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Hi all I'm working on a new business model with a huge lump of fair trade for the composer. I need a bit of market research...

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spiderman 19th August 2019
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Some great info here from a valued and knowledgeable source. you know who you are ;)... While usually copying other copywritten...

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guinea 25th April 2018
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In some kind of misguided attempt to attract some of the excellent working writers, producers and mixers in the film and game biz...

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Shockwave 6th November 2015
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Hey guys, any information about this company? I am thinking of sending some demos to them...has anyone worked with them, any...

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Adrian Cook 1 minute ago
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Hi everyone! I’m after a new specialized reverb plugin for orchestral score. I’m happy with what I have but I’m...

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6000 20 hours ago
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Hi folks, I'm acting as an executive producer for a song that may be used in a commercial. What i mean by "executive"...

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mbvoxx 2 days ago
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As far a I have seen, library tracks tend to be run up to 2-3, 4 minutes max. I have several tracks that are longer, My question...

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Jeff Hayat 4 days ago
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Hello, I had an idea regarding how to place production music. It separates the products into two parts: 1. Work on...

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Adrian Cook 5 days ago
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Is it just me, or does anyone else have a larger than usual payout for this quarter from BMI? It appears that most placements...

Troy Engle
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goodkeys 6 days ago
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Hi, Looking for some advice. I need to be able to give clients access to my library. Source audio allows me to do this but is...

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JamJuice 1 week ago
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Wrong Forum, sorry. Mods please delete.

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3rdlane 1 week ago
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I am not one for posting product announcements here, but this is exciting. And if it's not D2, I am sure it will be awesome....

Jeff Hayat
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Jeff Hayat 1 week ago
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Hello all! Please, help. My new composition was rejected from distribution twice! due to incorrect genre. I posted it as...

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Cosmicdolphin 2 weeks ago
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So given that this forum is filled with library music related topics, I thought it might be an idea for us all to share our own...

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Cosmicdolphin 2 weeks ago
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Dear Contributor, We are notifying you that we are retiring the Getty Images Music Portal platform in early June. To meet the...

Desire Inspires
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lornemalvo 2 weeks ago
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Hello , I am curious as to what software needs to be used to make these kind of pictures ? Thank you

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Memona 2 weeks ago
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Hey guys ! I thought I'd let all my fellow Gearslutz users know that the video game company Ubisoft Entertainment is looking for...

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Noisewagon 2 weeks ago
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First time trying to pitch my tracks to exclusive libraries. (I know this is the worst time to start, but I will still give it a...

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Musicman7 2 weeks ago
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A publisher/library I work with recently registered a group of tracks under one BMI Work #, with all of the track names under...

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Jeff Hayat 3 weeks ago
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Been looking around trying to work out the best way to set up a music library website. Got a load of tracks and couple of...

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RKMusic 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys! Does anyone of you ever claimed royalties with BMI, that were a few months, or even years old? I think with PRS it is...

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AlpacaRoom 3 weeks ago
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Hello to all,I'm a new member and have a few questions about Jingle Punks(some of You might have had experience with them) and/or...

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Jeff Hayat 3 weeks ago
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Last night I watched "The Rhythm Section" (Jude Law) and was very happy to hear soundtrack music played thru the rear...

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springer 3 weeks ago
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I've searched.... and searched. But I cannot find an answer. I'm attempting to make a music video for one of my tracks which...

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benvanmassenhove 4 weeks ago
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Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you were ever working with Soundtaxi and then left it after a while? Obviously for some...

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chingming 4 weeks ago
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Hello friends, I am about to take on a project with a friend of mine starting early next year. I will be scoring a movie of...

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Jeff Hayat 4 weeks ago
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Anyone familiar with a library/pub called Evolution Media Music? Just found their briefs, and am wanting to submit, but have...

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StevenMcDonald 4 weeks ago
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Never used much, at the moment I'm working on some tracks that are shouting for some harp to be added... Any favorites out...

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Dale Turner 4 weeks ago
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mattiasnyc 13th August 2020
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Hi all. Can you all pls help me to identify what instrument/articulation the very first notes you hear from the orchestra in...

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freshdax 11th August 2020
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Hi. Friends, does anyone have any experience working in the Really slow motion or Audiomachine and others. Share please...

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JimmyKnights 10th August 2020
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Problem has been solved. Company reached out and everything was updated. Moderator please delete this post

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JSoCal 7th August 2020
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Hello everyone! I have a question for those with experience. I'm a US writer affiliated with BMI and I just had an album come out...

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sleepingtiger 4th August 2020
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Most of the composers I meet at music houses and for film/tv work in Logic, and some use other DAWs though I haven't met many...

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Sharp11 4th August 2020
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I deleted this part because the link probably doesn't work well for some reason. In fact let's just delete this thread.

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ohwell 4th August 2020
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Let's say I have placed some tracks in an exclusive library and in the future while doing music for a picture, I feel that one of...

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Musicman7 3rd August 2020
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Pros and cons? Do you prefer one over the other? Just doing a little research.

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vitocorleone123 3rd August 2020
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Hi all, I have been using VSL sample libraries for many years (mainly Opus 1/2 and Solo Strings) and liked them a lot in the...

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narcoman 30th July 2020
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This was announced back in June. More racing to the...

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Avatar for Adrian Cook
Adrian Cook 30th July 2020
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I find that all of my trailer cues are on the darker side, in terms of frequency. Pretty much all trailer cues I hear seem to be...

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ONNO 30th July 2020
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Desire Inspires 29th July 2020
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I don't know if this is the right tab for the topic, but i would like to have some feedback towards the idea. Well, gona try...

Ricardo G
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Ricardo G 29th July 2020
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Kings & Creatures, Aeph - "Lust & Giants" This track has a...

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classified 28th July 2020
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Hi all, In response to finding that friends in the creative industries are entering a bit of an uncertain period, and knowing...

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NaomiHowl 28th July 2020
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gsilbers 28th July 2020
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Hi! It’s the first time a make a post here; I hope you can help me guys! I’m in a crossroad in my life right now. I just...

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gsilbers 28th July 2020
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Hi all, So... I'm completing a score for a show produced by a large network. It is my first big job as a composer so I accept...

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gsilbers 28th July 2020
Avatar for generic1988

Hi all, Hope everyone is doing okay in spite of all the disheartening stuff happening in the world at the moment. Would be...

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Arcana 27th July 2020
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Anyone come across this library? $200 a year unlimited downloads. A very user friendly model but wondering how good it is for...

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classified 26th July 2020
Avatar for jodyjenkinsmusic

Hi all, I'll be moving studios in the new year to a new facility in North London, and it has fallen to me to try and find a...

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palebluedot 24th July 2020
Avatar for Musicman7

How do you deal with compositions that require key and tempo changes. Are all libraries reluctant on such tracks or are there...

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Avatar for Jeff Hayat
Jeff Hayat 23rd July 2020
Avatar for salbinti

My gut reaction is that performance royalties are virus and pandemic proof, due to the fact that TV ain't going off the air...

replies: 90 views: 6,077
Avatar for Desire Inspires
Desire Inspires 22nd July 2020
Avatar for benjiboko

Hi all. I make music for commercials and tv and am constantly needing to be able to glide between notes using...

replies: 7 views: 1,233
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audioloud 22nd July 2020


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