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There are few companies that can rival Native Instruments for the sheer breadth and depth of products they offer to the computer-based producer. Several years ago the Berlin-based developer began to offer all its instruments and effects as part of a single bundle known as Komplete. Now we’re up to Komplete 9, a vast collection of sample and synth-based instruments and effects processors that aims to provide you with everything you need to produce music. There are two versions : Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate. The Ultimate version gives you all the sample-based instruments running in Kontakt, where the regular version omits some of these. A detailed comparison is available on NI’s website. Heavy Hitter The Ultimate version ships on a dedicated USB hard drive due to the sheer volume of stuff to install. The apps themselves use 10GB of space and a full content install needs 250GB. You can of course specify an external drive on which to store this content during the installation process, and if you’re on a laptop or other non-tower machine this is usually a good idea. You can pick and choose what you install too and since the original installers are stored on the NI drive, you can perform additional installs later. All major formats are supported and you’ll need at least 2GB of RAM, or significantly more to work with heavy sample-based Kontakt libraries without experiencing slowdowns. There are standalone versions of the major apps, too. Authorisation is peformed using the Service Centre app and as usual with NI this is all fairly easy to do. Content wise there’s the latest version of all of NI’s flagship instruments including Kontakt, Reaktor and Guitar Rig Pro. As well as being excellent instruments in their own right these also host various other collections, especially Kontakt which is a powerful sampling and hosting environment, and Reaktor for building your own instruments and effects. There’s an impressive array of synths carried over from 8, some with tweaks and updates since then. Absynth 5 is an incredible sound design tool, Massive is particularly beloved of dubstep and other electronic producers and Razor is an astonishingly modern sounding tool for making electronic sounds. You also get Retro Machines 2 and the venerable FM8 amongst others. New and running inside Reaktor is Monark, a monophonic monster designed for bass, leads and sequences. With a clear but simple layout and incredibly fat sound it’s great for everything from heavy electro to indie rock. It sounds more retro than NI’s usual futuristic models, and is available separately from Komplete for 99 Euro if you prefer to get it that way. Also new is Skanner XT, delivering huge basses and swirling pads.


Komplete 10 and "new" Kontrol S keyboards from Native Instruments soon???

Just tried to buy komplete 9U & komplete 9 @ sweetwater and NI has stated a long delay in restock of these products.

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No fun with computers

shiee have you even used the thing? ... or maybe just sell everything and give up? all your threads seem to be about how everything out there won't work for you. you've tried pretty much everything, though based on your posts i'm not sure how much you actually know how to use any of this stuff. all this...

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MacOS 10.14 "Mojave": share your experiences here

I wonder what's happening. I am on HS on my MBP and have an iPhone 7 and there don't seem to be any issues. What functionality did you lose? But to address your question, SoundToys, Valhalla, Pro Tools, Metric Halo Console, and everything else I run all have been fine under Mojave (MP 5,1 with processor...

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