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jazzbass56 1st September 2014
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Hello, I"m from a solo project called OfJapan Hope you like my songs. I would like to...

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Alveua 26th August 2014
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Hi Guys, A track of mine was licensed recently to be used in the arcade game 'Stacker' - you might have seen it...

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jazz4 21st August 2014
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Hey! I am currently beginning a research thesis about Game audio speaker setups. I have been searching the web about this...

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iluvatar 11th August 2014
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Hi everyone, I'm HAL9K, a composer and sound designer based between Italy and Netherlands. I've been hired to make some music...

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HAL9Kmusic 28th July 2014
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I've been searching for a job as a composer in a game company for a couple of months, but what I've found out is that game...

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Proslambanomenos 3rd July 2014
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Proslambanomenos 2nd July 2014
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hey can anyone please give me some advice/resources on how to compose and mix music for games. i searched on google.. found a...

Deleted 8aee39a
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Deleted 8aee39a 27th May 2014
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Hello Shonka signing in. I want to remake BF 2 MEC theme, but I have simple questions about the creation etc. Who is the...

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Jonathan Race 24th May 2014
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Hey guys, We have been recording and distributing sound effects for over 12 years now. We have been a primary source of sound...

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epiano 23rd April 2014
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hi guys, I'm having an issue when I do mix for an iphone game. No matter how much I reduce the high frequency, or use a...

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narcoman 29th March 2014
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Hey 'slutz, I've recently been given a project to mix for a video game and I'm not sure what the standards are for sample rate,...

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lestermagneto 17th March 2014
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Hey everyone, I'm fairly interested in Sound Design for games/gaming, I'm originally from a producer background but recently...

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prodbymugzy 8th March 2014
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I've loved video games since I was a kid. I want to get into Sound Design for video games, I've researched some of the big...

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D Rex 1st February 2014
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After working through the Avid learning series "pro tools 10 for game audio", I am left with a silly question that I...

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bifftannen 6th January 2014
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I`m (like many) trying to get in the music for videogames business, and I`m developing myself a reel. Since I`m just getting...

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Vagodeoz 19th December 2013
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Hey guys, I have a contact which might lead to some composition work for a UK based studio. Me and a partner want to develop...

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Brento 22nd October 2013
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Hey everyone. I'm a classical pianist, and eventually I want to score films in Holywood (cheesy right?). Anyway, I've just...

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Brento 22nd October 2013
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Hey all, Seen a few threads, bored of working as an Analyst (plus it's killing my eyes lol) - written some trance tracks for...

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Dreamz 13th September 2013
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I've wondered. For late 80s arcade games and early/mid-90s consoles like the Super Nintendo, Genesis, Neo Geo, did they use a...

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Duchemole 17th May 2013
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Hi All, I just wanted to share some exciting news: an indie video game developer (Mommy's Best Games), I have been working...

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AjanovicH 24th April 2013
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Ok, forgive me... I don't understand science very well, nor history. haha. Umm... so on games like Mario and the original...

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gridlockeduk 22nd April 2013
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In the video game music industry? I don't care about money, I just want some placements as I just want a good portfolio. I do...

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Mr. Lau 6th April 2013
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Jukebox Heroes: Eleven MMO soundtracks you can get for free | Massively Load up on blissful MMO music courtesy of

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André E. 4th February 2013
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Hey Guys :) A couple of weeks back i did some music for a space game called stellar void. It is by no means the best music...

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C.Logan 4th February 2013
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Hi, I am hoping to find out a little more about which orchestral samples have been used by the pro's, and what games they've...

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iluvatar 31st January 2013
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I know you're probably tired of these questions but here it goes: How much should I charge (they want a flat rate and I will get...

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narcoman 20th January 2013
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Found this, from a super awesome game, Warhammer Online... Decides to make music for Dwarfs or Greenskins. Also discusses...

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shponglefan 7th January 2013
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App Store - Speed Racer: The Beginning I did the in game music for a new iOS game launched today for Speed Racer (including the...

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Edward Shnapper 4th January 2013
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Hey all, I'm putting together some new material for my demo reel. I have some indie film stuff and some advertisement...

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Jeff Hayat 1st January 2013
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For this track I envisioned discovering something ancient in a temple, my mind kept going back to Star Maps in KOTOR. Thanks...

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SirTralala 19th December 2012
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Heys guys! I am currently just after completing a BSc (Honors) in Music Production and although I have the option of going...

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ThisIsSka 29th May 2012
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Hello I'm not sure if this is a stupid question but here goes. I'm doing some music for a Computer Game but there are a few...

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Xperienced 8th May 2012
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I'm a young producer, just got my first two paid music production gigs, and I'm trying to get more. I'm currently talking to a...

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arrowsmith 19th August 2011
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i'm looking for companies that make music for movie trailers and game trailers/menu music anyone can point me in the right...

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VitaEtMusica 28th July 2011
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I've been asked to compose two pieces of music (2 mins. long each) along with the sound design for a Facebook-based video...

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soundslikejoe 1st July 2011
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I have made loads of soundtrack music but now I've reached a brick wall - I just don't know how to get them on tv, video games or...

Thug Immigrant
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TheDevilLokius 19th April 2011
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Anyone know any good places or people to send music to with regard to writing for video games? Thanks

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narcoman 25th January 2011
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I must say that one of my biggest influences in music is from old videogame music. My top 2 fav games for music are probably...

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subby33 5th August 2010
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A game development company asked me to create 4 peaces of music for a game. Im new to this business so i would like to know what...

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craig9045 21st May 2010
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Hi, We're currently involved in music production for two seperate video games. Both are small scale, independent (i.e....

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psyche101 5th July 2009
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Hi. Does someone know of any companies that produce music for TV Game Shows ? Thanks.

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scout 4th May 2009
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Has anyone created sounds/music for a Nintendo DS game? If so any points or tips you can give in creating something that works...

Chris Modular
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sheetKnows 18th March 2009
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What would be an appropriate amount to charge for producing a music track or song for a Video Game Publisher? This is the...

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scout 6th January 2009
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Have any of you guys landed either?.......i hear its lucrative but difficult to get into....Do any of the music conventions help...

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DSD_Mastering 14th December 2008
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Hello. This is a field which interests me a lot. Can someone guide me towards resources where i can find out more about how to...

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navitus 18th November 2008
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I will be calling for a position for either making music or/and making sound effects for a small gaming company here in my...

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Avatar for Dopamine
Dopamine 25th October 2008
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Any pointers on getting your foot in the door with video game companies to do voice overs, foley work, music, etc... I have some...

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Studioklocka 6th June 2008
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Hello there, I'm scoring the music for a computer game. Because it's a computer game i'm anticipating that its going to be...

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Weirwood 23rd May 2008
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I started to compose PC game music these days and I am looking forwards to finding some really good game audio forums. Is there...

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AndreH 10th February 2008


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