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My Studio 
  • Audio Interfaces
  • 833

    Sound Devices 833

    The 833 is part of the 8 Series recorders/mixers, the very latest technology from Sound Devices.
  • Condenser Microphones
  • MKH 60-P48

    Sennheiser MKH 60-P48

    The MKH60 is Sennheiser's update to the classic vintage workhorse that is the Sennheiser 416, if you're going into war, this is the one you want with you to rely upon!
  • Recorders, Players & Tape Machines
  • MixPre-3

    Sound Devices MixPre-3

    The smallest recorder ever made by Sound Devices! Great for long run & gun doco days, or as a traveling back up recorder when flying.
  • Single-Channel Preamps
  • MM-1 Preamp

    Sound Devices MM-1 Preamp

    Sound Devices' MM-1 is a single-channel, portable microphone preamplifier with powerful headphone monitoring functions. Fantastic for the boom op or a sound utility, or many other useful uses around set such as for plant mics. Have 4x Sound Devices MM1/MP1.
    Other Gear I've Used 
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