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Ambika is a monster hybrid polysynth. Its design consists of a motherboard and 6 voicecards, each of them carrying a turbocharged version of the Shruthi hybrid synthesizer (digital waveform synthesis through analog VCF/VCAs). Whether you want to use this as six monosynths, a six-voice polysynth, or anything in-between is up to you: MIDI channels/keyboard range/patches/voices are distinct concepts, allowing complex layered, split, multitimbral setups. In addition, each voice has a switched individual output. Three flavors of voicecards are available: two styles of 4-pole filters (SMR4, warm with a soft edge ; and 4P, edgier), and a classic 2-pole multimode filter. This allows you to mix and match several filter types inside the same unit – for example to play a pad on 5 4-pole voices, and a squelchy bandpass filtered lead on the multimode board.


Ambika made me sell my DSI Mopho X4

If anyone has ever considered an Ambika, please buy one immediately. I built a Shruthi, thinking it would be quirky and fun but nothing essential. The moment I made a few bass lines and heard them on my monitors, I had to get the Ambika. After I created a few patches from my X4 onto...

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March 2018 Derp's New Gear Thread

absolutely stunning. transparent box with that display is rather nice combination. gimme a call once you test drive it for a while, intrigued how the new version of SMR4 works, envelopes, oscillator options, your general impressions. PS hope your better half wont resent me for "dragging" you into this adventure cellfone :heh: also got something to...

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Mutable Instruments Ambika - still a contender?

Thanks for checking! It actually does this with the LFO, too... and in every voice. So it should be a problem with the MOBO :(

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