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Mutable Instruments Shades provides 3 channels of audio/CV processing which can be configured as active attenuators or attenuverters. A bicolor output monitoring LED is available for each channel. Jumpers at the back of the unit allow each input to be optionally normalled to either a +5V or a +10V precision voltage reference. Normalling on the outputs allow the module to be used as a mixer: when no jack is inserted in an output, the signal from this output is summed into the next output. Combined with the internal voltage references, this allows the module to be used as a CV offset control. FEATURES: Input impedance: 100 kOhms All inputs DC-coupled Low-distortion audio op-amps (LME49720) and thin film 0.1% resistors improve transparency in audio mixing applications, and allow exact unitary gains for precision summing of pitch CV signals 6-HP Current consumption: +/-12V: 15mA


I will sell one million records!

...down your a very Nice guy! I also - personally think it's time you took off the Chris Lago GS forum Shades, Clothes, and attitude, and became your own Man. Men respect, honest men - if they have ****ed up or failed It's not the end of the world! Chris.....You are a better, person, and will be...

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Lack of inspiration on day X

...MOOD LIGHTING - Try different colors of light in your studio at night. And try different shades of dimmed light. Green, Red, Blue, Purple or mix them together. See what effect it has on your music and mind. AMBIENT FRAGRANCES - Just as different colors and shades of light can influence your producing mood, so...

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Your 2109 Gear Plans

...recommended to go along with it? I was thinking adding Make Noise Maths (because apparently it's a must have) and Mutable Shades (because Neutron doesn't have attenuverters), which rounds it off to 106 HP. Anyone thinking differently? I'm also finding Plaits very interesting, I could go with that instead of Maths to add different soundsources...

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