. They provide an extremely subtle level of control for their respective abilities, but at the same...

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